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Happy birthday Ji Hansol!!

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…hyung that adores his dongsaengs

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…happy 23rd birthday!!! hope you debut soon, hansol<3


‘I promise you, Shin Se Gi. If you don’t stop me from doing these things after I mustered courage for the first time, If you don’t steal just the time I have with this person, I promise you tens, hundreds, and thousands of times, I promise that I’ll give my entire body and all of my time and memories to you in my next life. I promise that I’ll become your false image in my next life. So please, just don’t appear in front of this person. Please just don’t steal this love from me.’

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+ happy birthday im jiyeon! 
G dragon smut #3 “Jealousy”

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“I’m so sorry Y/N I don’t think I can make it today” Ji yong says as he holds your hand “Its ok! Babe…work comes first” you stood up letting go his hand. You walked behind him putting both of your hands on his shoulders and giving him a kiss on the top of his head…That’s is one of the reasons why he fall for you in the first place. You’re so mature for your age, you’re the first person who supports him no matter what and you never make him feel bad for not be a “normal” boyfriend or have a “normal” relationship.

“I will make it up to you” even though you’re not angry, he’s still sad. He really wanted to be there with you after all his your boyfriend and the idea of you being alone all night worries him. “I love you, ok!… don’t worry! Is a boring dinner after all” your hands are still on his shoulders but this time you kissed his cheek.

Is late at night is almost nine o'clock. It was (as you expected) boring as hell. You wish he were here with you drinking, laughing and talking shit about the people around you, like you always do in this sort of events. “Hi Y/N you look amazing tonight” says a coworker “Thanks you too!” you give him a fake smile which he interpreted as real one. You know he has a crush on you since you started working for the company. He bought you the coffee all mornings for a whole month, he even confessed his feelings for you back then. But once you told him that you were in a relationship, he stopped. You kept talking for a couple of minutes, when a waitress accidentally pushes you. Causing you pour your glass of wine on your dress “I’m so sorry Miss! It wasn’t my intention…” “Don’t worry! Just, bring me a towel quickly” your coworker took a napkin and starts to wipe the wine in your arms.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see someone making his way to you. It was Ji yong and he seems mad for some reason. He wrapped his arm around your waist as he stares at your coworker up and down. “Oh you are…” your coworker seems to recognize Ji yong (who doesn’t know him? Honestly!) “His boyfriend” he interrupts him. Pulling you, closer to him. 

“Oh I see…well, it was a pleasure to meet you. See you tomorrow Y/N!” he said casually as he walked away.

The waitress is back, with the towel “I’m so sorry again! Please let me help yo…” once she saw Ji yong, she stops talking “Thank you, but it’s fine…I can take care of her” Ji yong took the towel smiling at her, but by the look on his face you can tell he’s angry “You should be more careful next time” he says “Ok Sir…I’m sorry Miss for all the inconveniences that I caused you” and she left.

His gentle hands tried to wipe the wine in your dress “I think is time for us to go back home. I don’t want you to catch a cold” Ji yong takes off his suit coat and he’s wrapping you on it.

All the way home he didn’t say a word. You know him so well to know why he is angry…

Once you get home he leaned down whispering in your ear “Are you planning to dump me because of him?” “WHAT!?” you’re shocked “You like him! Don’t you?” he ripped off your dress “I was…we were just talk…” you was cut off. He slammed you against the wall “Ji yong!!!” “Keep your mouth shut” he growled grinding against you and pushing you further into the wall. “Tonight I’m going to show you who you belong to”…

He kiss you roughly. You can feel his whole body pressing against yours. He puts you down, in the floor. The coldness of the floor makes your body trembles for less than a second. That sensation completely disappear when he crawled on top on you. Ji yong’s mouth made his way down to your neck sucking and licking it roughly. He crawled on top on you.

You felt his hands rubbing your breast and a moan leaves your mouth “Shhh…” he says. He sucked one of your nipples “Don’t move” his voice sounds deep and sexy. He placed a finger into you “You’re wet already…just by my hands?” his lips reaches yours. “I wonder how my tongue is gonna make you feel" he bites his lower lip looking at you as he went down to your private area. With his finger still deep into you, he licks your clit in one fast move.

He pumps his finger in and out while his tongue licks your clit in fast moves. Before your orgasm hits you he stops. You don’t even have time to complain when he makes you turn around. Your ass is in the air, you’re on your knees and your breast is touching the cold floor.

You feel how his mouth is back in your pussy, this time no only licking it but also sucking your clit. You can’t control yourself, if you don’t let out your emotions your head is going to explode. But you can’t do that, what if he stops? You keep it together for what it feels like an eternity until his fingers found their way back into you “Oh shit! I can’t, Ji yong please” he didn’t stop. He increased the speed…it was the first time that he fingers you in that position and you loved it. You’re moaning so loud that your throat is dry. You’re about to come you know that and he knows that too.

He removed his fingers and quickly thrust inside you “You’re mine…” he says “Oh…” that’s the only thing you manage to say. Every thrust goes deeper and faster inside you “Oh my god!!!” one of his hands pulls your hair with strength until your back touches his chest. He holds you by your waist and he kisses your neck. You turn around as much as you could to reach his lips and kiss him. You put your hands in the floor again and soon both of you come…

“You owe me a dress” you said “What?!” he was getting out the shower. When you show him the dress he was smiling “Hahaha I’m sorry but honestly it was already ruined” you look at him “Well maybe you should get me a new one” you smile “Well maybe your FRIEND can buy it”…”That’s not funny” you walked out the room.

He follows you “I’m sorry”

“All this time I thought you were playing…how can you think that I…” his back hug interrupts you “I’m just afraid of losing you and I guess I… envy him” “Why?!” you asked

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“Because he’s with you every day all the time…and I don’t” you so touched by his words. You turn around to face him “To me you’re the only one Ji yong…I love you” you kiss him “No more than me” he says…

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