Got a package today that we have been waiting for with so much excitement! @bridgetmarie123 from @magical_slippers made Dillon these #Gaston shoes. We all know how much he love Gaston!!! Look how amazing they are!!!!! We can’t wait to wear them in the park!!! Thank you Bridget for doing an AMAZING job! GO CHECK OUT HER PAGE AND BUY SOME AMAZING SHOES FROM HER SHOP!!!
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And last is the one we hand designed!! This one is only available for another 21 days!! Reserve yours before then. If we don’t reach our 15 shirt goal they don’t get made!! 😭. Remember your card doesn’t get charged unless we reach that goal. It would mean so much if we saw some of our amazing subscribers in these shirts. We worked really hard on them for you guys!!! We will send you a letter if you guys buy a shirt too!!! And give a shoutout in a video!!

Get this one at:

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