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)(ello Equius! You never reely talk to me! Is it because im not a suitable )(ig)(blood!? 38?

CT: D —> Oh no, not at all
CT: D —> I honor your entitlement more than any other
CT: D —> I simply restrain from speaking to you
CT: D —> Because I’m not worthy of initiating a conversation, in your regard
CT: D —> I am but a lowly peasant to your royalty
CT: D —> I would never bother you with my trivial affairs
CT: D —> I will only speak when I’m spoken to
CT: D —> As a matter of unfaltering respect
CT: D —> Your Highness 

Post the 1st: Getting on the road

Hey :)

Since I intend to regale you with tales of my forays into deepest Africa (am I allowed to say such things, being African & all?), here’s a little background.

Who am I?

My name is Nyambura (the first sound is like the ‘gn’ bits of poignant & cognac *alcoholic misanthrope alert*) and I’m on the road for the next 3 or so months. Maybe more, maybe less, can’t say for sure. Well, I can speak with some certainty about the basic 3 months but much is in the air still about what happens hence. My destination is Cape Town, South Africa, overland with a flight back to Nairobi. The route I have elected to take goes through Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique. I should probably mention at this point that I am a Kenyan (hence Tanzania as a first stop) and had visa-free travel at the top of my mind when I chose this route as I’ll only need visas for Mozambique and South Africa.

Not really, I had the Great North Road in mind. This trip was originally intended to be made by my brother & I. He’s currently in his first year of high school, I felt the pull of wanderlust and quit my job so I’m doing this on my own.

Why, for Pete’s sake?

Thank you for asking that question. It’s a wonderful question; I was wondering why no one was asking it. Did you have teachers who’d deflect questions like that? I did…I find it’s a nifty way to elide issues. Well, I have an answer. I work with an art collective in Nairobi’s Lunga Lunga area called Wajukuu which runs a community library and art education programme. This trip is a chance to obtain what is called ‘learnings’ in corporatespeak that will help make the learning and library experience richer for the young people I work with. I hope to learn, in each country, how various communities organize resources to help their children learn and I am particularly interested in how they use technology towards this end.

Okay, we got it, what’s the page for then?

I have found all sorts of amazing on the interwebs and I plan to share my trip with you. Not just all the cool things I learn (and there will be many, I can smell it in the air) but also all the fascinating things I encounter along the way. There’ll be some mundane things, too, like how much things cost so the weight of the material doesn’t bog you down.

I’ll try to post often and I hope to hear from you, my wonderful readers. I’m going heavy on the praise so you can come back :) If you have questions, comments,or would like to have coffee if I’m in your country, drop me a line:

Here’s to travel-enjoy the ride with me!

**Shout out to Njeri T who urged me to blog my way down to Cape Town. **