Since when I was a child I’ve always watched Beauty and The Beast in Italian, but I’ve decided to watch the original version.
And I’ve found out that Lumière was voiced by Jerry Orbach.
And now everything I can do is thinking about Lumière being Lennie Briscoe arguing with Cogsworth/Mike Logan.

I miss those two. ;^;

rando rap 1

Like I’m a girl gone wild/They got their eyes on me
Chickens red in the face/While they despise on me
Dudes can look, but don’t touch or you’ll be on the T.V.
MBC will call it murder in first degree

Bout to go off/Feels like the world is watchin me
It’s hard to breath/When the universe is jockin me
Rushing muthafucks/steady tick tockin me
I see the whites of they eyes/Ain’t no surprise in me

Tickin’ tockin’ like a bomb. Throws me back to when I had you closer. Skin to skin we get it on. Without the love I feel you going bolder.