AN: I did one for the ladies of Overwatch, so this will be with some of the guys. If you want to read the one with the ladies, here’s the link:


• Jesse McCree would somehow end up wearing a costume made for a woman. It’d be too small and too tight, but he would love it anyways. Imagine him in a maid costume or some sexy cartoon character outfit.


• Lúcio would wear something colorful and eye-catching. It would be a frog or some costume that matched Junkrat’s and Hana’s. He’s a huge fan of matching costumes, so he’s always looking for someone to participate with him.

• My friend said he’d definitely dress up as Michael Jackson in the video Thriller. Honestly, he would. He’d look good, too.

Reaper/Gabriel Reyes

• Before the Fall, Gabriel would dress up only if someone convinced him to. It’d be something ridiculous because someone else would pick it out. Something bright and probably in every shade of neon. It might even be a bit sexy.

• As Reaper, he wouldn’t have to worry about dressing up because he’s already scary enough.