So, I'm happy.

I’m a fairly sad kid with very little of a life. Due to this, and my mostly immense boredom, I decided to get back into my childhood shows. After watching through the first seasons of Pokemon and Gargoyles, combined with a little bit of Dexters Laboratory, I got around to watching Yu-Gi-Oh again.

I am so happy.

Now, let me just explain to you how much I love/d Yu-Gi-Oh. When I was a really young kid, I would wake up everyday at 5am to tape it, and by the time it finished on TV, I had about 10 or 11 tapes (VHS) with nothing but hours of Yu-Gi-Oh footage on them. I’d watch three or four episodes every night, at least, and I collected all of the cards. At my peak, I had about 5 or 6000 cards, counting duplicates, and I had all of the special edition tins and collectors editions. I even got to the point where I decided ”yes, my skill level is sufficient. I’m buying a duel-disc.” 

So I did, and I loved that thing. I played it so much the straps frayed and the spring mechanism stopped working. Eventually, I upgraded to the Orichalcos Disc and felt like an absolute badass. When most kids were out riding their bikes and playing video games, I spent hours sorting and filing my cards and creating decks for every possible situation. 

The collector in me continued. Long after the Yu-Gi-Oh craze had faded, me and my brother were the only people left playing around where I live, and I kept collecting up until about a year or so ago, just out of compulsion. Whenever I’d get some spare cash, I’d go down to the market in Grimsby and buy a couple of booster packs, or the new deck, or something- I very infrequently got new cards at this point, but I didn’t care.

So now, I decided to get back into it, and I could barely be happier- aside from one thing.

Searching through my stuff, searching through all of my clutter to find it, I couldn’t find my Orichalcos disc. I sunk hours and hours into playing on that thing, probably thousands of hours in total. I was absolutely stunned into silence at the loss of what I can only consider my largest childhood accomplice. It’s like anyone else losing their favourite childhood teddy or something. It was the disc I first beat my brother on. The disc I first used to duel competitively. The disc I first assembled my own deck on. It meant the world to me as a kid, and I have lost it.

Now, I know it must be in here somewhere- somewhere in my room. So, when I begin cleaning my room out for it’s yearly renovation, I will find it. Until then, I’ll have to revert back to my original semi-broken disc, the Battle City one. 

So it’s bittersweet for me. I regained my love for Yu-Gi-Oh, I found my deck, I began reassembling decks and re-sorting my cards, but I lost my Orichalcos disc; I will find it again.

A good day, so far, with the promise of becoming even better.