tobytots  asked:

Firstly, I'm so scared to watch the video for THAT episode of Angel when you post it, because I know you're going to break my heart. Secondly, how would you describe Buffy, Angel and/or Dollhouse to a first time watcher who needs convincing?


Oh god, just FAIR WARNING for anyone who is going to watch the video for Angel S05E15: I’m pretty sure it’s going to break you? I had to re-watch it when I was encoding it to make sure the sound and picture synced, and it was awful because you can see the exact moment where I realize that the ending is not going to go like I want it to. I’m actually glad that schedule-wise, I have a “break” from Angel because I was a total fucking wreck the night I watched that and the next day when I tried to write a review.

Okay, first time watchers!

Buffy: It’s dated, it’s campy, it’s silly, but it’s a show that combines science fiction, fantasy, and drama in a unique way that’s absolutely worth it if you give it time. Just imagine it as a re-telling of the American high school/teenage experience but with vampires and demons.

Angel: Watch the first three seasons of Buffy first. A much darker and more grim version of Buffy that’s set in Los Angeles and analyzes the complex moral existence of adulthood in a place that’s so morally ambiguous it’s nearly impossible to do “right” without compromise. Also, Cordelia Chase.

Dollhouse: WATCH THIS UNTIL THE 6TH EPISODE. If the 6th episode does not pull you in, then this isn’t for you. It’s a mega-disturbing (and sometimes triggering) exploration of identity, consent, and the horrific powers that mega corporations have on human life.