so im on imdb looking at the full cast for each episode and noting down the minor characters that i find interesting! Hope this is useful!

7x11: a character named Kathryn Daly is introduced (?) & the return of Marco!!

7x12: the return of HOLDEN!!! finally hope we get some answers on the shadiness of his character and the stamped parties storyline!
- also the return of addison (the mini ali from the christmas ep)

7x13: Kathryn & Marco again, LUCAS

7x14: sydney, TED(!!) & PETER HASTINGS!!!!


7x16: Wren, Lucas and DETECTIVE BARRYYY

7x17: nothing much in the way of interesting minors, a few parents

7x18: the return of toby? he wasnt listed in any of the other episodes or 7B. FRICKING TANNER

7x19: apparently no minors, only the liars (mona and alison included), ezra, caleb and mary drake…

7:20: JAM PACKED CAST FINALE; minors including - addison, archer dunhill/elliot!, all of the parents including ezras mum! Marlene, Ava (hmm) WREN WREN WREN & MELISSA MELISSA MELISSA, CECE! (Potential flashback!) lucas&jenna, a mixed race girl named HADLEY and a pale blonde named WILLA!

i know it is highly possible they will spring surprise characters in the episode but this seems pretty accurate! quite surprised toby doesnt return till 7x18 & am wondering if bethany young is one of these characters!
this was just for fun but hope this fuels your imaginations!


Okay so i blogged this before but in-light of recent events i need to update it ( and I didn’t want to ruin the other one because that maybe right… 

Okay so, it has been confirmed that there are a set of twins in PLL, I think these twins are Mrs Dilaurentis and Mrs Cavanaugh…look how similar they look!

In the story Ali tells on Halloween about the two little girls, she is telling the story of her mum and Marion Cavanaugh.

Obviously Marion Cavanaugh survived but I think that’s why she drinks and acts so depressed when she is older because she is really damaged by her psyco sister, Mrs Dilaurentis.

Remember how creepy Mrs D was in that episode where she snuck into Spencers room! She’s crazy and should be locked in Radley, but instead her sister got put in because Mrs D convinced everyone Marion was the crazy one (like how Alison and Courtney get mixed up in the books)

That’s why Mrs D was on the board at Radley, so she could keep an eye on her sister.

Next, onto Bethany Young who I think is Mrs Cavanaughs daughter, that’s why Mrs D wanted Bethany to call her Auntie Jessie! because she literally is her aunt! It would also explain the two yellow dresses Ali found as a kid

Mrs D brought one for her niece as well as her daughter, but i’m betting she never told her husband about her crazy family so she hid them

EDIT: thanks to for the image and can i just say i love how they wrapped the baby in a yellow blanket, but anyway, firstly i think its possible this baby is Bethany- yellow is her favourite colour, the filmer could be Marion? and i think the boys are Toby and Jason. Mrs D only tells one of them to kiss their sister which makes me think only one of them is her brother, we all know Jason is 7 years older than Ali and in this picture the boys cant be more than 4/5 which makes it impossible.

I think the reasons she is called Bethany Young are:

  1. Because, like in the books, everyone in Rosewood is conscious of their image and Mrs D didn’t want anyone finding out Bethany was mentally ill (mental illness can run in families, she probably didn’t want anyone getting suspicious)
  2. As Mrs D was on the board of Radley she admitted Bethany under a fake name so she could keep an eye on her too, also maybe family members couldn’t both be together if they shared the same illness.

I think her real name may be Christine because on the visitors list to the blind school we see someone called Chris Cavanaugh, after all Jenna would be her half sister

EDIT: this is such an amaing pick up by when Jenna is moving in with Toby the box on the top left says ‘Jenna and Bethanys room’!!!!!!!!

 and again on the dental patient records we see C. Cavanaugh

EDIT: omg i just realised this but C.Cavanaugh/Chirs, these names are so similar to Charles!!!! Bethany is Charles.

This would also make her Toby’s sister/ half sister, we all know Bethany drew creepy pictures of demons, well according to prettylittlesecretsinthewoods, in season 1 episode 5, Toby is also drawing pictures of demons…

This could be a serious clue as to their connection! Also I just read that apparently Marlene posted a picture of a boy and posted brother

I googled it and i’m not sure if this is it but I think so, anyway I know Toby isn’t black but he’s the only character who really wears those checked shirts and I they cant make it too obvious, and the doll behind looks like a boy but if they were both boys then wouldn’t Marlene have written Brothers? Maybe she just has her hair tied up or short hair? Also the general idea is that Bethany has some sort of deformity and the blonde doll is missing a finger!

EDIT: i knew that blonde doll was a girl!!! these pictures are from the finale

this picture was in Arias fake room

this is from -A’s lair/vault, theyre the same dolls!!!!

Once Marion was put in Radley again, Mrs D stopped her from being able to see her son, Toby, maybe because she thought she was an unfit mother, or maybe because as the twin story goes they resented each-other so Jessica Dilaurentis wanted to punish her sister. In S04E04, Toby talks to Marion’s old doctor. He said “She hated being away from you, but there were forces that were just too much for her” the forces being Mrs D

In the first picture Bethany draws a demon stealing a boy, I think Bethany drew this as a depiction of Mrs D (the demon) keeping Toby (the boy) from Marion Cavanaugh (the woman in the dress running after them).

The second is Mrs Cavanaugh falling from the roof at Radley, you can see the woman is wearing the same dress as in the first picture, Mrs D and Marion had a fight, probably about Mrs D not letting Marion see Toby, and Mrs D, being crazy, pushed Marion out of the window, she claimed it was suicide but Bethany saw it, which is why she hated her and drew this…it would make sense as Jessica D lied about the suicide…

Mrs D tried to apologise to Bethany by being kind to her and buying her a pony but Bethany wanted to hurt Mrs D like Mrs D hurt her.

So Bethany becomes the first -A (she dosent actually use the -A thing yet) and begins to send Ali creepy dolls/ messages like “its my turn to torture you”,

We all used to think that it was someone that Ali used to be mean to but I think its like Bethany saying, your mum tortured my family so now i’m going to torture you. From Bethanys picture of Mrs D watering the roses

it shows Bethany knew what the Dilaurentis house looked like, (look at the porch area! its exactly the same!) I think Bethany drew herself as the monster because she is going to become Mrs D’s demon.

She knew because she had been spying on them (Mrs D definitely wouldn’t risk taking Bethany to Rosewood, she knew how dangerous that could be) then on Halloween, Bethany escapes to torture Ali some more…

We see a Radley car outside the old house where Ali leads the girls to ‘test’ them. I think Bethany stole the car in order to escape Radley because she knew what was going to happen that night so she hid in the house to wait for Ali. I think she dressed as that creepy doll, you can see the person is wearing gloves, Bethany could have dressed as a caretaker or janitor to get out of Radley un-suspected because you can see that they just have a black top on and not the matching costume. Then she scares Ali in the Halloween costume shop, after sending her the “im watching you” message to let Ali know things are getting serious. Then later, she attacks Ali in the house when Ali thinks its Noel, and sends her the last message of that night, “dying to know who I am? You’ll find out soon” and starts the whole -A thing, to show she is dangerous.

Which brings us to the night Ali went missing, according to Ali we see Mrs D on the phone she is looking out the window really worried and she says “how could this happen” “I don’t understand”

I think that she’s on the phone with Radley, they are calling her to tell her that Bethany has escaped, that’s why she tells Ali “I do not want you going out tonight” she’s scared that something will happen to her. The phone rings for a second time and she asks if there is any news and says she is worried at tells them to send someone, like send a search party.

Ali gets really scared about -A after she gets the message saying that she is going to die on that night,

Although Alison didn’t remember I think somehow Bethany knew about the two yellow dresses, its clear from the lipstick on the mirror that Bethany was in Alis room so why couldn’t she have planted the top there too?

Bethany forged a letter from Alis mum to make sure Ali wore the yellow top. In this recent episode in the recording of Bethany Young she says “She’s not the only one who can make plans” I don’t think this evil bitch Bethany keeps referring to is Alison, I think its Mrs D, after all Mrs D did murder her mum, Bethany then made her own plans to make Mrs D suffer.

Then, as she told the girls she went round trying to figure out who it was before it was too late. However, she changed the ending, we all know ali bases her lies on the truth, so here is what really happened, credit to SpencersBarn.Tumblr for the upcoming images…

After Ali and Spencer have the argument Spencer goes home, leaving the shovel in-between the Dilaurentis and Hastings houses

We all know Cece was dressed the same as ali that night, as jason saw her, I think Cece is a double agent, she is pretending to be friends with Alison but is actually working with Bethany, keep your friends close but your enemies closer right! Also, after all the people who have told the girls how much Cece hated them and Alison and blamed them for her getting kicked out of UPEN why would she be BFF’s with Ali? Also we all know Cece went to Radley dressed as Alison, my bet is Bethany mistook Cece for Alison and when crazy on her, Cece explained she wasn’t Ali but hated her too and Viola! An alliance is formed. 

So anyway, Cece dressed the same to confuse Ali and distract her 

Ali is looking at cece confused then…

Bethany thought she killed Alison and left her body there to be found by Mrs D

But, Melissa finds Ali and after seeing Spencer go after her with a shovel buries her to protect Spencer.

Using her powers Mrs Grunwald knew something was wrong,

Alison leaves the car because she was scared she would be vulnerable in hospital

This is where Ali lied about Mona finding her, you can see that she isn’t walking down a random road its her own drive. 

Mrs D is happy because she thinks she has found Bethany, but actually Bethany lured Sarah Harvey to Rosewood that night encase her plan went wrong.

Furious, Alison lifts the shovel

and hit Sarah in the head

Ali is still standing after the shot of a blonde (Sarah) falling to the ground…

Mrs D is shocked that her daughter was capable of that


once ali falls, mrs d becomes distraught

Then trying to protect her daughter

Mrs D then burries Sara thinking it was Bethany while asking ali, “what did you do” and helps ali run away. I think it was then that Mrs D told Alison about the whole Bethany thing, that’s why when Alison was telling the girls her version of the nights events she said “A made it clear if she wanted to kill me she could”, so Alison knew Bethany was the first -A but thought she was dead which is why she never knew who the -A after Mona was. Who else would Mrs D be protecting than her own daughter. Also in the episode -A is for answers the girls tell Ali they think her mum stole the game from Mona, and then comment on how she isn’t surprised, Ali may have thought her mum stole the game in order to protect her.

That’s why when Holbrook came to Mrs D telling her “Mrs Dilaurentis "were not certain your daughters in that grave” she acts so shady, because she knows its not! Normally if a mother who has lost a child finds out that there is a chance that they are alive they would be so happy but Mrs D just says “well I am” Also, we all know Mrs D never did a proper identification of the body she said the yellow top was enough, it’s because she felt so guilty for murdering someone.

However, Mrs D saw Spencer go after Ali with a shovel, and realised that she could protect herself and Ali by going to Mr Hastings. Mr Hastings didn’t want Jessica going to the police and ruining his daughters life (he had some dirt on Jessica so blackmailed her into silence…maybe he knew about Marion?) which, unbeknown to Peter Hastings, worked on Jessicas behalf too. That’s why Peter says to Mrs D “the police are still asking pointed questions about Spencer, do we still have an understanding?”

But then Melissa tells her dad she was the one who actually killed Bethany Young (or so she thought, she actually only buried Ali who survived), so Peter tells her to run away, hence Melissa going to London. 

When Alison returned Bethany, not realising Alison already knew about her had to kill Mrs D to stop her spilling about Bethany. Maybe Mrs D had worked out she was alive, that’s what the email was about.

The girls are -A free for a year, which Bethany used to get surgery to fix her deformity, change her hair and become…LESLEY! Listen to the most recent recording of Bethany from Radley, they sound exactly the same! That’s why Lesley wanted the book from Mona’s room because she knew it contained the tape and she couldn’t have anyone finding it, but because Mike made such a big scene Hanna followed Lesley around and made sure she put the book back, so Lesley had no time to look for the tape. That was the relevance of Hanna’s flashback that episode, it’s not Alison who changed so noone would notice her, its Bethany, she changed her hair and wore glasses and called herself Lesley so she could secretly spy on everyone! Until they find Sarah’s body, Bethany realises she has to make it look like Sarah is her so she she corrupts the files, by making it look like she is dead so noone is looking for her or suspects her, and she is free from Radley, she then goes about recruiting all of Alison’s victims because they are easy targets, however she remains anonymous to them. She befriends Mona that summer as Lesley (Mona dosen’t know she is Uber -A). Then Maya moves into the Dilaurentis house and finds Ali’s diaries while clearing out, then Alison goes back looking for her diaries, she cant have them falling into the wrong hands (Spencer sees Ali from her window the Pilot) But Maya sees Ali, she finds out so much that she has to run away “MAYA KNEW” Alison was alive. Maya then worked for Alison. analyzinga realised that the bag Ali took with her when she ran away was at the Khans cabin around the time Maya was there I think she met Alison.

I think that’s why -A gives flowers at Bethanys funeral because she feels bad for her family pretending she is dead.

EDIT: So, alot of you are saying that this cant be true because Marlene said Mona was the first -A, which is true. We all know Marlene likes to say things that are the truth with out actually being the truth if that makes sense. I think, Mona was the first -A, as in she was bethanys first fall girl, Bethany used Mona as her helper, then when she realised the girls were getting too close made Mona take the fall so noone would find out. From this last episode the melody lingers on 5x23 Aria has an interesting conversation with Andrew who says “the only thing Mona likes better than winning is taking the credit.”. (I think Andrew could be on the -A team too and hes talking about how Mona took credit for some of his doings) Later that episode Spencer says “-A knew this quality about me and used it against me” what if -A/ Bethany did the same thing to Mona? Marlene likes to refer to the -A now as Uber A, which she has never used to describe Mona, she just used -A!


It is said by the writers that Toby’s mum has a connection to everything and her story will be revisited - therefor Toby is connected also. Toby has been punished the most by far in the show and a character I have felt the most sorry for. Not necessarily saying he’s uber A or Charles, but just he plays a key role which will connect a lot of dots.

A few things that has happened to him:

- his mum committed suicide
- he was molested by Jenna
- Alison bullied him because he apparently “peeped” on her
- he was blamed for the “Jena thing” by Allison and the liars.
- he went to juvie because of the liars
- he was a main suspect in Alison’s murder case
- people forget this but Emily did sort of reject him during the prom thing in one of the first seasons and she ran away from him terrified when all he was trying to do was explain himself.

I can’t think of any other character where the most and worst things have happened to. Toby has gone through a lot, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he was getting pay back on Alison. Who could blame him really?

After re-watching a lot of episodes from varying seasons, I feel like Toby made a real transformation once joining the A team. His whole look and vibe changed, it was as though he finally got sick of everything Alison put him through and decided instead of playing the nice guy he would make change. Maybe the biggest thing Alison did to him was getting his mum killed one way or another- or she’s somehow connected - - and he found out just as MONA went to radley. This would explain the change in him.

Just something to think about

Scenes I want to see

-Monas ‘death’
-Garretts death
-Ians real death
-how maya died
-a wider collection of Mass Sugar videos
-Mayas time at True North and meeting Lindon
-Aria in Iceland
-Wildens death
-How Shana and Jenna became a couple
-The fight Spencer and Melissa had that resulted in Ali seeing Mrs Hastings sorting through their things
-How Hanna and Sean met
-Lucas after the Lake scene
-Ali and Cece becoming friends
-Mona and Hanna becoming friends
- Mrs D after burying Ali
-The scene of Hanna telling Mrs D that she saw Ali alive after playing with the ouija board with Mona
-Spencer buying drugs for the first time
-Spencers time in rehab
-Jasons party were Ali went over to spencers and cried
-The scene were Ali was punched, and Mrs hastings comforted her
-Ali taking the photos of Aria
- Ali hiding her things all over the house
-Mrs D being killed
-Ali on the run
-Cece on the run
-Cape May
-The party Ali had because she conviced Mrs D to let her have the “liars” over by holding in her breath.
-What really happened to Tobys mum
- Toby in Juvie
-The making of Monas Lair
-Mrs Hastings talk with Alex