Okay, to all those people who think Toby is dead…look at the tattoo.

Toby’s bone structure goes around the whole thing, none of the words have his bone likes through them or near them.
On the bottom one, it goes through the “at” and the end of “901”. These are two different bodies. Even lying down, the bones wouldn’t move. Any one of the guys could have matching tattoos to Toby because they are involved, but I wouldn’t put it past A to make a fake one. It was also too obviously on show and Mona just so happens to distract Spencer just as she goes to lift the helmet.

Common guys, he isn’t dead.

Why Toby isn’t dead (YAYYYYY!)

Toby has the same stature of a few males on the show (including Wilden) and the A team easily could have tattooed that body. To me, it didn’t look like Toby’s body either. He’s ripped, and the body Spencer found was not. They also made a point to have a helmet on “Toby’s” head (probably to allude that he was in a motorcycle accident). If it really was Toby, I would think the helmet would have been flipped open so Spencer could have seen part of his face as confirmation. We’ve seen dead bodies on this show before (Ian and Garrett) so I doubt they’d shy away from showing a dead Toby. Plus, I really doubt that the PLL writers would kill off a fan favorite like that. Its bad enough that they’ve already made him A, if they killed him, I’m sure there would be fans who wouldn’t want to watch the show anymore.

My guess is that A did this for two reasons:

  1. to get Emily to stop searching for Toby, and
  2. to break Spencer to her lowest point and get her to start trusting Mona, and potentially join the A team