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► 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Storyline
On Sept. 11, 2012, Islamic militants attack the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, an officer for the Foreign Service. Stationed less than one mile away are members (James Badge Dale, John Krasinski, Max Martini) of the Annex Security Team, former soldiers assigned to protect operatives and diplomats in the city. As the assault rages on, the six men engage the combatants in a fierce firefight to save the lives of the remaining Americans.

► 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-13
Casts : John Krasinski, Dominic Fumusa, Elektra Anastasi, Toby Stephens, Kerim Troeller, Kenny Sheard, Steffi Thake, Alexia Barlier, David Costabile, Max Martini, Demetrius Grosse, Liisa Evastina, James Badge Dale, Pablo Schreiber, David Denman

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So I’ve been thinking: after all those resets even Chara gets bored, so why dont find another way to kill everybody?

So I present to you my AU, not very different but more brutal, with a really desperate, mad and stressed Sans

Imagine if during True Pacifist hardmode in the True Lab it’s mostly the same except for a few more amalgamates, and it’s almost a break from all the chaos.

But you notice that the new ones don’t have quite as broken up speech, and sometimes when you enter a room you see one that definitely wasn’t there when you were in that room before..

And they seem even more lost than the others, some talking about their caretaker or simply “the scientist” and you assume it’s Alphys.

…That is, until one starts whispering in wingdings.


The Cast of Pretty Little Liars Take The Make Out Quiz

The cast of Pretty Little Liars watch up-close clips of kissing scenes and guess which cast members are making out. 


toby & happy | “i’ve never been happier in my life” [+2x16]

i feel like people don’t entirely understand that a character’s ship is not all that they are worth?

like a lot of people hae been saying that walter has been trying to change for paige. he’s making new friends so he knows how to connect with paige. he’s going on dates so he’s not as bad at it with paige. and i think it is, partially, about being able to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, but it’s also about being able to mentor ralph, to forgive cabe, to connect with happy and to stop fighting with toby. it’s about actually being able to interact with any other person he has to work with and not putting them off with his social inadequacy. it’s about fufilling his sister’s dying wish of learning to love, and that love doesn’t stop at paige. what’s more is that he’s doing this for himself, too, so that he’s more in touch with his emotions, and he can process them properly and feel more at peace. 

and it’s not just waige, either. i’m a die-hard quintis fan, but toby isn’t changing just for happy. he’s not suddenly happier because of her. he’s hasn’t changed his ways because of her. he’s learning from paige and becoming a better person so that he can be a proper big brother to sylvester and ralph, a better employee and friend to walter, and become a little kinder to paige and cabe. he’s appreciating the people he loves and that is what is making him so satisfied with his life right now. his relationship with happy comes into it as well, but i think he’s trying to get to a point where if this thing ends up like his previous long term relationship, he won’t stay hung up on her for ages and gamble away all his money like last time. 

same thing with happy. yes, she’s letting down her walls with toby. but she also did that with her father. and the other person she shows a lot of emotion with is walter. she’s admitted to him that she tends to hide her feelings and that she’d like that to change. she wants to not take her anger out on the people she works with and make it less of a challenge to be in the same work space with her. just like walter, she wants to process her emotions healthily, acknowledge the people she cares about, and be able to let go of her past a little so everything isn’t buried deep inside her. 

my point is that while romantic relationships are important, so are platonic relationships and the ones with your ‘family’. but, honeslty, the most importantly relationship is the one you have with yourself, and i think a lot of us would do well to acknowledge that in terms of the characters on this show. having a significant other might help and encourage you, but in the end, the person you’re stuck with for life is yourself, and if you can’t deal with your own emotions and thoughts, your life is going to suck, and these people know that. that’s why they’re trying to change. 


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I’m making a set of Undertale postcards! I don’t know how many, but I’ve sketched out a few and written ideas for more. I’m recording the majority of it for speedpaints too, and I’ll be featuring main bosses and locations mostly, though focusing on including minor areas and enemies is something I’ll have on my mind through this entire project.

Top is the postcard front, the bottom image is the back. For the back, I imagined having the picture mostly faded so it can be written over, but even then it seemed mean to have an entire drawing just be scratch paper. So in the final post it might be its own card!

P.S. these two took roughly 22 hours total. ..Which i did over the course of two days // cough


Posting from the grave coz last night’s Quintis scenes killed me :’D