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Yep, here you go, fetus YouTube gamers. There’s PewDiePie, Smosh, Markiplier, CinnamonToastKen, and Tobuscus. I wanted to add some more, but I can’t find any fetus pics, yep, and I need to go somewhere.

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Toby Turner Rape Allegations Debunked

In response to AprilEff’s post.


A lot of people aren’t gonna wanna read this, but some are gonna have to with an open mind. I’ve been digging, and I’ve come to a conclusion. AprilEfff (or April Fletcher) is a lying vengeful ex who’s setting out to destroy Toby’s career. Keep reading to find out why. 

Given the insane amount of claims over the past weeks and the amount of contradictions found in April’s story, I’ve decided to mount it all onto one single Tumblr post. 

It’s ironic, this whole drama started from a Tumblr post. And now, it’s being debunked in one. Feel free to share this around so people can open up their eyes.

Now, onto the proof that Aprileff is a liar.


April’s Awkward History

Before I go onto the actual evidence of the contradictions and inconsistencies and giveaways that April’s full of shit, let’s venture into April’s history with Toby and Olga, shall we? This info comes from this Tumblr post surrounding April, Olga & Toby. —————————>

Quick rundown of the Tumblr post. April is jealous whenever Toby hangs out with other girls. Most notably Olga Kay. Who she apparently didn’t like. 

April says the reason why was because Toby cheated on both of them at the same time.

In the Tumblr post, it’s stated that she favorited a tweet someone made calling Olga jealous that April was dating Toby. 

April also didn’t like the fact that Olga was dating Toby. She took to insulting her.

April was pretty jealous when Toby was with other girls.

This reinforces Olga’s mention that April spread rumors about her a couple years back, and that she couldn’t see her side.

April’s response to me telling her Olga said this.

April clearly saying that she does not like Olga.

What am I getting at? April has a very nasty personality and a case of jealousy. The way she insults Toby’s ex and current girl at the time, insults Toby’s fans, and overall shows obvious signs of jealousy, it’s clear she’s no saint. It’s also clear that she was more attached to Toby more than he was attached to her.

Especially given a response she made to someone back in August 2015. 

(click here)

Who does this sound like? Who did April show attachment for? Who barely tweeted to April? Who had other girls on their mind rather than just one girl? If you were to analyze this, Toby left and dated another girl for 2 years, and April was just starting to get over him and starting to date someone else.

Even in April’s Tumblr post, she states that she still loved Toby even after the rape. Besides her post, Toby didn’t seem to care about April as much as she says. Given the amount of girl’s he’s banged, it’s impossible he had her on his mind 90% of the time. Toby doesn’t tweet April after 2013, yet April still tweets Toby even after the date she says she stopped talking with him.

When April tweets Toby just four months ago, and five months after she said she stopped talking to him, and even multiple times in a buddy/flirty way; 

Every Tweet of April to Toby (

…and be mostly ignored by Toby, it’s no surprise that she’d be more into him than he was with her.

April? A very clingy and jealous girl.

Toby’s mom defended Toby and said April lived with her, was jealous of Olga, that she left with her real boyfriend, and that she threatened to steal his fans.

(Toby’s mom’s full response)

People like to discount Toby’s mom because she said Toby doesn’t take drugs and that he never dated April. But she obviously had no idea about Toby’s problem or that he was dating April seeing as they were dating on and off. Meaning, people in the background would easily miss out if they blinked. I wouldn’t say she’s lying.

Now that you know a little bit more about April, and more than she wants you to, let’s delve into her contradictory claims.



One thing a lot of people overlook. Her texts “proof”.

“Talk to you in a couple days” They literally meet up the next day at a party. Toby’s pretty bad at planning.

Besides the fact that text messages can EASILY be faked, there’s also time inconsistencies.

She says in her Tumblr post that after being drugged on the 26 of February, she was able to drive a car the next afternoon from Toby’s house.

 “Once I feel like I can maneuver a car (the next afternoon), I drive home.”

Yet the text messages take place in the morning. From 8:40 to 14:10 February 27. Between 8 AM and 2 PM. By her flawed logic, she texted Toby at his house about drugging her at his house before leaving his house. Because that makes a whole lotta sense. No.

There are only a few scenarios to choose from if these messages are, in fact real.

1 April actually texted Toby at his house about drugging her. What’s wrong with this? She didn’t text him at his house. The message clearly states that she “made it home”. Yet in April’s Tumblr post, she claims it was the next afternoon. As if texting someone at their own house makes any sense.

2. April was so hammered she wasn’t sure whether she left the next afternoon. or the next morning. What’s wrong with this?  Something so significant as leaving in your car the next afternoon can’t be mistaken, no matter how screwed up you were. April was present enough to remember that her roommates were in the kitchen and the lie she told them, and that she was too weak to go to the hospital.

3. It was a mistake, and April actually meant the next morning. Laughably stupid “mistake”. A significant point that doesn’t add up with her “proof” is now a mistake. Covering a lie with a mistake is the oldest trick in the book. April’s been doing it everytime she’s been questioned about her claims. It’s like excusing April for saying she could barely move for 3 days, yet she was at a party within those 3 days, so she really meant 2. Don’t fall for it.

The text messages are fake. 

April says Toby drugged her on February 26, 2013, right? She says she was “fucked up” for 3 days right?

I was fucked up on this drug for 3 days.

Yet she’s at an AskMenLA party with Toby on the 28th of February.

Apparently, not “fucked up” enough to dance around with some Asian dude. (As Toby said in his vlog)

When questioned about her being at a party on the morning of March 1, she responded with this. 

“26.. 27… 28…. March1 seems like 3 to me.”

She completely fucks off the fact that the party was on February 28.

And before anyone tries to snap at me. AskMenLA had a 2013 event on February 28, 2013. So, no the video wasn’t uploaded a day or two before. Not that it’d make her case any better.

Still don’t think I’m being honest? Social media hashtags of the event.

Yep. The dates match up.

Not only was she not fucked up enough to go to a party, but here’s April tweeting about the event ONE day after the party about how “seductive” Toby is.

Seduced? You sure that magic wand waving wasn’t him slipping some more MDMA in your drink?

When questioned about this in a video, she said this. 

She says she was able to leave her house, yet in her Tumblr post she was too weak to go to the hospital.

“I knew I was too weak to go to the hospital”

And even in the tweet above about about the party on the 28, she agreed that she’d be able to move any day that wasn’t the  3 days she was so fucked up. Even though, she thought the party was on March 1. Tsk tsk.

Get this. When I questioned her about being too weak to go to the hospital, she barked at me with this; 

Emotionally weak? Can you believe this? She’s copping out all over the place with her damage control. So, basically, if you follow April’s logic, while she was fucked up on MDMA for 3 days, the reason she couldn’t go to the hospital was because she was all in her feels. Not because she was as “fucked up” as she said she was. 

She couldn’t have been emotionally weak, because there’s nothing that leads up to that. There’s NO specification for that, either. Even in her texts, she says she’s still fucked up and “can’t function”. And this was a day AFTER. You don’t say one thing, and say another, and mean what you say the second time. That’s not how making a serious claim works. And that’s another reason why taking this to court would be suicide for her

More Inconsistencies

While she says she saw him this January not by choice in her excuses, she literally responded to him just four months ago (following the date of my post). By choice, of course.

So, tweeting your rapist 4 months ago about a television show you told him about wasn’t traumatizing, yet seeing a toy of him the day before you accuse him of rape was? What excuse could there be here? That she still “kinda loved him”? That’s not what was said in her Tumblr post. She seemed to have held a grudge when he performed at Playlist. If a toy triggers you to write a Tumblr post about someone who raped you, you didn’t “kinda love him”.

And to feed the fire, on that same day she favorites a tweet mentioning him. 

And just in January, she favorites a tweet mentioning a song he made.

Though, the song “Get Bloody” does feature April, and though you could argue she favorited it just for that reason, she’s not even following the person who made the tweet. And one of the most notable ways to find tweets mentioning someone is to type their name in the search bar. What’s April doing lurking about Toby in January?

But this does move toward the creepy side. If she had to find a tweet that mentioned Toby, just to like it, then there was no grudge. See where I’m getting at? At this point in time, they had no relationship. Clingy, much?

DISCLAIMER: April said that the day Toby performed Depressing Song at Playlist 2014 was the day she stopped talking to him. For anyone wondering, Playlist was an event that happened in March 23, 2014.


April tweeting to Toby just five months after she claims she stopped talking to him.

On April’s Twitter, she claims that it’s outta context and that it referenced text messages she and him had. 

But it still doesn’t explain the flirty-esque in the tweet. Like most of April’s tweets to Toby. As if they all come from a text argument they both had. There’s nothing hee that suggests it’s any thing but a flirty tweet towards someone you have feeling for. Or, had.

Few things to mention:

In April’s post, she says Toby hates blonde hair. But what would she consider iJustine and Tara Babcock? They’re both blond. Unless, Tobys really good at ignoring what he gripes, or this is just an attempt at making Toby seem crazier than he really is.

Again, April claims to have only met Toby after playlist if her mutual friends were there. Ergo, not by choice. Yet, she willingly tweets him and favorites tweets mentioning him. Why?

April says that Toby abuses her TO THIS DAY. She likely had this detail in before she decided to say that she stopped talking to Toby 2 years ago.



On April’s channel, Twitter, and Instagram, every video and instance with Toby in it has her being super friendly and touchy with him. Even more than she claims he was with her.

Just scroll through her channel and try and tell me how her videos allign with her story.

It’s almost as if rape never happened.

Videos of her calling him cute, being bubbly towards him, having a blast while playing Super Mario World with him early 2014 (click link) going to his Birthday Party, still posting about him after the date she says she stopped talking with him.

It’s like that on her IG and Twitter, too.

(Full archive of April tweeting to Toby.)

Let me just leave this point out there. On April’s channel, she sung a song she made on April 1, 2014. 

March 23 was Playlist.

It’s pretty obvious it’s a breakup/heartbreak song, and that it likely refers to Toby. Something that helps that idea is the fact that she publicized Toby a lot on her channel for a bit. As if she wanted people to know that he was in her friend circle. It would also help what I said earlier about April being really into Toby.


April’s Crazy/Clingy Nature

Remember Toby’s mom’s response I posted? I do. 

I also remember close friends of Toby and his mom talking about April. One who DM’d Seth Hendrix (Toby’s friend who debunked Kate’s story) who said that April was apparently a stalker. Shocking, right? He said Toby told him about how she’d wait outside his house and loom through his windows.

He also stated that April threatened to blackmail Toby if she didn’t get what she wanted. This is even restated in Seth’s new post about Kate.

Yes, I have seen him be unfaithful and say angry things to girlfriends. But I have also seen many of those very same girlfriends treat him like garbage, blackmail him, threaten him and his career, cheat on him, and use him for his money and influence. No one is innocent here.

(Seth’s post)

April’s response to me saying Seth called her a stalker and a blackmailer.

Proof of her being on the defensive. If you’re a victim, you don’t try this hard.

Olga Kay would even agree that she is not a very truthful person. When you have a history of being sketchy, and possibly spreading rumors, you don’t have a lot of credibility. Especailly when your claims don’t match up.

If you look at all the other proof that April was in fact, clingy, and favored Toby even more than Toby (hell, even if she did almost kill herself after Toby performed without her at playlist, that still would’ve fit into her clingy nature) there’s no wonder why she’d be so peeved when Toby cheated on her. 



People like to ask “What reason would she have to lie?” “Who would lie about something like this?” 

Those are the right questions. Who would lie about rape? Rape is a serious crime. And so is lying about it. A fact April obviously doesn’t understand.

People who want revenge lie about things. If you’ve heard the girls coming forward in the last few weeks about Toby cheating on them all, it’s no surprise at least one of them would completely despise him. Especially someone like April, who had a big affection for Toby. You can imagine that someone like April, a hateful girlfriend, who “loved” Toby, and was really jealous whenever she saw him with other girls would go apeshit if she saw the amount of girls Toby hit and quit.

From the way April mentions Toby in March and even emphasizes that he’s a cheater on a video of JaclynGlenn’s, it’s no wonder why she’d feel a type of way about Toby.

From an outside perspective, this relationship seemed like one where April wouldn’t be happy if Toby cheated on her with another girl. One where April would like to keep Toby, but would get pissed off whenever he cheated or was with another girl. It would be a slight coincidence that April made her Tumblr post just four days after Toby made a video about his new girlfriend(not really gf). This (if true) would serve as a breaking point. Not a toy. 

It’s pretty much a fact that he is a cheater. A drug user. Even the people defending him would agree. Everyone has their own set of problems. But calling him a rapist? Something even his exes would feel iffy about? A huge exaggeration. But April doesn’t seem to agree. She hasn’t shared any video of his exes that don’t directly fit her story of Toby Turner, that doesn’t deem him a definite rapist and that paint her in a bad light in any way on her Twitter. She wants Toby’s career destroyed as much as it can. She knows the courts won’t be nice to her. So, why not spread a huge rumor over the internet?

If you change this whole story to “Toby Turner’s ex accuses him of rape”, it has a new ring to it.


Why I’m typing this?

Because no one else has decided to. People like to jump on bandwagons and believe every claim they hear. Even Toby’s claim of not doing anything without anyone’s consent. It’s up to people to actually do their own critical thinking, to figure out whether a claim is true or not, because as far as I’m concerned, this drama won’t even get close to a courtroom.

It’s also up to the people who agreed with the points I made in this to share it, reblog, post it, tweet it, whatever you can so that enough people see it and know the dangers of believing unsound claims. And maybe even put an end to the “It’s a Tumblr post, so it can’t be true” crowd.

Don’t stick your dick in crazy, folks.


Hi ! It’s me, Drew :D 
Yesterday I suddenly started drawing my favorite personalities from YouTube as chibis ! So here they are, enjoy !

Ian - Smosh
Starting this chibi parade with Ian Hecox, yessss. Do I need to say again how much I love Smosh or did I make that clear already ? They’re the first people I started watching on YouTube and kept watching for many many years, and still never miss one of their videos. Since many years, they made me smile, made me laugh, made me happy. For all the happiness they give, they deserve all the best in the world. 

Anthony - Smosh
And Anthony Padilla, of course. They could have been on the same picture cause they’re equally awesome, but yeah. Actually, they’re supposed to do a high five if you put them side by side :D Cause they make high fives 20% cooler. 

Felix - PewDiePie
Pewds, Pewdie, Poods, Felix, whatever, he’s FABULOUS. The reason why I enjoy gaming youtubers is that I have some kind of “routine”, every night before I sleep I watch my Pewds videos -u- and it makes me happy (not saying gaming videos are better or not better, I’m glad there’s all kind of videos on YouTube !) That’s how Felix became one of my favorites. *sobs* when I started watching him years ago he wasn’t so FREAKING POPULAR jkdhfjhd happy for him tho, he’s great~

Lucas - Squeezie
Squeezie is a French YouTuber and he’s just awesome. I was talking about before-sleep-routine, well it’s just perfect if it’s a day with a Squeezie video. He makes me laugh and WHY DID I DRAW HIM WITH THAT LAMP LOL. Oh and yep I drew him making that “YO tout l'monde c'est Squeezie” move XD PEACE !

Jack/Sean - JackSepticEye
TOP IN THE MORNING YA LADDIES ! The most energetic video game commentator on YouTube, for sure. Jack never fails to give me energy, he’s great and really adorbs. He’s the kind of person who can communicate joy. Also his intro and outro are the best, seriously. 

Mark - Markiplier
Mark is pretty awesome and also very touching, I must say. I’ve been enjoying his videos since some times now ! And I’m very thankful to how happy he makes my friend Des (check her for awesome Markiplier art !).

Jack - Jacksfilms
Ahh, Jack. Someone else that I’ve been watching since a lonnng time. He just has so many talents. His sense of humour is kinda unique - at least among the people I watch on YouTube. YGS is probably my favorite “series” of his, I laughed so much. Oh and I must say I’m a big fan of Jack’s voice XD like really really. Especially his “angry voice”, dunno if you see what I mean. Annnd I didn’t know exactly how to draw him so I tried to draw his >:) face but haha idk bye.

Toby - Tobuscus
First of all, thanks Toby for being the only representative of green eyes in this list XD TEAM GREEN EYES ! I’m starting to think this is more rare than blue eyes ! Like Jack, Toby has so many talents, it’s amazing. GOSH I love when he sings. I’ve been listening to his songs a lot. Pretty much all of his videos, on all his channels, are great.

Fred - Joueur du Grenier
And another French YouTuber ! Actually I should have said Fred AND Seb cause they both are “Joueur du Grenier”, aren’t they ? So yeah, this one if a little bit different, yet I watch their videos SO MUCH. I just rewatch them all the time XD It’s like that very good show that you never get tired of rewatching. JDG absolutely deserved a place in this chibi parade ! (Désolée Seb la prochaine fois je te dessine aussi !)


Inspired by this video. 


I spent so long on this drawing of all my favorite Youtubers, but it was worth it ;v;

In the picture there is; Pewdiepie, CinnamonToastKen, Tobuscus, Markiplier, JackSepticEye, Cryaotic, DaithiDeNogla, VanossGaming, H20Delirious, Vinny Vinesauce, Achievement Hunter (I couldn’t fit all the guys, so I just put the tower of pimps there :P), Game Grumps (Danny and Erin), xXSlyFoxHoundXx, Kootra, UberHaxorNova and Creature Carl (Since I couldn’t put all the Creatures)