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Prompt: Haleb, Spoby, emily, n aria are driving in Emily's car on a road trip to NYC but spoby is showing way too much PDA and cuteness and the others are getting jealous of their love! While spoby are busy kissing each other and showing love in the car!!!

Due to the fact I do not believe Spencer and Toby would have overwhelming PDA in front of their friends (Even though they have shown PDA before) this may be a little OOC at points I don’t know we’ll see.

Fun fact: I’ve been to NYC before:) (not that anyone cares)

One hour.

That is how much longer they had to be in Emily’s cramped light blue SUV. 

Now of course that doesn’t sound like much, but they had already been cramped for seven hours before. Rosewood to NYC was definitely a trip. Especially since Emily has been driving the whole time (With rest stops of course). Caleb, Toby, and the rest of the girls, but mostly Caleb and Toby, had all been offering to take the wheel but Emily would have none of it. It was her car and damn straight would she be the one to drive it.

The seating went like this:

Emily in the drivers seat and Aria sitting shotgun. Then in the middle was Spencer and Toby. Lastly in the back was Hanna and Caleb seeing as everyone agreed nobody wanted to see the PDA they were most likely to show. Surprisingly though Spencer and Toby were the more affectionate ones this time around.  

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