Watch the official trailer for Michael Bay’s 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, set to open in theaters on January 19th,

The story is based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s book about the 2012 attack on an American compound in Libya that left U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens dead, and it follows the special-forces team that attempted to rescue him.

The cast is led by John Krasinski and James Badge Dale, who star alongside Max Martini, David DenmanToby StephensPablo Schreiber, Dominic FumusaFreddie StromaDavid Costabile and Alexia Barlier.


Get To Know Me Meme - [5/10] Favorite Tv Shows

My father told me about these men, about their natures, so I know that any appearance of civility from them is but a glimpse of the men they once were. A ghost that shows itself only while the darker things that now govern their souls lay dormant. Though I’m forced to wonder if this illusion is no accident at all, but theater for my benefit, orchestrated by someone so awful, even monsters such as these have no choice but to dance to the tune he plays for them. Which leads me to the one thought I find most frightening and most difficult to dismiss. What happens if that man decides the theater no longer serves his purposes and he lets the monsters loose?
            - Black Sails (Jon Steinberg & Robert Levine, 2014-today)