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I’m usually extremely against process posts, but I have been working on this animation ever since Undertale was released and I’m near the end of this short film. Everything from the background art to character animation was all done by me, myself, and I. It has been the most draining animation I’ve ever done and quite frankly I don’t want to work on a fan created piece for a long time. Needless to say though, this has been very satisfying to complete. I plan on posting the final product on Undertales birthday.


[[ well would you look at that, i finished another long-response-comic-thingy… ain’t i productive i should be doing coursework what am i doing with my life
so, due to the majority vote… sansby will be canon on this blog - don’t worry, this is still baby BONES, aka, sans and papy, so to all you sansby haters… just skip a few posts every now and then, okay? ;w; 

ironically i was listening to ‘helpless’ whilst drawing this 

also papyrus is totally bs’ing about knowing sign language. he probably looked up that one term and ended it at that… sans is too much of an awkward pudding to research sappy phrases like that anyway, so good going paps. ]]

It’s the 15th somewhere in the world.

A big, enthusiastic happy second birthday to Undertale!!
I’m a latecomer to the fanbase, but I’ve been a devoted fan ever since I tumbled into the world of this fantastic game.
I was originally very reluctant to have anything to do with it, but slowly it started to draw me in and finally I caved… and had one of the best experiences with a game that I’ve ever had in my life so far.

The message, the characters, the music, the EMOTIONS… I’ve played many games that have resonated with me, made me cry, made me HAPPY, all these things, but Undertale is REALLY special.
Special enough that I wanted to show how much it touched my heart by adapting the whole thing into a graphic novel.
It is absolutely fantastic.
And I know that even after the Undertale graphic novel project is over, Undertale will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for creating this wonderful game, Toby. You changed my life, and changed it for the better!
Happy birthday, Undertale.

YAY! It’s been 2 years and I’m still in the fandom. Undertale has been such a great fandom and to those who has a weird heart would dare to leave it. (nah just jk) 

Anywho!! Last year I did only Toby but I decided that this year should be special! Sooooo I drew all of the main 6! 

Thank you to the people that I’ve been with in this beautiful fandom:-
@golzy @mscheckacheck @perfectshadow06 @superyoumna @reyindee @lonely-void-flower @6agentgg9 @lizheruskeleton @metakazkz @mysteryart716 @nekophy @cherryful-life @vzearia @starryrainy @thunderappledrawing @butterapplego @msmadeleines @bluechocowitz @angexci

Undertale by Toby Fox
Art by Me

The real question.
The real question.

Looks who back with her Littletale voices. 
Honestly, we all knew Toriel was gonna stick it to Asgore one way or the other. 

Sans, Toriel, Asgore, and Undertale belong to Toby Fox. (@) 
Comic created by @friisans


“ PATERNIDAD “ Parte 2/4

Comic hecho por pasatiempo.

No soy buena haciendo comedia pero esta idea solo aparecio, pueden tomarlo como la continuación de “Lo odio tanto” de Error que hice anteriormente.

  •    Undertale by Toby Fox
  •    Ink!Sans by @comyet​
  •    Dream!Sans by @jokublog​
  •    Paperjam by 7goodangel
  •    Goth by @nekophy
  •    Geno by Crayon Queen

After more than a year and more than 200 pages, Snowdin arc is finally finished!! I am proud of myself <3 I enjoyed drawing this a lot, and I hope you guys enjoyed it at least half as much as I did!

I am greatly pleased with this cover. Especially if we compare it with The Ruins cover!

See you on Waterfall!!

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