toby powers

good maybe underrated moments in tst

• sherlock throwing a cookie in his mouth and missing
• sherlock being gay and referencing the musical Oklahoma
• “Mr. Holmes!” *mycroft and sherlock simultaneously* “Yes?”
• john drawing on a balloon to make it look like himself and even the balloon looks hopelessly in love with sherlock
• sherlock and toby thanks
• the gay power ranger reference
• “I don’t know, you tell me!”
• baby rosamund throwing the rattle in sherlock’s face
• sherlock accepting being rosamund’s godfather for cake
• sherlock having his siri set to a man’s voice…hmmm lmao
• sherlock standing there eating cookies with his coat half off of his body
• the flower !!! behind john’s ear!!!!
• sherlock when mary was going into labor
• sherlock texting in a church..relatable
• the scene when john mouths lestrades name to sherlock is basically just Screaming that theyre married
• “i love acronyms, all the best secret societies have them”
• the elephant on mycroft’s fridge 🐘
• mycroft opening his fridge to find nothing there and closing it
• mycroft claiming to be wikipedia
• sherlocks fake world war 3 deduction that he did just to be dramatic and have fun
• sherlock’s phone not having a case..his heart is so exposed
• john and sherlock ??? together???? in 221b??? sherlock solving crimes and john blogging about it like they do i’m going to cry
• sherlock smashing that thatcher bust 🏳️‍🌈


Alexander Skarsgard as Toby Powers in the series finale of Eastbound & Down. Aired 11/17/2013

The Signs + The West Wing
  • Aries: Donna Moss
  • Taurus: Jed Bartlet
  • Gemini: Sam Seaborn
  • Virgo: CJ Cregg
  • Libra: Will Bailey
  • Scorpio: Josh Lyman
  • Saggitaurus: Toby Ziegler
  • Capricorn: Danny Concannon
  • Aquarius: Abbey Barlet
  • Pisces: Charlie Young
  • Cancer: Kate Harper
  • Leo: Leo McGarry