toby powers

Alexander Skarsgård has been on @HBO in four different series.

  1. as Brad Colbert in Generation Kill (2008)
  2. as Eric Northman in True Blood (2008-2014)
  3. as Toby Powers in Eastbound & Down (2013)
  4. as Perry Wright in Big Little Lies (2017)*Emmy-nominated performance

 All photos by HBO. My collage.

Hero/Villain AU!

(This is something that’s been on my mind for a while. Basically, in this AU everyone has superpowers, and either use them to save the day or commit crimes! Get ready for a long post cause I’m going to talk about the proxy’s powers!)


Toby: Anti-hero, teleportation

Toby has the ability to teleport short distances. He can’t travel far, the farthest he can go is around 10ft away from where his current location is. While he mainly uses his power to help others, the guy sometimes uses them to rob a bank or two.

Tim: Hero, Shadow Puppet

Tim is able to control his own shadow. With this, he can fight others by using his shadow as a weapon. It’s even rumored that his shadow actually has a mind of its own (kind of like Peter Pan, I guess). Tim makes sure he uses his powers for good and to help others. Especially after an event happened that prevented him from saving someone he cared about.

Brian: Hero, Poltergeist

Brian is able to posses electrical objects such as: T.Vs, computers, cellphones, etc. Not only that, but he also has electrokinesis, but he’s a bit weak when it comes to that. Since his powers aren’t really combat focused, he mainly works on the sidelines assisting Toby and Tim on missions. He’s also works as the brain of the group coming up with plans and such.

(That’s all I have so far. I’ll try to make more concepts for the other creepers. I already have ideas for their powers, and I’m so excited!)

The amulet is in tune with Jim’s emotions. That’s how it deactivates after a fight’s done, because it senses he’s no longer in distress. Blinky says the amulet requires the incantation to activate, but we witness once in the beginning, before Jim’s begun to master the amulet, it activating out of the blue at school without him ever speaking the incantation. That’s how he ends up at Romeo and Juliet tryouts wearing the armor of Daylight.

We also witness Jim will the amulet to him in Claire and Present Danger. The amulet doesn’t activate per se, but Jim (literally) calls to it and it responds, rocketing to where he is because Jim needs it.

It makes me wonder like, can the amulet also activate based off of Jim’s emotions? Will Jim always have to speak the incantation to activate it, or will there come a point in the future where Jim and the amulet are so in synch the amulet will just know when Jim needs it to activate without him having to say anything? Just based off of his emotions or what he wants to happen in that moment.

So, I didn’t know if this was common knowledge but this rad post inspired me to do some digging. I never knew Toby Stephens had dealt with alcoholism in the past. I found this article that respectfully goes at more length about it, 

However, he admits he wasn’t always happy. And so he drank. He would go on 24-hour benders; he looked bloated and forgot his lines. But seeing the damage other alcoholics around him were doing to themselves, and feeling increasingly like ‘I was imploding’, one day he decided to give up. He hasn’t touched a drop in 12 years.

‘There is all this romantic nonsense about Burton and O’Toole and hell raisers like that,’ he says. ‘Nowadays the industry doesn’t have the money to employ people who are going to mess around and turn up not knowing their lines, all over the place. People think they are amazing because they did all this work while they were drunk — but just imagine how good they could have been if they weren’t.

Apparently, playing Flint ‘saved him’ in some regards and I don’t mean to be a total ham, but that’s so powerful. It really just works to further render why Toby has always been so fiercly invested in the character and the series, why he didn’t take anything from the set because ‘I carry Flint in my head’, that sort of thing. There’s a really daunting irony that he did such masterful work of a character who, in the original canon, drinks themselves to death but his rendition and the show’s take grants him happiness and security, peace from that awful and obscured ending. It’s an ending that literally negates that alcoholic demise, it’s an ending that promises healing, acceptance, and rest. Flint is ultimately saved by love, by queer love at that, and…it just feels so full circle that Toby received something so powerful from playing the part. I know Black Sails means a lot to us because it provides us representation, it assures us we are seen, that we’ve always existed, that though there are histories and systems of power that say we’re doomed, we survive and thrive in happiness. I’m sure there are some people who would say Black Sails saved them. I’m so glad that Toby was perhaps aligned to that in some small way. And as the child of an alcholic, it means a lot to me to see someone succeed so incredibly despite such an intense hardship in their past.

Maybe this is silly, but that’s the sublime capability of art. It helps us cast away shame, it holds a mirror up to us, it asks us to empathize radically, it saves us in ways no one else can entirely understand or expect. This show gave so much to me, I’m so happy it gave to him, too.  

I want fusions without a gem au so how about an au where the amulet can combine the energy forces of multiple beings by fusing their minds and masses to the trollhunter in order to create a more powerful warrior. This magic went unknown by most trollhunters since they separate themselves from loved ones but Jim manages to unlock that power so