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We saw in an episode teenage Emily walking up to Teenage Toby and asking him if he’s moving and he replies that Jenna and her mom were moving in and Emily says “are you ok with that, it wasn’t that long ago since your mom…..” Toby interjects with “A year last week” BUT Charlotte said she watched Bethany push Mrs. Cavanaugh off the rooftop when she was Charles. Charlotte is 6 years older than Alison, which means at the time of Mrs.Cavanaughs’ death she would’ve been around 4 since Charles looked around 10.That would mean Toby and Emily were also 4.So how on earth could teen age Toby say she died a year ago?

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Do you guys remember in season 3, Emily visits Toby’s job: a construction factory. She doesn’t find him there but another worker knows her name before she’s ever said it. Back then (it’s been almost 2 years) I theorized that Toby had helped build the Doll House without even knowing it.

But now I have to wonder, has Toby been behind this all? Is it possible that Charlotte was the one who pushed Marion off the roof at Radley? Is it possible that Bethany is Spencer’s twin? Is it possible that Toby joined forces with Bethany back in season 3 and found out it was actually Charlotte who pushed Marion and eventually decided to seak revenge for the death of his mother? Toby continues to mention that he doesn’t believe Ali has changed. Which also means he has never forgiven Ali and by association he has never really forgiven the girls.

Not to mention all the clues about “pretty eyes” and the glasses and the mentioning of “old man” like the AD costumes.

Do you guys think Toby would be AD?

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I love you's by characters
  • Clarke Griffin: I love you!
  • Commander Lexa: I'll always be with you.
  • Carmilla Karnstein: But it is so beautiful the way you try.
  • Laura Hollis: You know!
  • Nicole Haught: I know, baby.
  • Waverly Earp: I love her.
  • Spencer Hastings: Can I kiss you? Just one last time...
  • Toby Cavanaugh: I was building [the house] for you.
  • Alex Danvers: She's beautiful, she's so beautiful...
  • Maggie Sawyer: And I really just, I wanna kiss you.
  • Lena Luthor: Kara Danvers, you are my hero.
  • Kara Danvers: *as Supergirl* Kara Danvers believes in you.
  • Alison DiLaurentis: Those kisses weren't just for practice.
  • Emily Fields: Ali, you're not alone.
  • Max Caufield: You are all that matters to me.
  • Chloe Price: That's okay. We will [last]. Forever.
  • Clay Jensen: I'm not going. Not now. Not ever.
  • Hannah Baker: You are my favorite "What If?".
  • Beca Mitchell: Well, you saw me naked, so.
  • Chloe Beale: *starts singing Titanium*
  • Veronia Lodge: No matter what no boy will come between us.
  • Betty Cooper: *supportive wife*
  • Mark Sloan: We're meant to be.
  • Lexie Grey: It's like I'm infected by Mark Sloan.
  • Arizona Robbins: I can't live without you and our ten kids.
  • Callie Torres: Do not Calliope me.
  • Alex Vause: I heart you.
  • Piper Chapman: Doomed to be together.
  • Delphine Cormier: *Cosima might die* No, I won't let you.
  • Cosima Niehaus: I came back for you.

So apparently show is “making a full circle”. Alison figure is standing on a square, instead od circle like other girls, so that makes her different. She is also wearing the shirt from the night she disappeared. They all look like in season 1, any thoughts?