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What if... PLL Predictions

These are my “what ifs” about what could happen in the following episodes of PLL. These predictions could be far from the truth, as some are pretty outrageous, but oh well! I had fun writing it and i hope you have fun reading it. Tell me your thoughts!

What if … Bethany Young is alive and she is A.D. 

What if … She is also Mary’s child. My theory is that Mary had twins. She had two baby girls, yet, one of those babies went to the Hastings and the other went to an Adoption Agency, in which in the following days or years, she was adopted by the Young family. 

What if . . . the body found a year later was the Avery girl that lived in the town next door. Her friends think they cant hang out with her anymore because she has been living in a mental institution since Sarah Harvey “died,” but really, she was killed (I don’t know if this would happen lol – but it would a cool twist) 

What if … Mary assumes that the Hastings adopted both of the twins. Mary assumes that Melissa and Spencer are the twins. This is why she was hinting at the fact that they looked like twins and that when she entered the Hasting’s house, she asked, “where are THEY?” instead of “Where is she?” However, the Hastings never knew about that Mary delivered twins, or else, I feel like Veronica and Peter would have adopted the second baby as well.

What if … all along Melissa has known about Spencer’s twin and that she has been protecting Spencer from the very beginning. She found out possibly by overhearing talks between Mary and Peter.  

Yes, Melissa buried Bethany Young on purpose.

What if … Melissa buried Bethany Young, but for different reasons. I don’t think the reason why Melissa buried Bethany Young alive was protecting Spencer for hitting her with a shovel; rather, I think she found Bethany Young on the ground – nearly dead – and she buried her alive to protect Spencer from knowing the truth about her twin sister. 

What if … Melissa stopped hating Spencer and started to protect her. For many years Melissa saw Spencer in a horrible way. Melissa (from the earlier seasons) saw Spencer as her adopted sister who came from a crazy family: the Drake family. Melissa was mean and competitive with Spencer until Cece Drake came into town. Melissa got protective over Spencer because Melissa found Cece Drake very threatening. Melissa got paranoid that Cece Drake would threaten the truth. If Melissa knew Spencer was adopted and Spencer has a twin, I’m sure Melissa knew that Cece Drake was related to her as well. Melissa tried her best to protect Spencer and to protect her family as well.

What if … Melissa dies at the end. I have a feeling that Melissa might die. Bethany Young – A.D, Spencer’s twin, or whoever – will kill her and it will be really tragic because after all this time she has been protecting her sister, Spencer, from day one.

What if … Bethany Young became fascinated with Alison and her friends. She dyed her hair blonde out of desperately wanting to be Alison ( I doubt this will happen but ya never know haha), Bethany Young never knew about her birth mother, Mary, or her real father, Peter. Like Spencer, she thought her real family was the Young Family. According to the show, Jessica Dilaurentis was sleeping with Mr. Young and Jessica Dilaurentis was taking Bethany Young to the stables to ride horses and forcing her to call her “Aunt Jessie.” Bethany hated Jessica for trying to make this relationship between them. Yet, for Jessica, she knew that this was her niece and for this, she was making an effort to get to know the Young family (possibly a little too much haha), as well as trying to take care of her like she was her own daughter (giving her clothes etc). 

What if . . . Charlotte lied, yet only about one thing. She was the one who pushed Marion off of the building but blamed Bethany for doing it. Jessica Dilaurentis made certain Charles/Charlotte got away with it because technically Charlotte was legally HER child. Bethany Young felt betrayed by “Aunt Jessie” for taking sides with crazy Charlotte, thus she drew those pictures of Mrs. D with devils horns and the word “liar” all over her face. She escaped that night. Charlotte might have saw the pictures and thus, thought she escaped to go kill her mom, Mrs. D, so Charlotte escaped too, hoping to stop/kill Bethany beforehand. But Bethany was never going to kill Mrs. D. – rather, she was going to meet Alison, like she said she wanted to do in the letters. Charlotte “found” Bethany and “killed” her with a rock – but like we know already, but it wasn’t Bethany… in fact, it was Alison. 

What if . . . Bethany saw Spencer and Alison fighting that night and at that moment that she REALIZED that she has an identical twin (haha). And then sometime after that, Mona hits her, thinking she was Alison, she is on the ground unconscious. And then Melissa comes by sees Spencer’s crazy twin presumably “dead” on the ground and then Melissa buries her alive, hoping that Spencer never finds the truth about Mary or her twin sister, Bethany. (Yikes. I know.) Again, she is protecting Spencer as well as her family’s reputation. 

What if . . . Bethany is pulled out of the dirt by some character (there have been two scenes of someone pulling someone out of the dirt. We know that Ali and Mrs. Grundleward was definitely one of them, and possibly it was showed twice, but I believe that Bethany was pulled out of the dirt as well. (I’m thinking Wilden pulled her out. But it could be Wren, Archer, Mary, or Jenna? or Garret? I don’t have all of the evidence to form a theory for that one just yet.)

What if … Bethany has been “hiding in plain sight” since that night, by using masks. She stalks the Hastings Family and the Dilaurentis family, as well as the girls. Her motive since season 1 has been to understand where she has come from, as well as understand Alison and her friends.

What if … A.D. has only been A since Charlotte’s Death. Though, Bethany has been possibly doing A-like things for many seasons, as she has been trying to figure out her family. Yet, she just recently became the new A.

What if … A.D. stands for Alison Dilaurentis. It is her initials that Alison would sign off to the letters that she wrote to Bethany. Bethany has always been fascinated with A.D. possibly because Alison had the family and all the friends. Alison was also BFF with her twin sister, Spencer; a relationship to which Bethany could never have.

What if … Bethany became A.D. because it was time for “endgame.”

What if … Bethany is Black Widow. And famously tweeted by Marlene King,

What if … “endgame” is Bethany’s identity and story becoming known. At this point in time, it makes perfect sense. All the pieces are in place (literally puzzle pieces) – Spencer knows she is adopted, Spencer knows her birthmother is Mary Drake, Mary Drake is in town, Mrs. D is dead, Alison Dilaurentis is alive, and Charlotte, who has been tormenting the girls for years as A, is dead. It’s perfect timing for Bethany to come back from the dead and to tell her story. 


What if … “endgame” is Bethany putting an end to Charlotte and Mona’s game, but in a really twisted horrible way: the board game. The sole purpose of the board game is having this clear-cut finish that all board games have, if played. It’s time to finish the game. 

What if … Bethany is still fascinated with the liars, but I guess in a really dark way. For starters, she is fascinated by the girls by doing them “favors.” Starting with Alison and Emily. She thinks she is doing Alison a favor by getting her pregnant with Emily’s eggs. So they can finally be together and happy.

What if … Bethany is doing Spencer a favor by dressing up as “Spencer” and sleeping with Toby so they can get back together. In my opinion, Bethany has only pretended to be Spencer this one time. It was only by accident that Ezra saw her and Wren at the airport and for that, she had to pretend to be Spencer in that moment as well.

What if … Bethany is doing Hannah a favor by making her realize she is in love with Caleb instead of … lol that other guy, who I am totally blanking on his name, and doing her a favor to realize that she is the one who needs to be with him instead of Spencer. 

What if … Bethany is doing Aria a favor by getting her to get on the A team so she can be distracted from her wedding and put her relationship with Ezra in jeopardy.  


What if … Ezra either killed Charlotte. OR he was in shady business with Cece when he was writing his book.  

But if Ezra didn’t kill Charlotte…

What if … Mona killed Charlotte to try to protect the liars and to make them feel safe once and for all (sidenote: it is annoying that this case has lost importance in Rosewood.. now it’s all about who killed Archer)

What if … Archer Dunhill and Wren Kingston are brothers. They are both doctors from England (yes I believe that they are legit doctors) Archer was never in love with Alison. He only pretended to get her money (“something Charlotte would’ve wanted”) and to make go crazy, possibly because he thought SHE was the one to kill her so he was getting revenge OR possibly because he wanted her suffer from feeling crazy, like Charlotte suffered from all those years being stuck in Radley.

What if …Wren and Bethany are in love. Wren plays a role into the unfolding story as he has always been in love with Bethany. He has done everything to get close with the Hasting family in order to understand Bethany’s birth father, her twin sister, Spencer, and Melissa, the person who basically “killed her.” Archer and Wren are therefore, two brothers dating two sisters. Wren knew Cece/Charlotte because of his brother. But he also found out she was A.

What if… Alison names one of her baby girls Courtney in solidarity to the book and the other as Holly in solidarity to her second identity, Holly Varjack.

What if … Bethany shot Spencer on accident, possibly because Bethany was aiming at Jenna who tried shooting Spencer first. So instead, Bethany kidnaped Jenna and told her about “endgame.”

What if … AD gets mad at Aria for leaving the A team and Wren tries to shoot her but Ezra takes the bullet and Wren is arrested. (the quick scene in one of the promos of someone holding hands under the table with someone who is handcuffed is Wren and Bethany.)

What if … Mona is starting to look shady because she is becoming a new A. She desperately wants the girls to recognize her as part of the group and it’s fair to say that she is doing this to the point where she is trying to weed Aria out, possibly so she could take her place. Mona is addicted to the game. But the game has changed for her, it’s not being A anymore, rather the game is about beating the game that was stolen from her. She is going back to “Loser Mona” because “Loser Mona” was the addict.

What if … the liars think Mona is A.D. and she dies before the liars figure out she is not A.D. and for this, they are unable to save her.

What if … Bethany Young dies. A.D. dies by committing suicide, which is something Charlotte didn’t do in 6x10.

What if … the pretty little liars move out of Rosewood for good and we never know if they ever come back and BAM the credits roll and that is it. RIP PLL.

I also wanted to let you guys know that some of the ideas I credit to other theories and posts I have seen on Tumblr. The pll fandom is truly remarkable and I am so happy to be involved with this community. I am going to miss it so dearly. much love and enjoy. Also! Happy PLL day xox 


Here it is, the Full Set of Undertale Tarot Cards! After a solid month of drawing the Major Arcana is complete. You can view them at a larger resolution here! 

For reference:
00 - The Fool: Frisk
I - The Magician: Asriel
II - The High Priestess: Alphys
III - The Empress: Toriel
IV - The Emperor: Asgore
V - The Hierophant: Papyrus
VI - The Lovers: The Royal Guards
VII - The Chariot: The Undying
VIII - Strength: Greator Dog
IX - The Hermit: Gaster
X - Wheel of Fortune: Temmie
XI - Justice: Undyne
XII - The Hanged Man: Flowey
XIII - Death: The Absolute God of Hyperdeath
XIV - Temperence: Muffet
XV - The Devil: ?????
XVI - The Tower: Omega Flowey
XVII - The Star: Mettaton
XVIII - The Moon: Napstablook
XIX - The Sun: Monster Kid
XX - Judgement: Sans
XXI - The World: Mt. Ebott

And four, uh, assorted cards.

Of course, this is just my personal interpretation of how each character fits into the Major Arcana, and sadly there isn’t room for some of my favourites (rest in peace Burgerpants, Bratty and Catty, Lesser Dog) but perhaps some time in future, I might do few bonus pictures. 

As of this time there aren’t any plans to sell these as prints or actual cards. Hopefully Toby Fox will give me his blessing to have these as proper Undertale Merch! Until then, I won’t be doing a back design for them, but you’re free to print them out for personal use or use them as headers and such, as long as proper credit is given. Please do not sell these, or repost them anywhere else without my permission. Thank you! 

A big shout out to Toby Fox and everyone who made Undertale possible! It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen for a game this hard. Thank you so much for making something so very wonderful!

P.S. I understand some of you want these pictures are a much higher resolution. I’ll see what I can do!

“Find the bad guy push ‘em aside,
then move on forward with your friend at your side
It’s a two player game, so when they make an attack, you know you got a brother gonna have your back.
Then you stay on track, and I remain on course
If they give you a smack, you gotta use your force
And if you leave your brother behind its lame-”

I fiNaLLY LISTENED TO BMC and i can confirm this song is definitely Toby and Jim in a nutshell ;;;D Thank you so much to the anon that suggested this broadway/trollhunters crossovers are my jam

‘There’s no place like homecoming’- Jason imagine

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Y/n is dating Jason (but secretly) then for the welcome ball Toby invites her as he did with Emily (1st season) and it happens the same as when Emily was alone with him the chemistry room.

Words: 2226

A/N: It’s been ages so it probably doesn’t make sense. Also it wasn’t going to be this long, then I re-watched the episode and kept adding and adding…. Hope its ok xxxx

You gently intertwined your fingers with Jason’s, the two of you pressed up against each other on your bed. Sighing softly, you closed your eyes as his other hand found your waist, his mouth nibbling the exposed skin on your neck.

“Let me take you to homecoming” he mumbled. You moaned in response, too lost in the moment to acknowledge what Jason had said. You repositioned yourself so you could unbutton his shirt. “y/n?” he took your hands in his, moving them away from the buttons. Blinking at him obliviously, your mouth slightly parted, you wondered why he had stopped you, almost offended. “I’m serious.” He continued, sitting back against the headboard. You pulled yourself up to be level with him.

“Serious about what?” you asked, tilting your head a small degree, the crease in your forehead conveying your confusion.

“About taking you to homecoming.” Your eyes widened and you sat up straight, eyes directed at the floor. Jason’s hand settled on your thigh, his thumb massaging your bare skin soothingly.

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Favourite theory of my sister and me

A.D is Ezra but all the love interests (Paige, not Ali) are working for him on the A team.

Toby “lovingly handmade” the board game, with Caleb in charge of the technical side of it (The gas was just to lower suspicion).

Toby killed Yvonne with the treats so he could focus on the girls, and Caleb moved on from Spencer back to Hanna so Toby could swoop back in.

Paige did all the school dirty work (hoodie in the locker, Emily’s puzzle piece in the locker room). She then leaves Rosewood because she couldn’t stand to hurt Emily any longer.

Toby was the hoodie who drives off at the end of 7x19. He’s not tied down there, and nobody could get in contact with him. It wouldn’t be suspect for the grieving widower to leave town. Building another dollhouse, perhaps?

I don’t know the why. This is just a fun little theory when we can’t come up with any new theories.

Potential Parallel?

Do you guys remember how Charlotte told the girls that, as part if her first assignment as a member of the -A Team, she needed to make friends in Rosewood?

She had already made a name for herself during her brief stint at UPenn, having grown close to Eric Kahn, (his college friends, etc.) Jason, and Alison – BUT after being re-admitted, she later met Mona, who introduced her to the -A game. In order to maintain that she could come and go from Radley whenever she wanted and eventually leave permanently, she moved to Rosewood, befriended the liars, and started her quest to find Alison.

If Spencer has a twin and her twin was the one to return to Rosewood in 6x11, do we think the same thing is happening?

I don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight.

Just think about it. Spencer’s twin could have replaced Spencer during the time-jump as part of an assignment to grow close enough to the liars that she’d be able to keep tabs on them and assist in the execution of A.D.’s new game.

This would explain her behavior in 6B (which many fans characterize as having appeared distant and unenthusiastic), as well as explain her otherwise unusual relationship with Caleb! Perhaps Spencer’s twin used Caleb as a means to keep distance from the girls because she knew that they’d eventually pick up on her act. She obviously didn’t know them in the way that the real Spencer did, so she might have wanted to cling to Caleb.

Where’s the REAL Spencer?

Well, just like Season 3 introduced us to CeCe Drake and her mysterious involvement – it also gave us a look at Spencer working as a double agent on the -A Team.

While “Twincer” returned to Rosewood, the REAL Spencer could be doing the same thing as she did in Season 3! Working under the authority of A.D. (similarity to what’s currently going on with Aria), Spencer could be “embracing her darkness” in order to stop the game and take her life back.

…And just like Alison visited the girls over the course of time that she was believed to be dead, the REAL Spencer could have taken a page out of that book, visiting the liars (and Toby) on occasion to try sending them messages and give them an upper-hand.

While it isn’t too different from my previous theory, I’d like to build on this idea a little more! Let me know what you think so far!

Tobi imagine - Me, you, her

REQUESTED:  “can I please have a sad Tobi one where you have been in love with him since you were kids (you have grown up together) and you you see his girlfriend cheat on him and it breaks his heart and you are there to comfort him and he admits his feelings and so you you and then at the end you are both crying happy tears”

The minute my eyes opened I knew something was wrong. The shrill sound of my phone ringing echoed through the still dark room. I rolled over, confused and delirious, and answered it, pressing the device to my ear. 


“Y/n? Did I wake you?”

“Umm, well slightly.” I held the phone arms length for a second. It was half four. I questioned silently why he wasn’t aware of this - had he just woken up, or had he not slept at all? 

“I’m sorry, I had no idea it was so late.” his voice sounded soft, but shaky; he sounded hurt, and sad. “I’ll let you get back to sleep, call me tomorrow.”

“Tobi no,” I interjected, panic taking over my vocal chords. “What’s wrong? You know I won’t sleep until you tell me.”

I heard him sigh down the phone. “It’s Jess. She’s um…she’s gone.”

“I’ll be there in ten.”

I ended the call before he could protest, knowing he wouldn’t move from where he was on the off chance I was already leaving. Stretching, I stood, pulling on last nights jeans and a jumper and making my way to the bathroom. Do I have time to brush my teeth? Yes.

My heart rate increased slightly as I got into my car. Tobi had been my best friend since childhood. He had seen me laugh, cry and everything inbetween. He was the first person I ever went on holiday with, first person I ever trusted, and as much as I tried to suppress it, first person I had, and still love. Seeing him with his girlfriend was heartache at it’s finest. Seeing him hurt by his girlfriend was one step further.

I texted him as soon as I reached the halo tower, letting him know I had arrived. As I exited the lift I noticed his door was open waiting for my arrival. I closed it behind me as I entered. No part of me needed to ask where he would be; it was already clear after years and years of friendship. There he sat, in his gaming chair, spinning slowly. His face rested against his hand. 

He turned to face me as soon as I made my presence clear. I didn’t need to ask if he was okay. Instead, I lay down on his bed, moving the covers as I patted the space beside me. He stood and joined me.

“What happened Tobi?”

My voice was small, reluctant to ask. Tobi lay on his back beside me. He looked up, not moving his eyes from the ceiling. The glint of an apprehensive sunset shone through the small opening of his curtains onto his face, highlighting the tear stains on his soft, dark skin. 

“She, er..she cheated. Jess cheated.”

My jaw dropped slightly and I quickly picked it back up. It hurt my heart intensely to think about. The thought of someone cheating on someone like Tobi to me was, well, illogical at best. It seemed unfair that someone I loved, and was so in love with, belonged to someone that didn’t care even a quarter of the amount I did. I always wanted it to be ‘me and you’ with Tobi, but it was always ‘me and her’. And now it was her and…well, no one.

“She cheated?” I asked, realising I’d been silent for too long. “Oh Tobi..”

“Yup. Didn’t even tell me, either. Freya saw her out at a club, with this guy. And yeah…it all escalated from there really.”

I rotated my body, lying on my side and cuddling into Tobi. My arm lay limp over his chest, head on his shoulder as he continued.

“I can’t believe it…Tobi I’m so sorry.”

The small fraction of light gave away the single tear rolling down his cheek. Without thinking I reached out and wiped it away with my fingertip. He flinched at first before relaxing, leaning his head into my hand, closing his eyes.

“Don’t be. It’s my mistake, to be honest.”

“Tobi no! How is this any of your fault?”

“I fucked up, Y/n.”


“Because I picked the wrong girl, Y/n. I committed myself to her when it was you that I loved the whole time.”

My body froze. I felt tears of happiness rise to my eyes, dancing in ecstasy. The words replayed in my head over and over like they were my favourite song; he loves me. He loves me. It occurred to me I had not responded.

“You love me?”

He looks down at me, stroking my face.  “Yes, Y/n. I really love you. I always have.”

I look up at him. “Tobi..I love you too.”

He reaches out and wraps both arms around me, pulling me on top of him, nuzzling his face into my neck. I plant kisses over his face. 

“I love you so much Tobi.”

“I love you too, y/n.”

I wish I could upload a much more detailed picture, because Undertale is very important to me :’3 but I’ve been out here and there without a tablet.  


I found out about UT from my sister. I usually don’t download games on my computer or phone. I prefer games you buy for the DS or Wii, or something. One day, I was super bored…… so I thought, WHY NOT. LETS DOWNLOAD THAT ONE GAME. I played it and LOVED IT. What really got me into UT was the music too/// (my favorite is Hope and Dreams)  listening to the soundtrack always got me back into draw fanart for UT.,…. and drawing UT made me really happy!!!! Hmmmm what I liked the most about it…. was that each character was so lovable!! There’s much more I would love to say about, but for now, I will just say….. Thank you Toby Fox!! Undertale will always have a special place in my heart :) 

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 3

Wicked Game 

Negan x Addison 

A/N: Thank you for all the likes ^.^ this took me a while to finish lol here’s the next chapter it’s kind of long, I’m trying to build up to a certain idea. Let me know if you would like to be tagged. I appreciate all feedback/suggestions, I could always use inspiration. ヾ(^∇^)

Chapter 2 || Masterlist 

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“We’re low on ammo, sir” 

Negan stared blankly at the man who addressed him. “And you need me to tell you what to do about that?”. The guy shifted  his eyes from side to side, suddenly feeling stupid, “uhhh….” 

Negan rolled his eyes, “For fuck’s sake, go get some goddamn ammo”. He looked at Simon as the man walked off, the two of them continued making their way around the sanctuary side by side. “Fuck me, did common sense die with the rest of the fucking world?” 

“I think so” He answered, taking a bite of his apple. 

“Hell’s his name again?” 

“Jason, and you ought to be nice to him considering you fucked his wife”

Negan chuckled to himself, “Well what the fuck am I supposed to do when I’m being seduced by a beautiful woman?” 

“Yeah, yeah” Simon looked out at the chain linked fence watching the men pour molten iron over the walkers. “So…how’s it going with the Alexandrian?” 

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somewhere in between - two

January & February 2012

“I’m trying to save us all from getting hurt with all that flailing you’re doing.” She giggled. “Can’t you just do the running man or something?” She started the classic dance move, probably looking dumb herself since she was also hopelessly uncoordinated. “You have less of a chance to hurt others with this one.”

“Like this?” He copied her movements exactly. And it turns out, he didn’t look half bad doing it - well, not as bad as he could have.

Emptying the contents of her bottle into her mouth before answering, she chuckled, “Magnifico!”

“My bilingual beauty!” Harry grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around, then wrapped her in a drunk hug. With arms tight around her middle, he whispered, “Happy birthday.”

read below - story page - character page

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My Thoughts On "Playtime"

A deer left Yvonne in a coma and a gun shot wound left Spencer w one arm free to collect her moms mail. Agh how I’ve missed you PLL.

Ali was A-ok with everyone forgiving her yet wants to nail Paige to the cross. #someonesthreatenedbypailey

Quintessential Hanna waking Caleb up with pinches. I’m still weirded out by Haleb, post Spaleb, but whatever.

Never one to let us down, Rosewood PD clearly doesn’t give a crap about who killed the headless Noel-man.

Spencer, how in the hell did you see the gun? It was so damn dark.

What Holden’s mouth says: “who says high school romances don’t last”

What Holden’s face says: “that’s creepy af”

Lmao I love the parents, just casually strolling in a week after your kid (or Mary’s) is shot.

Wow I literally just understood why Peter Hastings didn’t want Spencer looking into Radley and why Toby took the pay off to stop digging into his moms death. #ashamedofmyself Side note: Peter owes his passport for missing this conversation.

Honestly, mean girl Ali is my favorite Ali.

This interactive board game is like a modern version of Jumanji and I love it.

You knew she was going for the dare, this show isn’t called pretty little liars for nothing.

A.D. is team spoby.

I legit forgot Toby was a cop.

Hanna’s boobs in this dress are distracting me.

I say break open that game like a piñata and collect all the prizes inside (Bonus points for Hanna approving of my plan.)

So black hoodies and gloves have been replaced with blue latex gloves. Doctors use latex gloves so obviously A.D. is Wren! 😜

Just like Ezria and their inevitable wedding, “for better or for worse” I’m glad the show is back! Thanks for reading!

Back to Trollhunters story bits!

- During a moment of boredom, Toby and Jim get into a mock fight (with waterballoons or cushions or some thing similar) At some point Jim misses and accidentally hits Arrrgh. Toby is outraged at Jim for striking a ‘noncombatant’ and calls him a monster for attacking Arrrgh of all people! Jim was already going “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” half laughing and half apologetic, but Toby swears vengeance for his Wingman. Arrrgh just watches in bemusement, and Blinky just chuckles at their antics

- Jim and Toby doing the Bro puns, and eventually they include Claire as well. ie “Brotato chip” “Brocery shopping”   Blinky tells Jim he’s making progress in training and Toby mutters “don’t you mean Brogress” and Jim starts snickering

- Toby and Jim are both tired and trying to stay awake so they ingest caffeinated beverages and sugary food. Soon they’re hopping all over the place, sprinting for no reason and giggling like a pair of maniacs. Blinky has to enlist Arrrgh and Draal in catching them, but even with the help it takes them almost an hour to finally get a hold of both of them. Arrrgh had to coax Toby to come near and Draal was chasing after Jim for quite a while, with Jim constantly dodging around corners and through tiny gaps Draal couldn’t pass easily. At one point Jim actually jumped on Draal himself, clinging to one of his shoulder spikes and yelling “SURPRISE!” at the startled troll warrior and then springing away when he made a grab for him. When Draal finally got him, he had to keep both hands wrapped around Jim’s chest to keep him from squirming free, and he quickly turned him over to Arrrgh, who was already keeping Toby from escaping by pretty much just hugging him.

At some point after the madness was over, Toby and Jim were still talking to each other about any ridiculous topic they could come up with, and laughing over every one. At some point Toby gets suddenly serious and goes “YOu guys, I just realized something” and Jim stops giggling long enough to look over at him in confusion. Toby screeches “Snakes are just tails with faces!” and he breaks into hysterical laughter. Jim doesn’t even just laugh, he just doubles over in a harsh wheeze, and for a moment Blinky is worried that he’s dying. Then he manages to gasp for breath and just starts howling with laughter. Blinky and Arrrgh look at each other in helpless confusion, and Draal asks if the humans are broken.

(Bonus fluff) Eventually the laughter subsides and Jim and Toby end up falling asleep in Arrrgh’s hold. Arrrgh lets go long enough to move them together so they’ll be more comfortable, then curls around them to keep watch while they sleep. Blinky tucks a blanket around them and sits back, satisfied that they’re finally getting their much needed rest. Blinky himself falls asleep while leaning against Arrrgh a few minutes later, and Arrrgh couldn’t be more content with the situation.

- Jim idly singing “Hey. How ya doin, well I’m doin just fine- I lied, I’m dying inside.” Toby and Claire just nod in understanding, and of course the trolls are confused and concerned.

- This video, but with Jim, Toby, and Claire. And maybe replace the rabbit with a goblin or something (tho a goblin would be dangerous. maybe with a gnome in the library)

- in a rare moment of spare time at the Lake household, Toby suggests showing video games to Draal. He’s uninterested, but he does observe as Jim and Toby start up a horror game. Eventually he stops watching the screen in favor of observing the two humans as they grow more and more on edge, practically jumping out of their seats at every jumpscare. After a particularly bad scare, one of the boys goes “fuckit.” and throws down the controller and just walks out of the room while the other pleads for them to come back and gets up to follow.

- Monty Python references. enough said.

7B review and more thoughts.

I rewatched the episode to note some of my favorite lines and things that stood out in this season opener.

“She probably walked into a closet “Hanna
Lol Hanna always had the most sassy lines involving Jenna

"There was a time you wanted this so badly that it broke us up” - Caleb with the most cringe worthy Wtf line

“I guess we’re both invaluable” - Paige. Ugh what a eye roll worthy line

“She told me I was going to have the baby of a perfect stranger” - sassy Ali

Endgame was the word used to describe blackveil.  I think A.D or Bethany or both if they’re the same person is blackveil.

“Pregnant, stalked, broke, alone, I mean if that’s ok then I’m you’re girl ”- Ali for the biggest damsel in distress

I don’t like Hannas blue and white vertically striped pants. Just..ugh.

Holden looks better this time.

“Alison husband wasn’t a real doctor turns out he was a crook and he took all her money, Noel kidnapped Hanna and she got away. Noel Kahn is now dead and Jenna Marshall shot me,  probably .Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash, you want a glass of wine” ? - Spencer with the best summarization of events lines ever !

Convenient for veronica to ask what Mary told Spencer versus telling Spencer the truth about Mary drake. The truth about her mother may not be the only thing Mary could share with Spencer. Twin!?

“She told me Mary was pregnant and I got this terrible cold feeling in my stomache and she told me it had happened before but this time they knew who the father was because Mary told them. Apparently your father was in a restaurant when Jessica walked in or who he thought was Jessica” - Veronica.

Ugh Peter is despicable.   Veronica couldn’t stand to see Jason but she adopted Spencer..weird. Both fathered by Peter.

“Dad did this to you? He did this to you again” ? - Spencer

“Nicole’s parents called me and they want me back up there. ”- Ezra letting us all know how tough HIS life is.

I bet Nicole’s parents told Nicole about Ezra being engaged or they want Ezra to tell her so she can get a fresh start.

“Who’s Nicole ”?- Holdens most important line

I wish Hanna had asserted herself and said no this is my business…Mona was kind enough to introduce us. Instead of bitching at Mona right away. Mona has to fix everything for her.

“Don’t be modest. Some of us remember what you used to be like. ”- Ali just egging Paige on. Watch Paige get setup for hurting Alison next.

Guilty little liar Spencer chose dare over truth. What are you hiding ???

“None of my memories are real. They’re all lies. ”- Alison. Who made your life all lies Alison? You did ! We still have no idea wtf Ali was up to THAT night or for the years she was missing or her real relationship with Cyrus just to name a few things.

So the game knows Spencer visited Toby and came back home and had the letter from Mary ready to pop out. Damn.

Why did Mary write in that letter that people like the Hastings deserve to be punished ? What was Mary’s gripe with the Hastings?!

You know who could have access to a letter like that, a letter likely sent to the Hastings address ? Melissa! She could have found them in the home at some point.

“Who is she now? The kidnapped girl who never got kidnapped ?  The struggling teacher with the sister in a mental hospital? The poor wife abandoned by her con man husband. You ever notice how she’s always the victim? Always the one who needs to be rescued ? ”- Paige.

Paige finally has something important to tell the audience. The writers are starting to spell it out. It will come full circle. Alison clearly has not changed as much as she tried to convince everyone since her return.

“I behaved like a bastard”- Spencer

Spencer gets some of the best lines ever

You know who’s still childish like A’s childish board game ? Alison, biting at Paige like a child.

The only other witness to Elliot Rollins death and burial was Alison.

Why is Jenna in some black vortex room ?
It’s so weird and almost comical.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I heard that Undertale is getting a PS4 release. Your thoughts?

Well, I mean it’s about time honestly?
Maybe people around my area will finally actually know what it is since it’ll possibly be in Gamestop–although I’m not looking forward to all the people bragging about how many monsters they’ve killed cause… the types of gamers over here are your real bad stereotypical CoD dudes that I try to avoid at all costs (hence why I keep my nerding real low to my group and only my group generally about all the games I play).

And I’m also not looking forward to people looking at my UT shirts or my laptop at college and going “Oh, YOU like that X game too?” (Replace X with good/bad.)
Everyone who knows me offline knows my laptop is COVERED in official UT stickers–like to the point to where I coordinated their placement of who you encounter first along with the big-ol UNDERTALE logo right above it…

The reason I know no one here knows about it is cause, since its release, the (count them) 2 people who have said anything glanced at my laptop, looked away, IMMEDIATELY swiveled their head back and came over to say something–everyone else has yet to have that same recognition spark in their eye and posture.

I’m going to try and get the PS4 box-set, if only for the locket–His Theme makes me sob every time I hear it. I’m also curious how they’re going to do the game-shuts-off thing with Flowey? I don’t know how a console is going to be able to emulate that, but I trust Toby figured something out so that scene gives the same amount of kick.

Overall: I’m happy Undertale is coming to console and going to get more recognition for its greatness, and I REALLY hope it buffs the online community to be more active again… but I’m apprehensive because it might just open more doors to more bullying and harassment for enjoying a thing that’s Pacifist. 

Birthday Boy (Tobi)

Requested?: Yes, thank you
Warnings: None
Pairing: Tobi and Reader

Sorry this is such a late post on. But I had to get this out while it is still his birthday. I made it just in time.(it’s 10pm where I live)

Happy Birthday Tobi! Hope it was a great day!



I’m up super early today. Earlier than normal, but for a good reason.  That reason? It’s my boyfriends birthday. He’s turning twenty-four today.

So I have decided to get up and make him a birthday breakfast.

As I am just putting the last few pancakes on to cool, I feel two arms wrap around my waist, which belong to my boyfriend. I naturally lean back into his chest, but this time I sigh.

“What’s wrong, princess?”

“You were supposed to stay in bed,” I say softly “I was going to bring you a plate. That way you could eat breakfast in bed on your birthday.”

“I’d rather eat breakfast in here with you.” He says kissing my cheek

“I’ve had an entire day planned out,” I say pushing his arms off of me “Starting with you eating breakfast in bed.”

He sighs “Fine, I will go back to bed. But only if you eat with me.”

“Okay, I will eat with you.”

He smiles and then turns on his heel, walking back to his bedroom.

I smile and turn back around to finish off cooking.

Once I am finished I load up two plates with everything I had made. Pancakes, bacon and a little bit of fruit. Grabbing two glasses of orange juice, I walk towards the bedroom.

“Breakfast is served.” I say, setting the tray down on the bed

“It looks delicious babe.” Tobi says as I hand him his plate and orange juice.

I smile as he begins to eat, as do I. The entire time, we eat on silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. This is how most mornings go around here. That is until the work starts outside the windows, which can get annoying.

“They seem to not be working today.” He says

“Yeah, it does seem unusually quiet.”

“Maybe we can finally stay in bed and just watch Netflix. Without getting interrupted.”

“We very well could. Would you rather do that, then what I have planned?”

“Well that depends on what you have planned?”

“Well I had rented out a pitch for us to go to, just to shoot around. Nothing special. Then come back here to get ready for a dinner reservation with the rest of the guys.”

“What time is the pitch rented out for?”

“In about four hours.” I say looking at the clock

Tobi then grabs his remote to his tv and turns to me.

“Then we can watch Netflix for a few hours then.”

I nod “Sounds like a plan.”

He smiles as I move the plates and glasses from the bed. Then cuddling into his side, as he turns on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

For the next three hours we are watching tv and cuddling. Which is two of my favorite things to do, especially with my favorite boy. It’s not too often that we do this, so I definitely cherish these times.

“Alright, before we go to the pitch. I’ve got to give you your birthday present.” I say getting up from the bed and going over to the closet.

“Here.” I say handing him the present

“Y/N, I told you not to get me anything.” He says taking the box from me

“I know, but I couldn’t resist. Now open it.”

He then tears the paper away, looking up at me shocked.

“No you did not.” He says, opening the box

I had gotten him the football boots that he was talking about getting. Though he would splurge and buy them.

“You were really wanting them, so I got them.” I say shrugging “Now we have matching boots.” I say pulling the same pair out, but in my size.
“Now shall we head to the pitch? Our time starts soon.”

He nods and gets up from the bed, grabbing his reflexive Adidas tracksuit. I grab my sidemen tracksuit and a white sdmn shirt, throwing my hair up in a ponytail.

-At The Pitch-

“Do you want to play a game, or just shoot around?” I ask as we set the footballs down

“How about we just shoot around. Get some practice in for the charity match.”

I nod my head, as I go to kick the ball. I send the ball flying towards the back of the net, right in the top right corner.

“Alright can someone has gotten better.” He says shocked

“Well I have to in order to play and won with you around.” I say as I walk back with my ball

He smiles “I’d always let you win, no matter what.”

I smile and line my shot back up.

The next two hours are filled with us kicking the ball around. Him trying to mess me up and vise versa. Cracking jokes and making up all kinds of puns.

“Alright since we have about ten minutes left here. Why don’t we have a little game?” Tobi says

“What do you have in mind?” I ask, rolling the ball with my foot

“Crossbar challenge. Five shots each. Whoever makes the most out of those, wins.”

“What is the prize?”

“Well if I win, when we get back home you will record a video with me.”

“And if I win?”

“We will do whatever you want to when we get home.”

I nod “Alright you are on.”

He smiles “Ladies first.”

I jokingly curtesy, before lining up my shot.

I end up only hitting three out of the five.

“Alright, beat that.”

He nods, going and lining up his shot. Hitting four out of five.

“Looks like you will be filming a video with me when we get back home.”

I nod “Alright, you won fair and square. But we have a dinner to get to.”

-At The Restaurant-

“Happy Birthday Dear Tobi. Happy Birthday to you.” We all sang

Throughout the song Tobi is smiling and looking around at all his friends. I’m sure that he couldn’t ask for anything more.

He’s always telling me about how much he loves being around these people. Which is exactly why I set up this dinner. So he would be surrounded by his friends.

The dinner itself took around three hours to finish, but that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that he had a good birthday. Which I’m hoping he did.

-Back at Tobi’s Flat-

“Alright you ready to film a video?” He asks as we get into our room

I nod “Yeah, what game are we playing?”

“I decided not to play a game, but to film a q and a.” He says, sitting down in his chair “As log as that’s okay with you.”

I nod “It’s perfectly fine with me.”

He smiles as I sit down in the chair next to him.

Halfway through the video, he tells he that he has to grab something from his closet. Once he comes back, I can tell he has something in his hand, but I can’t tell what.

“Alright, last question is from me.” Tobi says “And you have to answer truthfully.”

“Okay.” I say, nodding

“Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, this is probably something you weren’t expecting to be asked. Especially on my birthday. But it’s something that cannot wait any longer.” He starts

“I knew from the moment I first met you, that you were the one. Everything about you is perfect. From the way you dance around this flat like no one is watching, to when you are just being lazy with me in bed. I love it all.”

Just from those few words, I knew what was happening.

“So Y/N.” He says, dropping to one knee and opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring “Would you marry me?”

I nod my head, tears falling from my eyes “Yes.” I whisper

“A million times yes.” I say louder this time.

He smiles and slides the ring onto my finger. Leaning up to kiss me.

I can’t believe that I am going to be spending the rest of my life with the man I love.

This is not how I expected or planned this day to go. But I guess since he is the birthday boy, he gets to choose how the day goes.

The Love Game Theory

Maybe the board game wasn’t to find Charlotte’s murderer but to play with their love. Basically the jist is that the love interests have to choose who they love more so

1. Caleb
Choices: Hanna and Spencer
Chose: Hanna
Result: Spencer is shot but she survives

2. Toby
Choices: Yvonne and Spencer
Chose 1st time: didn’t completely choose since he kissed Spencer before leaving
1st Result: Spencer is shot and Toby and Yvonne get in car crash
Choice 2nd time: Spencer
2nd Result: Yvonne dies

3. Emily
Choices: Alison and Paige
Chose: Alison
Result: Paige gets job offer and leaves

4. Ezra
Choices: Aria and Nicole
Chose: Aria
Result: Nicole comes back (I don’t believe the timing is just a coincidence)

5. Aria
Choices: Ezra and The Liars
Chose: Ezra
Result: the girls are supposed to go to jail

6. Mona
Choices: Herself and Hanna
Chose: Hanna
Result: loses herself/reverts to Loser Mona

My analysis:
A.D finds love a game and they are also supportive of some relationships over others.
- A.D doesn’t like Spencer. Not only was she almost murdered but her life was on the line twice in this love game. And A.D let her catch feelings for a cop so then shed have to betray him
- A.D doesn’t want Aria and Ezra together bringing Nicole back was a way to break them apart even though it ends up not working. But A.D trusts Aria enough/ can see through her enough to feel comfortable using her for the A Team.
- A.D tortured Alison and took away Emily’s freedom to have genetic kids whenever she wants. So even though A.D let’s them be together doesn’t mean they like them.
- Paige doesn’t get hurt so one would assume A.D has a more positive opinion of Paige
-if A.D’s goal was to avenge Charlotte then why was A.D happily riding away from Mona in the sunset. What if that was actually Mona? What if she’s on the run and escaped during the night so she wouldnt have to see Dr.Sullivan and be turned in for Charlotte’s murder or worse killed. She could be escaping and finishing solving the A.D mystery. It makes sense Mona would steal the dolls from the board game. She would want to take her friends with her. That could explain why see her in an A outfit in the trailer.