#i dare anyone to try to tell me that caleb is better for spencer than toby #or that caleb is still a better guy than toby #because i’m so tired of caleb getting away with everything #he literally cheats on spencer and then hes the one treating her like shit #while toby is doing everything he can to help her and the girls #when they aren’t even in a relationship anymore #and yet somehow toby still gets more hate #protect toby cavanaugh

okay but

the writing on the back of the car was LITERALLY the same as when Noel wrote on Ezra’s car, same sentence

and the car doors open with the alarm going off has happened like two times before

and Jenna trying to kiss Toby

someone (Noel?) almost running Hanna over like Mona did

Spencer giving the girls the name necklaces like Ali gave them the bracelets

Jason and Aria

is this season 1 or season 7 because i’m confused