toby beach

Pastas at the Beach

Toby’s favorite thing to do is make sandcastles. He also throws sand at Jeff when he’s trying to tan but only gets hella sunburnt.
BEN yells at birds cause for some reason they only steal his food and no one else’s.
And I hide under the umbrella away from the water and the sand and complain because do you know how hot it gets when you wear a black hoodie constantly?

Without You~Part 3~Luke Hemmings

You went exploring in Bali the next day with Toby, visiting the beach and going swimming in the small waves. His laugh brought a smile to your face as you giggled along with him laughing as you splashed him and he screamed. 

“Daddy doesn’t want us.” Toby said as you were drying his body. 

“No no, that’s not true. What makes you think that?” You questioned looking at him. Of course Luke wanted Toby, it was you he didn’t want and you knew that but Toby didn’t.

“There was someone else in his bed.” He said and you nodded. 

“And that’s okay because he loves her.” You said and he nodded. “You should only sleep in a bed with someone you love. Okay?” You asked. Of course you were going to teach Toby how to protect himself so he doesn’t end up with a child at a young age like you and Luke did. 

“Okay.” He nodded, both of you standing. “Did you love Daddy? Is that why you slept in the same bed?” He questioned. 

“I did, yeah.” You laughed a little. You walked in silence for the rest of the way. Your flight was early tomorrow morning so being able to spend a little time in paradise with Toby was great. “Grandma would be so jealous of us right now.” You said. 

“How come we didn’t spend today with Daddy? Isn’t he here?” You sighed. It was going to be really hard to explain to Toby what was going on with you and Luke. 

“He is here, yeah but he came here to get away from us. He’s spending time with his friends. You can spend time with him when he get’s back okay?” 

“Sure.” Toby was getting older and although he was young, he noticed everything. He knew that something was wrong even without you saying anything was wrong. 

Once you got back home, as in Australia, you sent Toby to your parents house while you went back to the house that you shared with Luke. You packed your’s and Toby’s things, grabbing other things that you were and packing it away into your car. You smashed a few picture frames before grabbing the dog and heading back to your parents house. They had plenty of room for you and Toby until you found somewhere else to go. 

“He’s really cheating on you?” 

“Yeah.” You shrugged as you unpacked everything into your old room. “He just doesn’t love me anymore.” You commented. 

“He said that.” 

“Yeah.” You said trying to hold back tears. You had been friends with Luke for years and then you started dating, two years later you were pregnant, and now two years after that, you’re just over. “He said it.” You commented as the tears fell from your eyes. 

“Oh, Y/n.” Your mom said as she wrapped you in her arms. “I’m so sorry.” It wouldn’t have been that bad but you had Toby to worry about, Toby who looked exactly like Luke. 

“Me too.” You said sniffling. Once you got everything put away you decided to rest. You also let Luke know that you were no longer living in the house and he could do whatever he wanted with it. 

“Y/n?” You heard you friend ask. “Hey.” She gave you a small smile before laying next to you on the bed. “How are you holding up?” She questioned and you shrugged. 

“It’s never going to get easier.” 

“After he’s 18 it will.” She said laughing a little. 

“Yeah, I guess. We have 18 years to wait.” 

“No, you only have 16.” She said and you looked at her. 

“No. I’m pregnant.” 

Let me know if you want part 4.

So….I know Quintis is kinda not in a good place right now, but do we really have to rule out the possibility of Toby running down the beach, crying hysterically, scooping a soaking wet Happy up in arms and holding her tight, running his hands down her arms because she’s there and she was so close to drowning in the submarine but she’s alive and Happy being shocked at how emotional he is and how much he loves her and AHHHHHH

These 2 are going to kill me.