toby avery

I want a show about what happens to one-off companions after the Doctor leaves them

Henry and Toby Avery having wacky adventures in their spaceship
Alfie Owens (and any siblings/friends) having a “Sarah Jane Adventures” kind of thing
Jenny. I just want more of her, I loved her.
Artie and Angie Maitland obsessively trying to figure out time travel
An explanation of why Twelve was in Pompeii that time
Liz 10 dismantling all the Winders and just rebuilding Starship UK
Canton Delaware and his boyfriend going on a USA-wide alien hunt
Nancy and Jamie (from Empty Child) working with Torchwood or UNIT
Oh and we forgot about Adam

Spencer's twin (Avery) pushed Toby's mom off the roof...

…and Bethany Young was blamed for it. Bethany Young was basically the scapegoat. Cece lied to the girls and said Bethany pushed Marion Cavanaugh off the roof in order to cover for her sister, Avery. This is why Bethany Young is dead, to keep her quiet. It would also explain a lot of her drawings and why she had so much hate. She was wrongfully accused and paid the price. Poor girl. I think Avery talked to Toby’s mom on occasion beforehand because remember that doctor telling Toby to tell his mom to “stay away from that blonde girl.” And I think Avery is Spencer’s blonde twin.


team ‘GET DUNKED ON’ is at it again lol

@railroad-blues ‘s Avery, @biggreenfeet ‘s Preacher, @megan-mayhem ‘s Cashmere, Cory, and Toby all being a huge pain in Mercy’s ass, as per ancient Hawaiian family tradition ;D

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