toby and the monsters

Monster Kid: Just call him Picasso! [Long Gif]

We need to nurture his love for creativity so he can bloom into the wonderful artist he’s already set out to become! >:3

Also! I managed to break out of me creative slump with this! :D! I’ve got so many new ideas now! >Uiwuehrwebgskjdng<

Expect to see more soon! (I hope this long gif does not break on me >.>; )

Tobi, a real sweetheart of an eyesore/chimera who has great jokes and even better fashion sense - neon floral print lederhosen have never looked so stylish! Throws a mean tea party and laughs like a bike horn. Definitely a dude you want on your squad.

I highly recommend reaching back into your childhood and pulling out what gems you find there!


I literally spent like, nine thousand years on this (actually it was about 14 ½ hours.) It was fun (torturous) but glad it’s finished.  C=

//please don’t ask me to describe what’s going on, idek, a r t probs//



the Undertale AU where everyone is a dog, except the dogs, like toby, now he’s annoying toby xD!

Made by @mew-mew-kissie-cutie, @glaciermaniac and of course me!

It all started because mewmew wanted a pug called sans, and then hell broke loose!

Man not another undertale Au, I can even barely keep with two, and I myself feel in the trap by making another one xD!

JJ: I felt really terrible that you got me these lovely gloves and I didn’t get you anything. Now, I haven’t really got the time to buy you anything, but here goes.
Tobi: [reading] This coupon entitles you to one free tickle monster attack.
JJ: Yeah, they’re JJ coupons! Or Olajidepons, and they’re all different. Cash that one in and I will bring you a stick of gum.
JJ [lovingly]: Any time, any place. I’ll find you.