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ive been thinking about this for a while, and this is sort of a question about your opinion on classic undertale and about this au, and the question is in fight why do you think we only have up to 3 options when it comes to act? thats not including check. also in caretaker, is it the same? i ask about what its like in caretaker because i dont remember seing any fights in the comic so far, or at least any long ones

This limit of 3 ACTs is not always the case.

In any case, this is the limitation of Undertale being a video game. For every ACT, Toby would need to add unique flavor text and appropriate reactions from the monsters. The game allows a limit of 6 choices in the menu (including Check), but Toby probably didn’t have enough ideas to fill out the menu for each monster.

Caretaker is a comic so limitations such as this would not exist. There is no choice or selection by a “player” after all. That said, we did make a subtle callback to the menu option when Frisk is cornered by Chara on pages 26-27. Frisk makes several attempts to stop Chara: Threaten, Attack, Talk, and Flee.

Monster Kid: Just call him Picasso! [Long Gif]

We need to nurture his love for creativity so he can bloom into the wonderful artist he’s already set out to become! >:3

Also! I managed to break out of me creative slump with this! :D! I’ve got so many new ideas now! >Uiwuehrwebgskjdng<

Expect to see more soon! (I hope this long gif does not break on me >.>; )


Comrades! Wich one is your fave new monster of MH:World so far?

Paolumu - Legiana - Nergigante - Tobi-Kadachi - Pukei-Pukei -
Zorah Magdaros - Tzitzi-Ya-Ku - Jyuratodus - Anjanath - Kulu-Ya-Ku - Great Jagras.

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A brief look at Tobi-Kadachi.

It’s nice to hear some Ed Edd and Eddy/Poison Headcrab zombie sfx put to good use.

Inktober #7 - Tobikadachi

Shy poor thing, I saw him in the new monster hunter world trailer and fell in love with this silver snakey-looking monster! Hope you like my quick inktober drawing of him :3