toby and the monsters

Monster Kid: Just call him Picasso! [Long Gif]

We need to nurture his love for creativity so he can bloom into the wonderful artist he’s already set out to become! >:3

Also! I managed to break out of me creative slump with this! :D! I’ve got so many new ideas now! >Uiwuehrwebgskjdng<

Expect to see more soon! (I hope this long gif does not break on me >.>; )


#1: Jeff’s mouth eventually will scar over, and his skin has started to shed the white dead skin. This has resulted in him starting to look much more human. His hair also grows very slowly, but eventually there is enough brown showing that he has to steal some girls black hair dye to hide his humanity. He has never reached a point where he’s rebleached his skin, but there are days when he will stumble into the kitchen with a fresh smile, each one more jagged than the last due to the difficulty of cutting through scar tissue.

#2: After being locked away for 13 years, LJ can’t sleep without a light. He has to be able to see his entire room, and he sleeps curled into a fetal position with pillows and blankets surrounding him. He has the smallest room, and many people think he would have the biggest, but it’s quite the opposite. His room is the smallest and the most filled. He keeps it this way because the box he was trapped in was a literal empty nothing. He needs material objects around him to feel okay. One night, the lights went out, and he screamed so loud it woke up Toby, the heaviest sleeper in the house.

#3: Toby is the heaviest sleeper in the entire house. This is an adaption he has because of the constant fighting between his parents. His slumber is so deep that the boys have litterally picked him out of bed, carried him downstairs, threw him in the lake down the road, then had to dive in after him when he was such a dead weight he started to sink. He woke up finally hours later, still soaked and freezing.

#4: Jeff is the lightest sleeper in the house. He barely sleeps. Its mostly because when he does manage to slip into a creepy open eyed sleeping state, he hears Liu screaming. No one knows it, but his catchphrase is Go To Sleep because his mother would always say it to him and his brother before bed. It became a joke. A comfort. He tries to make people feel comfort before they die. And no one knows because, just like his hair, he tries to hide everything that gives him humanity. After all, he doesn’t look in the mirror and see a human. He sees a monster.

#5: Toby self harms. His arms are covered in scars, cuts, burns, gashes, every imaginable pain, inflicted upon himself. He does it not to feel pain, obviously, but to see his blood. At times, he will think to himself that the blood he’s sacrificing will somehow make up for the blood he’s spilled from others. He gets very upset that he can’t feel pain, and will burn himself, trying to imagine how the pain feels. This is why by the time he’s 25, he wears bandages along his arms. Theyre never fully closed.

#6: Sally has nightmares. Terrible horrible nightmares. She never talks about them, and as she gets older, no one asks. She wakes up screaming and Slender will sit with her, holding her hand, all night. It hurts everyone in the house. They all feel like protective older brothers to her. It especially hurts BEN. She’s his best friend, and practically his twin sister. They’re the same age, and look like fraternal twins. He feels personally responsible for not being able to help her let go of her fears, or at least get her to the point where she doesn’t wake up because of them.

#7: BEN isn’t terrified of water anymore, but he’s still scared to death of ponds and lakes and oceans. Not moving water, the boys will often times play in the creek behind the house. No, he’s terrified of the deep deadly dark bodies of water that could be holding dead bodies beneath it’s surface. But when Toby didn’t surface after they threw him in, BEN was the first one to jump in. He didn’t talk for three weeks afterwards, and barely ate. The boys would take turns coaxing him into interactions, but he was visibly shaken until Toby hugged him, teary eyed, and said if it weren’t for his bravery, his amazingly brave actions in over coming his biggest fear, that Toby would be dead, and that Toby was eternally grateful. Toby then told him he would run into hundreds of burning buildings to save BEN. BEN said that wouldn’t be necessary.

#8: Slender has become a sort of father to everyone, and his three brothers have become Uncles. A family of psychotic killers. Imagine that.

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Patch 2.0.0 Preview

• Introducing Echoes! Echoes are alternate universes (that exist outside of UNDERFELL’s storyline, meaning they have no impact on UNDERFELL’s original story) you can travel to with the help of Ink!Sans’ Doodle Sphere. You will be visiting the world of Underswap as your first Echo. Echoes are expected to last 10-30 minutes of gameplay time each. Please read our What is UNDERFELL? page for more information:

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• Introducing the character reputation system! Much like a certain Bethesda game we all know and love, companions traveling with you will like or dislike your actions and react accordingly to your choices.

• You’ll be able to unlock your first vehicle, which allows you to travel around faster.

• We’re attempting to implement pixel-based movement!

• We’re attempting to add a New Game+ feature, where you can restart your game and keep your upgrades from world quests.

• We’re adding plenty of unnamed visual improvements.

• Extended demo! You’ll be able to do more in the world of UNDERFELL.

• Toriel’s voice has been replaced. Originally, Toriel’s voice actor was a quick choice and not what we had intended for her to sound like, this has finally been remedied.

• Frisk’s voice has been removed. This is not due to any sort of implicated gender, this is because it will help you connect with the character better and greatly reduce the game’s size.

• We’ve reduced many room’s sizes.

• We’re attempting to add expressive character busts for dialog. This may or may not make it in the initial update, we’ll see.

We’ve added additional rooms, you can finally make a mess of the monster candy bowl!