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Intriguing Don Quixote detail

Excuse the distraction from Star Wars, but I saw this and couldn’t resist sharing. The new detail is drawn from a Spanish-language article on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, which is the new Terry Gilliam film starring Adam Driver. Courtesy of Deadline, the plot of the film is as follows:

The story follows a deluded old man (Jonathan Pryce) who is convinced he is Don Quixote, and who mistakes Toby (Adam Driver), an advertising executive, for his trusty squire, Sancho Panza. The pair embark on a bizarre journey, jumping back and forth in time between the 21st and 17th century. Gradually, Toby becomes consumed by the illusory world and unable to determine his dreams from reality. The tale culminates in a phantasmagorical and emotional finale.

But what really got my attention was this part of the EFE article:

The scene they filmed during the journalists’ visit is a transition sequence in which Toby meets with Jacqui (Olga Kurylenko), the wife of his boss, during a costume party, in a “medieval daydream”.

I can’t tell you how excited I am by the prospect of Adam Driver being involved in a fantastical costume ball that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Gimme those Labyrinth ballroom scene feels.

While I wouldn’t say I’m as hyped for this as I am for The Last Jedi (that would be dangerous!), I eagerly anticipate it - I love Gilliam as a filmmaker and have been waiting for a long time for him to realise this project. Adam Driver is just the cherry on top.

I get so annoyed with LazyVlog comments.

Only the vlogs with Olga in them, because then the comments only consist of 3 things:
1. Wondering if Toby and Olga are dating (because it totally isn’t obvious AT ALL).
2. People hating on Olga.
3. People comparing Olga with Justine.

That last one pisses me off the absolute most. IT HAS BEEN OVER 8 MONTHS SINCE THEY BROKE UP. Why are you still living in the past?! Leave poor Justine out of things that don’t even concern her.

All that it really comes down to is if they are happy….and it seems like they are. So accept it and move on.

{So many rants tonight. Sorry guys, I just had to get that one out.}