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Hiii there, same question previously asked; different characters: Headcanons for the SNS trio (Phichit, Leo and Guang Hong) and where and how they'd spend Christmas (and New Years') with their s/o? Thank you so much and have a nice day! :D


  • in Thailand, Christmas isn’t an official holiday, but Phichit likes to take his s/o around to see some of the decorations that may be set up around town
  • there are still parties and events, though, and Phichit drags his s/o to a few of them~
  • he buys them Santa hats, so they can match with everyone else wearing them (even the animals and statues)
  • The traditional Thai New Year’s is on April 13th, called Songkran, but the 1st of January is also celebrated as the New Year. Phichit and his s/o go to countdown events and to temple with his family


  • invites his s/o to his family’s large Christmas party, where there’s a huge feast and gift-giving
  • they go out Christmas caroling and look at all of the neighbor’s lawn decorations (some of them are really elaborate. it’s super fun looking at all the lights on the houses)
  • Leo and his s/o stay home for the New Years and stay up to watch the Ball Drop on t.v. 
  • On January 6th, for Three Kings Day, they eat Roscas des Reyes. his s/o finds the little baby Jesus~


  • Christmas isn’t really that big of a holiday in China, and usually only big cities practice any Christmas traditions. He doesn’t really celebrate it himself, but he’ll do it if his s/o wants to
  • buys a mini plastic tree that the two of them decorate with paper chains, flowers, and small lanterns
  • gives his s/o apples wrapped in colorful paper on Christmas Eve
  • he really likes Chinese New Years. he’ll put red decor all around his home and cleans with his s/o for the Spring Festival
  • on Spring Festival Eve, they play with firecrackers and give each other luck money
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1. should-i-even-url asked: How do you come up with all of the texts like I can’t make a hyena laugh

Most of the asks have enough creativity in themselves and I just build on it really. And everyone’s funny! You just need the right group of adorkable countries to play with

2. switchedatdeath asked: Who’s your favorite Nordic?

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