tobsheath replied to your post: 1. andy 2. hope 3. no idea 4. andrej 5. dark brown 6. u don’t even have a car for what i know 7. u work at something photoshop related 8. dunno 9. no 10. no 11. no 12. no 13. no 14. writing 15. i knew about an industrial 16. any sting songs 17. shy 18. u follow rules but u r always judging 19. teal 20. me 21. u can almost draw perfect circles 22. A CAT 23. white 24. got no time to remember this type of stuff 25. something to write on and to write with and a laptop

u know nothing about me so whatevs

i know ur first name is mauricio and your middle name is taco and you’re some fucked up irish mexicano no speakie americano and you have a sister and you used to have a bunch of piercings like bill but ur dignified and took them out and you have an a7x tattoo so i’m expecting u like p much any of their songs and also britney and u seem to like black so idk and you have the talent of being a bitch