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FF15 | Halloween Headcanons

I know we have a bit (okay a lot) before Halloween and all but where I work all that stuff is out already and I’m totally ready for it!. I love Halloween. So I am doing headcanons for costumes and their favorite candies!

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Noctis: Noctis wants to dress up as a vampire lord but he’s quite too tired to put all the effort into it. (Ignis told him he’s on his own for this.) So he opts for something Prompto had joked about. Noctis goes as The Dude from Big Lebowski, he forgoes the wig and just ruffles up his hair and wears a pair of Gladiolus’ sunglasses. He’s comfy, in costume and he can go to bed in it a win-win for the sleepy prince. Noctis favorite candies Reese Peanut Butter Cup and Hersey Kisses.

Prompto: Classic Nerd costume would be something Prompto would choose because sure he’s nerdy but he’s more punk than nerd. He would make sure it is all kitsch nerd things like pocket protector, broken glasses (he has a pair of real ones that way) pants that are too short and slick his hair back and make it look a bit greasy. He would be even tempted to do fake braces for the day. Prompto’s favorite candies are Twix Bars and Dots.

Gladiolus: He would dress up as Super Saiyan Goku. (He would definitely have Noctis style his hair for him.) Of course Gladiolus would be shouting out “Kamehameha!!! Kamehameha!!!” a lot of the time because he can. Payday and Snickers are his favorite candies to get, he’ll trade all of his candies for them. 

Ignis: He would dress up as Alton Brown, Ignis likes to be a bit unique for his costumes having people often asking him who he’s suppose to be. “Why I’m a famous chef on t.v who does crazy experiments as well.” It’s also something that can be re-used for normal everyday wear. (I’m just like Ignis for this…)  His favorite candies would be Twizzlers and M&Ms.

Ravus: His is paired with Lunafreya as sibling costume. Ravus would dress up as a Devil (think of Azazel from Rage of Bahamut style) to pair with his younger sister.  He will carry a Trident though the thing is it’s a real one he took it from Lunafreya. Ravus’ favorite candies are Smarties and Skittles.

Nyx: Jack Skellington instead of a mask he wears face paint to seal the outfit. Nyx can sing all the songs that Jack is in and in perfect pitch. He’s even known to pretend to be just a skeleton to startle people in haunted houses. Nyx is a big fan of Three Musketeers and Sour Patch Kids for candies.

Lunafreya: To pair with Ravus Lunafreya dress up as a Angel. It would be long and flowy looking with wings and a halo. (Aranea picks on her saying she should have gone with a sexy angel outfit instead) Her favorite candies is literally the ones that no one wants to eat, she’s not picky.

Aranea: Sexy witch including corset, pointy hat and the lance is decorated like a broom. (she’ll never part with her lance) Her outfit isn’t very functional but it does look good on her and she generally wins the contests. Her favorite candies are Toblerone and Crunch bars.

Iris: Iris dresses up as a zombie and her make up for it is on point every time. It looks like a professional did it with high grade make ups, she swears she just did it with cheap stuff in five minutes. Younger kids get scared of her costume and tend to cry so she does something to make them laugh to make it better. Iris prefer scaring the older kids not the little tykes. Iris loves the popcorn balls and candy corn. (but not the pumpkin shaped ones)

Ardyn: Ardyn would dress up like Oscar the Grouch in his trash can, he heard some random joke flying around the Empire about him being some sort of trashy man. He decided they were to call him trash he would become trash. He would put away the beloved hat to use the lid of the trash can for a hat. Ardyn’s favorite candies are lollipops and candied apples.

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Im literally hating myself because tomorrow ive got a final and couldnt study in the whole week. Im fucking done with adhd. Right now my stomach is a mess because im so frustrated and im not going to pass this exam and cant stop crying. This thing is killing me :c

I have had this happen to me. You are not alone. Please know that.

Take a breath, a deep one. In and out, slowly.

Now, what is the worst thing that will happen if you fail this exam, and what is the lowest grade you need  in order to pass the course?

Keep breathing.

Do your best. I lost all affinity for test anxiety once I adopted the attitude that if I didn’t know it by the time I went to bed the night before, I wasn’t going to magically learn it by cramming or anything, and that’s just the way it was. I still did my best, and yeah I didn’t always pass the exams. But I wasn’t stressed out. (Except that one time, in music history class, when I knew I was going to fail as soon as the first listening part started because I had studied really hard and I still couldn’t do the listening stuff. I cried during that exam.)

Put down your books. Take a nice relaxing bath or shower. Read your favourite book, watch your favourite movie. Eat a chocolate chip cookie. Drink some tea or hot chocolate. Eat a Toblerone bar. Do comfort things and relax. Stressing won’t help your memory either.

In the morning, skim your notes and/or the textbook (depending on how long you’ve got before the exam), and then relax. Go write the exam. If you don’t know a question right away, skip it and move on to the next one. After you’ve answered all the ones you’re sure of, do the ones you think you know but aren’t totally sure about. And then start guessing at the ones you have no idea for. Remember that trying is better than nothing.

You can do this. You will get through this. Yeah, it might not be pretty. But you will survive.

Come back here after you’re done the exam and tell us how it went. I’ll be waiting for your message.

Peace and Blessings.



I did the world a favor….i think…

I just did what their treats would be.


Craig- Boba/Bubble Milk Tea

Damien- Peeps (Marshmellow birds)

Mary- Grapes/Wine

Joseph- Jawbreaker

Mat- Caramel Frappuccino

Hugo- Caramel Apple

Robert- Milky Way Bar

Brian- Candy Corn


River- Gummies (gummi worms, bears, ect.)

Hazel/Briar- Twix

Lucien- Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Chris- Jawbreaker

Christian- Mike and Ike

Christie- Mike and Ike

Crish- Jawbreaker

Carmensita- Bubble Gum

Ernest- Rocky Road Ice Cream

Val-  KitKats

Daisy- Runts Fruit Hard Candy

Amanda- Chocolate Chip Cookies


Alex- Milk Duds

Quinn- Pixy Stix

Pablo - Rock Candy

Cultseph- Black Licorice

Betsy - Strawberry Cheesecake

Maxwell - Candy Corn

Duchess - Toblerone Bar

(Please dont ask how long this took,,,)

Christmas shopping (Draco x reader)

Description: Hufflepuff reader and Draco go Christmas shopping and Draco wants to buy all the Granny Smith apples at the supermarket. Idea by Ruby9017

Taken from my wattpad: cutesneeze

Genre: ?


“Keep up Draco!“I say as my sleepy boyfriend walks behind me. Slytherin scarf wrapped tightly around his neck as we walk through the muggle store car park. I think layer of snow on the ground that is quickly turning to slush.

”(Y/n), what are we even here to get?“he grumbles, catching up with me and sliding his hand into mine.

” A turkey, pigs in blankets and some potatoes.“I say firmly as I grab a trolley and enter the shop. "Oh and maybe a present for my little brother."I add, he likes chocolate.

"Why are the shops so light and huge and full of people?"Draco asks and I almost roll my eyes.

"Well because people want to be able to see what they are buying and they are just more large scale compared to wizarding shops.” I reply as we begin to walk through the sweet aisle.


“Can you hold this for me please?"I ask Draco, handing him my Hufflepuff scarf which was getting in the way as I jumped up and down to reach something on the top shelf. I can’t reach it so I mumble a quiet spell when no one is watching.

"We need to go get the potatoes now,"I say after I fling the big bar of toblerone into the trolley.

"Lead the way,"Draco says, looping his arm round mine and we both push the trolley with our other hand. I laugh as we walking into shelves.

When we reach the fruit and veg aisle I hear Draco gasp before he wanders away from my side. I turn to see him hovering over a crate of green apples.

I walk over to him and he turns to face me.

"Look at how green they are!"he gasps and I roll my eyes.

"They’re Granny Smiths, they’re meant to be green,”

“(y/n), I want want twenty!”

“Draco, you can’t just buy twenty Granny Smith apples!"I say in disbelief.

"What? Why not?”

“It’s frowned upon in  the muggle world to buy twenty Granny Smith apples!"I tell him and he looks so distressed by this and I sigh. "Get five, but that’s it.”

His face lights up and I giggle, he looks like a kid when their mum says they can get a toy from the toy shop.

“They’re so beautiful,” I hear him mumble

“I hope I’ve not been replaced by some apples."I say jokingly and he chuckles awkwardly and shuffles away from me slightly.

I gasp and hit his arm jokingly and he grins before pulling me into a side hug and laughing with me.

"No apple could replace you."he laughs and kisses my forehead. I grab one of the greenest one and holding it up to him.

"Not even this one?"I say sarcastically and he looks at it as if pondering over my question before his lips twitch into a smile again and I shake my head at him.

"Come on, lets just get the shopping finished."I laugh and he drapes an arm over my shoulder as we walk through the rest of the shop. Draco beaming like a child, holding his apples with pride.

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Okay but like did toblerone do anything for our baby on his birthday

Idk. I hoe so. I hope when he gets home his condo is just ~full of toblerone bars of varying size.

Ship Meme: Deadpool

Because I’m leaving for camp tomorrow and I’ll be gone for a week, here’s something to hold you over till I get back becuase I Still don’t know how queues work dammit. Just a warning: this is the first one, so it might suck, I don’t know. I hope you like it anyway!

Gives nose/forehead kisses:

You do, like all the flipping time and it always surprises him so much, he’s just like ‘what why?” and (if he’s not wearing his mask) he gets this goofy lil grin that won’t go away for hours.

Gets jealous the most

I’m going to say this just once: Wade Wilson is always jealous. You’ve managed to talk him down to a point where he’s only allowed to hit the bad guys that hit on you, not random innocent civilians.

Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

You’d think he’d be the drunk one, but his metabolism/healing factor make it nearly impossible for him to actually get drunk. He still comes drinking with you though – kind of a win-win situation as he can drink as much as he likes and still be the designated driver.

Takes care of on sick days

Wade doesn’t get sick, either – not regular-sick – but he does have massive amounts of pain from his cancer that flare up sometimes, and you’re always there to make it better in any way you can.

Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

Neither of you really – you’re both having too much fun building sand castles and burying each other in the sand.

Gives unprompted massages

Both of you – sometimes he’ll just get in so much pain and painkillers don’t work on him, so you just rub his back without being asked – but sometimes you’ll get like a spasm or something in your neck. He’s surprisingly gentle for an assassin/mercenary.

Drives/rides shotgun

Wade loves driving, so you’re usually shotgun if it’s a long trip. But if it’s just a quick around-town sort of thing, you’re happy to drop him off to go fight ninjas.

Brings the other lunch at work

He can’t cook to save his life, so if you’re at home, you’re the one making the food. But he will sometimes bring you McDonald’s and such if you forget to pack a lunch.

Has the better parental relationship

I’m going to say you, because his mother died of cancer when he was little and his father was a repulsive, abusive, awful man.

Tries to start role-playing in bed

Are you kidding me? Wade. Wade does, absolutely. This is His Thing – hell, don’t be surprised if he shows up one night in a maid costume.

Embarrassingly drunk dancer

Unfortunately it’s you – because who really dances well when they’re smashed? Fortunately Wade thinks it’s adorable and if it gets too embarrassing, he’ll distract you – which isn’t too difficult in that state.

Still cries watching Titanic

Lmao both of you are sobbing like babies on the couch but it usually turns into a make-out session, so that’s a plus. And actually it’s not the tragic love story that makes you cry – it’s the people who got left behind on the lower levels.

Firmly believes in couples costumes

Dude. He’s Deadpool, so of course he’s going to insist you go as Spiderman for Halloween. The internet shippers go wild when they find the pictures. Actual Spiderman shows up kinda pissed-off at your door and is invited in for salsa and chips.

Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

Neither of you break the 'expensive’ rule, per se, but there was one Christmas that money was so bad you both decided no presents. You got him a Toblerone bar anyway, and he 'bought’ you a watch.

Makes the other eat breakfast

You do – especially if he’s going out and has some kind of mission thing to do – you’ll make him come back inside and 'eat something, dammit I don’t care if you have a healing factor you still need food.”

Remembers anniversaries

You do, because he’s far to chaotic to remember things like dates and times. If you asked a normal person what day it was, they’d probably say “It’s (Month/day/year.) If you ask Wade: “I think it’s July.”

Brings up having kids

Wade does, but only to mention that he’d be a terrible father and would be afraid to have children.

I finally had a toblerone chocolate bar and I have to say I can understand why shawn tweeted about them before he even bothered to announce album sales milestones because damn

who is this mentalist with sausages written across her forehead that is right it is the most outrageous pop singer in town and her name is called lady gaga. i like lady gaga because she can scream most of the notes in a familiar order and she is really good at doing gymnastics and when i saw her on my television 4 days ago i couldnt actually believe my eyes because she had written sausages right across the middle of her forehead and before she went on to the stage everyone was saying to her lady gaga you cant go on television with sausages written across your forehead and she said oh yeah well we will see about that and she did a massive laugh that sounded like someone slapping a giant bar of toblerone off a wooden fence and then she screamed i am lady gaga i am outrageous i can do whatever the hell i want to do and then she got a red felt tip pen out of her sons pencil case and she wrote sausages on her forehead and everyone was saying oh god shes actually done it and then she went on to the stage and no one in the audience could believe what they was seeing and everyone was just putting their hands over their mouths and shaking their heads and saying oh my god oh my god does she have sausages written across her forehead and lady gaga just stood there on the stage smirking and pointing to her forehead for about a minute and then she screamed into the microphone am i outrageous or what and everyone just sat there in silence and then she took a 10 pound note out of her shoe and without saying a single word she put it inside of her mouth and she swallowed it whole and a man tried to tell her to stop because she was offending too many people but she said that if people was offended by that then they wont like what she has got planned next and without any warning she put a ice cube inside of her mouth and she let it completely melt and then she spat it out onto a cushion and before everyones gasps had even finished she was gone and no one has seen her since but there is rumours going about that she has been seen at the back of the old woolworths in town collecting old take a break magazines to make a pair of trousers and i think that if she doesnt calm down soon and stop being so outrageous then she might end up being found dead one day or even worse she might not be allowed to be a pop singer anymore and she will have to work in somewhere like morrisons and that would be really sad. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox