Normal Horoscope:

Aries: A lesser demon of flies is sifting through your garbage, his name is Cody.

Taurus: Keep your dreams safe and cover the ground around your bed with bear traps.

Gemini: Curl up and watch your favorite television show, make some tea,

Cancer: Find peace in hurling thousands of bouncy balls down the steps of a bank stairwell.

Leo: Not a good day to go outside, says the stars, a good day to construct a pillow fort.

Virgo: The church near your home is ringing the bells around 20 minutes late, something is wrong, bring silver.

Libra: Assist your community and construct an antifascist militia.  

Scorpio: Find job opportunities and companionship, join a harem!

 Sagittarius: Pronounce Toblerone so it rhymes with Berlusconi.

Capricorn: The carousel knows how you lied, yet it cannot move.

Aquarius: Barricade your local library, start your new uninterrupted learning.

Pisces: Kind things emerge from the earth, they reclaim this grey false world.

I Hate You|Jaehyun Scenario

Genre: Smut-ish, fluff.
Word Count: 850

This is pretty much based on my dream 2-3 days ago lmao… he isn’t even my bias but I dream about him often. I hope y’all like this ♥
Admin Ayu~

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Even a day ago you hated your tutor, Jung Jaehyun, with passion. But at that very moment, you were straddling him and chasing his lips as he teased you with a proud smirk on his face.

   Your history tutor, one you didn’t need, was the one you hated the most. You both shared a very intense relation of exchanging livid gazes and comebacks. He thought of you as a cantankerous 18-year-old, and all you could make out of his persona was a proud and ignorant 19-year-old. Both of you were very aware of the fact that you both hated each other. And you somehow suddenly felt bad that you hadn’t gotten along with him like your best friend, who had had him as a tutor prior to your needs.

   “If you really feel bad about having hurt a tutor as nice as eloquent as him, it’s his 20th birthday this Friday; you could give him a toblerone. He loves toblerone!”

   Your single ass had forgotten that that Friday was the day lovers united with more emotion and grandeur up their sleeves to quench their thirst and make the 14th day of February very worthwhile, as if the other days weren’t so. 

   You never really tried to make sense out of the Valentine’s Day. But then as you felt his hardened length against your clothed heat, his heartbeat against your palm, and opted to suck oh his Adam’s apple instead; the day just seemed very worthwhile to you for the first time in 18 years of your life.

   He let out a breathy chuckle as he tried his earnest best to not let his voice quiver. Your lips and the tip of your tongue slid down the side of his neck causing him to tighten his grip on your hip, “You seem pretty skilled, I must say.”

   You felt your neck heat up as you reflected upon how he complimented your inexperienced kisses, bites, and sucks. 

   You sucked your way up to his ear to harshly bite on his earlobe, a groan leaving his lips, “Just so you know,” you whispered, making sure your warm breath ran across his ear, “I hate you.”

   “I hate you, too.” he replied instantly, though his voice held no distaste toward you.

   Had he not assumed the toblerone was a Valentine’s present, you wouldn’t be making out with the hottest man you had ever laid eyes on. You were thankful, somewhat. You did hate him even then, but you couldn’t deny the fact that his hands meeting your raw skin drove your mind to a unique sense of euphoria. Oh, his hands were just on your skin and you had not the slightest courage to imagine how much his hand cupping your wet mound could effect you.

   ‘I’d rather not.’, you thought to yourself as you brought your face up from the crook of your neck to kiss him in the mouth, before he stopped you by gently placing his hand over your lips. You frowned at him, he had not been letting you kiss him for a while then, and one or two sloppy kisses you two had shared at the beginning of this very fascinating and heavenly makeout session didn’t really allow you to feel the total bliss your lips were craving for.

   “Take your tongue out.” his voice was husky and deep and low, so low that the junction between your legs almost squirted out more wetness. 

   You fluttered your eyes closed and hesitantly brought the wet appendage that had lapped against his even a while ago out, feeling it shudder witj embarrassment and subtle guilt.

   Jaehyun was good at everything, but he was excellent at sucking your tongue. Your throat produced moans and cries they had never done, and you had no clue that someone as restrained and vocally-inept as you during heated hours could make such lewd, explicit sounds.

   Jaehyun hummed as the tip of your tongue touched the back of his mouth, sucking you as if your tongue was coated with sugar and honey. Well, you did have honey milk tea earlier for your cold, thank God.

   You lightly patted on his chest to stop, and he did so. He was a gentleman who never pushed the buttons without a woman’s consent. 

   You slightly lifted your hip and your hands slowly approached his cock. He was staring at your face, taking all your features in as he audibly gulped. You didn’t want to keep him waiting anymore. You removed yourself completely and kneeled down before him. Unzipping his pants you prepared yourself, and prayed to God that Jaehyun also did so, for the best head you could ever give and he had ever received.

   “Ah-choo!” he sneezed for the umpteenth time as he tried to teach you the lesson he was supposed to the previous day, which was abruptly interrupted by your very intense makeout session. None of you were complaining though.

   “Poor Jaehyun…” you teased, a smirk making its way to your lips.

   “Just let me get well, we’re alone at my place 4 days a week anyway.”