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Grindelwald and Dumbledore actors

Gellert Grindelwald- Jamie Campbell Bower, Johnny Depp and Michael Byrne.

Albus Dumbledore- Toby Regbo, Jude Law and Richard Harris/Michael Gambon.

Dating SIMON would include;

- Simon always using a dumb or cheesey pick up line on you (even though you’re dating)

- always giggling at them anyway

- “babe you’re in the frame. move.”

- always being attached or clingy with each other

- being the cutest couple out of the group.

- looking up at him bc daMN IS HE TALL

- late night movie sessions

- either of you falling asleep during the movie

- terrible sleeping patterns

- the rest of the sidemen constantly having bants about Simon finally having a girlfriend 

- Simon being really shy and awkward around you for the first month or so

- Simon being tired and playing mindlessly with your hair

- “you look cute in your glasses Si.”

- always wearing his Sidemen merch (support ya know)

That moment you realize you’re in your twenties and still get the same feels about movie and TV couples/ships from when you were 13


You’ve been studying really hard, you’ve just been putting your head down, trying to get your O.W.L.s, or whatever they’re called - and you know, getting house points, and then Dumbledore just goes: “Oh! By the way… um, I’ve got some extra points to give out. Five million points for Gryffindor!” at the end. What’s that about? I’d be pissed off.

The Hair Dye: Part 1 (Simon Minter)


You decided that enough was enough 

You was sick of seeing your plain and boring dark brown hair in the mirror every morning It was time a for a change! 

But you wanted to keep it a surprise for your boyfriend 

Mr Simon Minter 

You knew that he loved your hair colour already because he would tell you as he ran his hand through your hair at night 

But everyone needed a change, once in a while 

So one day you decide to go out and buy the hair dye that was essentially going to change the way you look 

Even if it was only for a few weeks 

You decided that it would be good to get a semi-permanent hair dye as if you didn’t like what it looked like on you then it would just wash out 

So once we get to the shop, you go to the hair dye section and realisation hit you, that you hadn’t thought this through properly 

There was so many colours of hair dye that would do all different things to your hair 

There was so many brands, some you hadn’t even heard of In a state of panic, you get your phone out and do some quick research on “semi-permanent hair dye for dark brown hair" 

Which you are glad you did 

This research made you realise that not all hair dye would work on your dark hair 

As you was doing your research, you saw that there was two main companies that had hair dye that would defiantly dye your hair 

"Manic Panic” and “Directions" 

Hoping to find hair dye by any of those two brands, you looking up and down the shelves in hope to find some 

And luck was on your side because you come across a whole section of "Manic Panic" 

Which contained all the colours under the sun 

When you you was doing your research you discovered that Manic Panic did hair dye for people who don’t want to change their hair colours 

So you went for a hair dye in that section 

You pick up a pot of hair dye with the words "After Midnight Blue” on 

The pot was dark because of the colour and you decided to get two pots of that, as your hair was quite thick In your younger years, you had wanted to dye your hair purple but that never happened 

Once the hair dye was brought, you make your way back to the Sidemen house, where you actually spend most of your days 

If you wasn’t busy working that is 

It was a quiet day in the Sidemen house With Vikk probably having a nap, Harry, Tobi and Ethan probably at their own places and Josh, JJ and Simon doing whatever they usually do 

It was considerably quiet in the house 

You take your bag with the hair dye in, into the kitchen and take the pots out to read the instructions 

“Hey (Y/N)” you jump as you hear someone speak 

You turn around to see JJ walking into the Kitchen 

“Hey JJ, what are you doing?” You ask 

“Well I thought that I could get something to eat after doing some editing, what have you got there?” JJ asks 

At this point, JJ isn’t that far away from you so he moves closer to you and picked up the the pot of hair dye 

“After Midnight Blue hair dye?” He quizzes 

You nod 

“Why do you have this?” JJ asks with a raised eyebrow 

You stand up straight with a “are you serious?” Look on your face 

“Well JJ, I brought it because I thought I could paint Simon’s bedroom walls with it, why do you think I have hair dye?” You say ask you put your hand on your hair 

“Does Simon know about this?” He asks 

“No and it’s a surprise, so don’t tell him” you say 

“Alright (Y/N), I won’t tell him” JJ confirms 

“Thank you” you sigh with a smile on your face as it go back to reading the instructions on the pot 

“On one condition” JJ says 

You roll your eyes and groan 

“What?” You question 

“I won’t tell Simon, if you let me help you dye your hair” he says 

You knew letting JJ help you dye your hair would be a bit mistake 

You would probably want to shave all your hair off by the end of it But you do want to keep it a surprise for Simon 

“Alright fine, you can help me” you say handing him one of the pots of hair dye 

“COME ON LET’S GO AND DO IT!” JJ shouts as he drags you out of the kitchen and up to his bathroom 

When you get up there you prepare yourself for what’s about to come as you put the old t-shirt on that JJ has give your to wear, so you don’t get hair dye on your clothes

After brushing your hair out, you was sat on a chair in JJ’s bathroom with a towel around your shoulders 

JJ was also stood above you with a bowl of blue hair dye in his hands 

“Are you ready (Y/N)?” he asks as he gets some of the hair dye on the brush to put on your hair

“I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be” you say 

JJ starts to brush the hair dye into your hair with a wide smile on his face

This was clearly the first time he had every dyed your hair 

He was acting like a kid at christmas

It isn’t long before between you, you and JJ had managed to cover all your hair in dark blue hair dye

You put your hair in a shower cap to keep all the heat in

“Alright now to wait half an hour” I say with a smile as I sit on the edge of JJ’s bath with my phone in my hand 

Suddenly there is a knock on JJ’s bathroom door

“What?” he questions

“JJ, It’s Simon, you’ve been in there for ages, what the fuck are you doing?” the voice on the other side of the door 

You and JJ look at each other with wide eyes

“I’m just about to get in the shower” JJ says as he looks at me with a shrug

“Well hurry up because I want to record a video with you” Simon says through the door

“Alright, I’ll try and be quick” he tells Simon

“Whilst your in the shower, I’m going to ring (Y/N) and see If she wants to come over” You hear Simon say

As you hear Simon say that, you quickly turn the sound off on your phone because if you didn’t, Simon would probably hear it ringing

It isn’t long before your phone lights up with a phone call from Simon 

You knew that if you answered the phone then he could think something is up so you just let it ring

You hoped that Simon would think seeing your new hair colour is a nice surprise 


JJ’s phone starts to beep, signalling that half an hour was over and that it was time to wash the hair dye out 

“Right let’s get this hair dye washed out” you say as you stand up from the bath and turn around 

You flip your hair over so your dark blue hair was in the bath

JJ starts the flow of water through the shower head that was near the bath taps

He moves the shower head over your hair and you feel the warm stream of water go through your hair

You could see the colour of the water as it hit the bottom of the white bath and it happened to be blue

After a few moments so JJ washing your hair, you suddenly hear the door open

You quickly look up and see Josh stood in the door way

“Oh my god, what did I just walk into?” Josh questions as he looks at the event that is unfolding in front of him

“I’ve been dying (Y/N)’s hair!” JJ happily exclaims as he carries on running the water through your hair

You see Josh shake his head and laugh before he grabs whatever he needed

“Don’t tell Simon about this!” You tell Josh, who puts his hands up in defence

“Alright, alright, I won’t jesus christ, don’t kill me” Josh says with a chuckle before he walks out

You and JJ get all the hair dye washed about in about 20 minutes and you go to JJ’s room to dry your hair whilst JJ went to film a video with Simon to distract him

You dry your hair and brush it through to try and make it as straight as possible without using your hair straighteners because you didn’t have them

Your hair was like a turquoise colour rather than a dark blue which you thought it would be but you liked it being a turquoisey green colour

Once you was done, you put your hood up on the grey Sidemen zip-up hoodie that Simon gave me as it was his

It’s the same one that you see Josh wearing in his YouTube videos

Anyway, you walk out of JJ’s room and slowly walk over to Simon’s with thoughts running through your head

“What if Simon hates it?”

“What if I hate it after a while?”

“Have I made the right choice?”

With all of these thoughts running around your head, you get to Simon’s bedroom door and knock on it 

You wait for a moment before you hear a voice from the other side of the door

“Come in!” You hear a voice call out from behind the wooden door

You open the door to see JJ and Simon staring at you 

They both had smiles on their faces

Out the corner of your eye, you could see JJ giving you a small thumbs up as a good luck sign

You walk towards them with a smile on your face

“We was just recording a video” Simon says to you with a smile before he pulls you into a kiss when you get over to him

“Oh well I’ll go and sit on your bed until your done” You say with a smile before running your hand through your new blue hair 

Simon smiles at me before you go over to his bed, which you through yourself down on

Both JJ and Simon turn around back to Simon’s desk to carry on recording

“So guys, we are-” Simon cuts himself off and spins his chair around quickly towards me

“Have you dyed your hair?” he questions with a raised eyebrow

I look up at him from my phone 

“Yeah, what do you think?” you ask as you run my hand through your hair

“Come here” he says as he moves his chair away from his desk

You get off the bed and go over to him

Once you get over to him, he pulls you onto his lap 

Simon runs his hand through your blue hair, admiring it’s colour 

“It’s beautiful” He tells you as he looks into your eyes

“Just like you” You mumble 

Simon smiles at you before pulling you into a gentle kiss

“And with that I’m out” You hear JJ say

You and Simon pull away from the kiss but you don’t look away from each other

Every blue haired beauty needs a dish water blonde boyfriend

Family Feels

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