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It's sad the Naruto ending was just about ships and most people only talk about that but forget stuff like the Hyuuga slavery,Orochimaru,Uchiha massacre,Danzo's Root,using child soldiers,Nagato's village and so on.Like there's more to life than ships

A lot of people only focus on their ships instead of the actual plot and themes of a series. I don’t mind shipping, hell, I got a few Naruto ships, and others in other fandoms, but why only care about the romantic subplot? Especially that it’s not a shojo. There is much more interesting things than just this. I honestly find all of the elements you brought up, plus Akatsuki and the Warring States Era and the Founder Era, and basically EVERYTHING besides romance interesting and full of potential. The panels Kishi wasted on wanking Itachi/Naruto and the spin-offs that only focus on the brats just a waste. It could’ve been used to develop the world building. I want to see more of the Shinobi World, the point of view of civilians, how exactly Root function, the Daimyos and Feudal Lords being present and then, in the end, everyone working to change the shinobi system.

I’ll take NH as an example. I used to ship it, believing that with development (both the ship and Hinata), it could work out. I wanted to see Hinata grow and become a strong woman who will become co-leader with Neji and stop the slavery, while supporting Naruto who, with the help of Sasuke and his friends, will change the world. But the other shippers only cared about Naruto fucking Hinata and after the ending, I gave up on it. Shippers usually wear pink goggles and refuse to accept reality. They only care about their stupid OTP becoming canon and don’t give a damn about the plot nor the characters. Of course there is exceptions, but most are like that, as you can see. Another example is Tobirama. When I gave a look to his fanbase (I’m a fan but I refuse to have anything to do with his fanboys and fangirls), instead of heavy analysis of how complex and realistic his character is, I found stupid fur collar jokes, sass (he IS badass and sassy but why focus on just that?), fanboys getting whiny about his haters and generally completly overlook his flaws and even his qualities, only focusing on why the hell he wasn’t married and how innocent he is from all blame. I don’t like when people act like he’s the root f all evil, cause he’s not, he has his faults but he isn’t responsible of everything bad in the shinobi world, but completly whitewashing him? Saying he did nothing wrong? Exaggerating his paranoia over the Uchiha? Completly misunderstanding his personality? Hell, this is an insult to his character and I avoid his fans’ side as much as his haters’ side.

In short, I think people should stop getting so delusional and butthurt over their ships and focus more on the actual story, especially when the series ISN’T a romance. 

Okay so I ship MadaTobi and I love Obito so I made Obito son of two dads that are Madara and Tobirama to him
  • And those here are his adventures shortened to dialouges
  • Obito: *panting and sweaty runs up to his team* Sorry- that-that I was late- I over-overslept
  • Kakashi: you admit that you weren't helping grannies this time?
  • Obito: you don't know anything about me, for first you don't have couple of gay dads that fuck each other
  • Minato: ... I think I'll have a talk with Nidaime
  • Rin: ...need sleeping drugs?
  • Kakashi: ... well I used to
  • Obito: oh.
  • ~~
  • Somebody: *talks shit about family consisting of two males having kids*
  • Obito: *inhales* boy.
  • Kakashi: oh shit, here it comes.
  • Obito: BOY! *inhales more aggressively*
  • Rin: would you please shut up- *tries to shut the guy*
  • Hashirama: *in the distance* I bet the two of them would be proud
  • ~~
  • Obito: *in hospital with missing hand*
  • Team Minato: ...;-;
  • Obito: Why you're sulking? I can always get another 0v0
  • Rin: Hands- what am I saying- ARMS do not grow back!
  • Obito: ...oh... they don't?
  • *Month Later*
  • Obito: In YOUR FACE RIN! *waving both of his arms*
  • Minato: ... what have you fed that child with?
  • Tobirama: sass and salt.
  • Minato: no really
  • Tobirama: he doesn't need to eat.
  • Minato: ... what the hell did you made of that kid?
  • Tobirama: science.
  • ~~
  • Obito: *hearing shit about homosexuality being a sickness [and bisexuality/asexuality too]* *frowning like he doesn't understand shit* *doesn't understand shit* just shut the fuck up, who hurt you to have such issues with other human beings?
  • ~~
  • Obito: Go to hell *shows middle finger to homophobe* I have two dads! They rule Konoha!
  • Kakashi: that's why you don't have friends Obito
  • ~~
  • Obito: *reading fromm a card* in every family there's this one gay cousin, guess which one is it!
  • Nawaki: *points Obito*
  • Tsunade: *points Obito*
  • Obito: ...oh. Okay, how about you?
  • My nine cousins: *points at me*
  • Me: and I am proud
  • ~~
  • Obito: so... you're saying that we can't be friends nor play together because I have dads... that's fucking stupid. Go to heck.
  • ~~
  • Caretaker: your child, Obito, has anger issues. He has been throwing toys at other child, because they called him names
  • Madara: what did they say?
  • Caretaker: ...I suppose it was something with homsexuality
  • Madara: faggot?
  • Caretaker: ...yes.
  • Madara: and what was he supposed to do? Let them offend his sexuality?
  • Caretaker: ...such behavior is not tolerated here and if there is a conflict its solved by the caretakers like me
  • Tobirama: basically when kids fight the adult separates them
  • Madara: so you're saying that he shouldn't stand up to his pride?
  • Tobirama: that's how it works with civilians Madara
  • Madara: ...I don't get it.
  • Caretaker: *watching Tobirama explaining the aspects of being a civilian to Madara* I think I know where the problem is