Since there's a Pretty Setter Squad, there must also be a Petty Setter Squad.

Yes hello KuroKenKage fan is back with more!

My previous message  was written with something like the setting of training camps in mind: a situation where they all are in close proximity. Now it’s time for the long distance fluff:

Kuroo convinces Kage to get snapchat. He mostly receives blurry pictures of the streets and the gymnasium. He finds it oddly endearing.

“Kuroo why do you have a picture of pavement on your phone”

“Because /none of your business/”

Kageyama will only sent selfies on request- Kuroo finds he’s not particular self conscious about it, he just doesn’t find reason to do it unless prompted.

The flower crown filter is by far his fav- he uses it literally every single time, to the point Kuroo starts to wonder if he’s aware of the existence of the other filters. Not that he’s complaining; needless to say, he screenshots those too.

They just sent each other little details about their day, no matter how boring or insignificant it may seem, and as a result their streak is v impressive.

Kenma isn’t really a fan of snapchat, so Kuroo mostly sends pictures in his stead, though Kenma will send pics of cute animals he encounters-because he knows of their weakness for them- and usually the screen of his game when he beat a particularly difficult level.

Kuroo mostly sends pictures and vids of volleyball games on TV, often with commentary, and pictures of his team antics with just enough of himself visible that they can tell he’s pulling a face.

Their practice tends to end around the same time, so they always video call afterwards to ask each other about it- it mostly ends in complaints about the antics of their team. Kags used to stay on the phone with them when walking home, but one time he got so distracted he walked face first into a pole, and then they-once they stopped laughing- refused to talk to him again until he was home safe.

They also used to skype call each other right before bed just to say good night, but that stopped after they repeatedly ended up finding themselves still up and talking an hour later. Instead, they scheduled calls after dinner and homework- the first part of the call tends to end up with them helping Kageyama with the homework questions he didn’t understand. Kuroo attempts to tutor him through it, but Kenma starts listing all the answers when he gets bored.

They often skype call to watch volleyball matches on TV, or use to rewatch their favorite ones online.

Kageyama lowkey prefers to text instead because then he wouldn’t fumble over his words and pronunciation- spelling is a whole other matter, but Kuroo and Kenma are skilled enough at decoding for it not to be a problem. There’s also the fact that Kuroo and Kenma are usually on the same computer during skype calls, and seeing them together, usually all cuddled up, while he’s so far away doesn’t make him feel excluded, per se, but wistful nonetheless.

Kenma and Kuroo on the other hand prefer calls for a multitude of reasons, Kageyama’s smiles not the least of them. In selfies, Kageyama just keeps his neutral expression, and they figured out quickly in their friendship that he felt bad about his smile- mumbling something about ‘scary’ with shame coloring his cheeks red. How and who could have made him thought that was a mystery to them- Kageyama’s smiles were awkward at worst, and even those they found cute and endearing.

And then there’s the n i c k n a m e s

Oh my god. They prolly ended up with nicknames in their friendship- starting with Kenma claiming that ‘Kageyama’ is a mouth full and dubbing him 'Kage’ instead. Kuroo gleefully joins in with ‘Kage-chan’ almost immediately after.

Meanwhile, do you know how long it’ll take for Kageyama to stop addressing them formally? A Very Long Time, probably.

The first time he uses a more informal version he stutters so badly. his face an alarming shade that’s starting to resemble Tendou’s hair more and more with each syllable, so flustered but sincere that they can’t see it as anything but adorable.

(Kuroo: *grabs chest* be still my beating heart)

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