tobin heath heath

Uswnt teammates

*Ashlyn* What is this new word you speak of?!

*Tobin* Mal what does it mean? Ashlyn calm down! Don’t be mean to my son!

*Christen* Mal are you ill?

*Emily and Lindsey* Snickering in the corner

*Kelley* I don’t get it

*Kelley walks over to the three of them* what does it mean?

*Mal, Linds and Em tell her*

*Kelley* Hahah nice, let’s leave the oldies by themselves, let’s go

*The four of them walk away*

*Ash, Tobs and Chris* WTF?!?? WHAT DOES FYE MEAN?!???!??

*Carli walking past them* Calm down with that temper of yours, you will start a…

*Em, Mal, Linds and Kel burst into heavy laughter highfiving Carli*
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A chapter that gives you no information on Kelley’s state of invisibility. So…yeah.

I feel like the media totally forgot and skipped over how US Soccer treated Rapinoe and that bullshit anthem policy. US Soccer looks even more pathetic now tbh. They’ll happily sell Pride kits and push the narrative that they’re progressive while not giving a fuck about POC. Honestly (and I say this as a person who has been a fan of the USWNT since forever) we have such a long way to go within the program and the fanbase as a whole.

USWNT and the written game intelligence test

Christen: studies, makes the test grader cry tears of joy with her vivid description of corner kick strategies

Pinoe: “the test was heteronormative and therefore invalid”

Kling: spells her own name wrong on the test

Mal: cries from the stress, “this is the reason i skipped college”, her mom calls her three times during the test

Syd: test proctor watches her baby during the test

Tobin: prays before the test, unfortunately scores zero points for “feeling the game in her soul”

Carli: asks everyone what they got, still brags about her score years later, prepared by taking a ten mile jog on the beach while intensely flexing her writing hand

Dunn: writes a song to help her remember important stuff for the test, tries to hand in a music video for extra credit

KO: Organizes a study group and buys them all beer and hotdogs

Alex: fails, “I’m just a really bad test taker guys”

Allie: test grader marvels at her ability to get such a high score with such little understanding of the offside rule

Rose: has been barred from taking any tests until her hamstring heals

Ali and Ashlyn: don’t understand why they can’t take the test together, leave to get their hair done

Sonnett: copies off of Becky

Becky: gives Sonnett all the wrong answers

Mewis: *shrugs*