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“T-Tobiume? What is your intention here?” he was caught by surprise to see whom had brought on such physical touch. He expected behavior of the sort from Matsumoto fukutaichou but not from any other. Least of all Hinamori’s own Zanpakuto spirit.

A freindly Chat between two~|| Weapon and Master?

The brunette notice something was different today, like she was missing something. Either way, she was far to busy to thing about such things right now. Given the change, she would stop herself every once in awhile because her head started to hurt. Stepping outside of the Barracks she got this weird sense and looked  forward. In shocked, she stood in her steps, not moving one bit. Her brown eyes stared at the figure. “W-What?” She spoke softy to the other.“ W-What are you doing here?! You shouldn’t be here!”  She yelled as she look a step forward.“ T-Tobiume?”

Happy Hour~ // Tobiiume

Pacing through the halls of the 10th Division, the feline was starting to get bored of this place. Everyday it was the same thing, she sat there and watch Rangiku do paperwork, and get yelled at. It was mundane, the spirit was looking for something much more interesting to do. An idea popped into her head, a mischievous grin claimed her lips. Immediately she rushed to the 5th Division, Haineko wasn’t sure how she was going to get the other spirit to agree, but she would see this plan to the end. When she reached her destination, her feet tapped lightly against the wood floor as she made her way to the office. Pushing the door open, turquoise hues landed upon the other spirit, "Tobiume! I have a question to ask~“

tobiiume asked:

"You've been rather quiet lately, does your master not let you manifest anymore?" She snickered, it wasn't like her to do such a thing, but giving the fact that she has been bored, why not bother the same Zanpakuto that bothers her?

“Did ya miss me that much already lil’ girly?” He taunted, ignoring her mention of his wielder, that guy was the last thing he felt like talking about if he had to talk at all. Kazeshini would much rather focus on himself, he wasn’t used to being approached by others or having any idle chatter but he wouldn’t waste it on Hisagi.

tobiiume said: “smell good? you smell like something sprayed themselves all over you. smelling good is the last thing i’d think about you hoarding all the perfume haineko.”

“You’re just upset because I won’t share any of it with you~”

tobiiume asked:

"Hey Haineko, what have you been up to today?" Tobiume asked when she came close to the other Zanpakuto. She had decided to not say anything that would end up making them start bickering. She wanted to try to have at least a conversation that would go smoothly.

“Oh, hey Tobiume. I’ve been so bored! I was sleeping on the roof, but then people started shouting. It was very rude and obnoxious.” the feline huffed, turquoise hues watched as the other came closer. It had been a very boring morning, and Haineko needed to find something fun to do.