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Top 10 Naruto Ships

Thanks for tagging me @sasukehinata. I hope people don’t mind that most of them are gonna be Hinata ships lol 😅

1)NaruHina - This ship has been cute since day one and I just love that they were always positive when it came to interacting with one another. It was obvious to me that they were gonna be end game from the beginning, just like with SasuSaku (even though I have a love/hate relationship with ss)

2) SasuHina - I just think that ship is so beautiful to look at, plus people have brought the fact that this ship has so much untapped potential. If I wasn’t so against certain ships happening if it meant that SasuHina would be canon, I would be so happy to see this ship sail.

3) GaaHina - I know this is just as unlikely as SasuHina, but I literally squeal every time I see something related to this pairing. They are just so freaking quirky and awkward dorks if you ship them during his kage days, and just so hot and unpredictable if you ship it during his crazy days. There’s just so much you can do with this ship that its simply amazing!

4) NejiHina - I love them as a brotp and also as otp. I just love how protective Neji is towards her after his fight with Naruto. Neji treats her like a princess and Naruto SD doesn’t help my shipping heart towards them any better. I know incest is gross and taboo, but I just can’t help it, okay? Don’t judge me.

5) LeeSaku - Do I even need to say why?? The way that Lee was so precious when he was around Sakura was the cutest thing to me. And the way that Sakura treated and cared for Lee during the Forest of Death onwards was the best part of Sakura that I have ever seen. That’s the Sakura that I can get behind.

6) KibaHina/ShinoHina - Again, do I need to say why?? I love them as a brotp and also as ship too. I love how the boys are so protective and caring towards Hinata. They are like her big brothers and she’s like their little sister. I also love how Hinata treats Shino and Kiba and Akamaru. She’s treats them with so much love and respect. This is just adorable overload. I can’t.

7) BoruMitsu/BoruSumiMitsu/SaraCho - Its fairly new but I already love how they are with each other. Boruto is just a fluff ball when it comes to his friends, and I love how no matter what Mitsuki or Sumire do because of their upbringing, Boruto is there to knock some sense into them and be there for them unconditionally. As for SaraCho, I love their friendship so much, but I would love to see them together as well. These ships have set sail and I’m not looking back!

8) InoSumi - Inojin’s sassiness and Sumire’s hawawa nervous tick, plus the purple color scheme just sets my heart fluttering with fangirlness. I can’t help it y'all.

9) AkaHina - What can I say? This is the best way for me to say that I ship Hinata with all of the Akatsuki members 😅 Its not my fault that I thinks she is super cute with people okay? When you have a favorite character, you tend to think that she/he would be perfect with everyone 😂

10) ShikaHima/MetalHima - Himawari is a precious cinnamon roll, Shikadai is a precious troublemaker, and Metal is the king of nervous adorkableness! Those boys deserve a bit of Sunshine Himawari love! Sue me!

Bonus: Literally almost every Hinata ship you can think of, girls and boys equal! I can’t help myself. Hinata has so much love to give. Sue me. I also like some of the canon ships, but like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with one of them. (Thanks a lot fandom)

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