Rroma girl in Rucăr, Romania, 1934. Autochrome photo by Wilhelm Tobien for National Geographic.

Henna is not just from India! Here's an article I wrote about henna traditions in Rroma communities… I’d love to hear especially from any Rroma out there: have I missed anything? Your suggestions, additions, and corrections are appreciated! And feel free to share!

“I think that it’s super important not only to shed some light on the traditions of a beautiful and often-stereotyped community, but also for people who use and work with henna to remember that henna is a part of the story of Europe (like I wrote about in this post), not just India or Morocco. Showcasing the diversity of global henna history is one of the main objectives of this blog, and I feel that there is a special kinship between Jewish and Romani tradition in particular. In many places, in fact, henna was used by both Jews and Roma, but not by the other majority groups of the population.”

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