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Say what was your opinion on Obito?

It’s complicated to answer without mentioning Madara

I’ve been a fan of Naruto for so long, and for such a long time I was a firm (almost radical) believer of the Tobidara theory, that it is hard for me to extract exactly what was Obito and what was Madara.  a few people there might remember it.

No, I’m not talking about the Obito of later chapters, but how I perceived the character as a whole and through the years… it is hard for me to analyze a character taking away all the emotional attachment I had to them during my read

It was Masked Tobi’s personality together with the legendary mentions of his prime that made me a fan of Madara (and of Naruto). Until there I was just the casual, highly outdated reader. I remember catching up with the series a bit after Pain’s arc ended, when I reached the “declaration of war” chapter I was addicted with Tobi/Madara. I just wanted to know everything about it I wanted to draw about it. It was the first time I was really invested at such level in any fictional thing.

Naruto was something I watched for fun and never took it much seriously, until I found a “gem” amidst it occasionally.. Masked Tobi had a lot of things for me, he was the “relic of the past” of the series, connected to everything - at the root of everything, and at the same time, so out of place….. he was a bitter enemy with a mysterious personality plus some sense of humor and snark (troll) comments that made him so fun to watch, he had so many layers and complexity… He was a very different character. Plus when I got deeper in the Madara aspect (databook and falconry stuff) I was totally hooked. I just wanted to understand him and what went through his head, and know more of his past… I desperately needed it. I was obsessed with the timeline and stuff

Then in the 2011 came the surprise, Edo Madara (oh my) I remember it was such a mess on the fandom, I was so freaking excited that finally I had my favorite character there for real, and I loved the “new” Madara presented to us. He was the most epic thing ever and or a long while I had so much hope… Then we gained Obito too, another “new” character. But at the same time, something was lost forever when these two split up.

About Obito himself, as we know him now. He isn’t a bad character, in fact he might be considered one of my favorites, his interactions where entertaining and I cared for him on many levels. The problem was that he probably got “stained” for me after all the events described… and he never had the “spark” that Madara had, after taking it from him.

But I really like him, sorry for the huge rant, as always


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Because the REAL Madara would never be so stupid as to cut his luscious mane.


gonna ignore Kishimoto shitting on female characters for Madara, Tobidara and my bb Itachi

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I swear to god though, if Sauce Kay doesn’t get to meet Zombi!Itachi before this shit is done I’ll have a whole knew reason to put this manga on my blacklist.