News Round-Up

In ice dance:

- Elena Ilinykh started training with Ruslan Zhiganshin with Elena Kustarova as their coach. People who have seen them say so far so good.

- Nikita Katsalapov and Victoria Sinitsyna will spend a few weeks training with Marina Zoueva. Nikolai Morozov will not coach them or I/Z *sigh of relief*

- Riazanova/Tkachenko are done

- Tobias/Stagniunas are done. He has retired

- Ilia Tkachenko will skate with Isabella Tobias. For Lithuania, I suppose, since she won that long battle for the citizenship.

- Ekaterina Riazanova will have tryouts with Italian ice dancer Simone Varuri (he and Lorenza Alessandrini have split). Other rumours say she’s back with his former partner Jonathan Guerreiro. We shall see.

- Kriengkrairut/Giulietti-Schmitt are done (personal note - I loved them!

- Scott Moir said he and Tessa Virtue would miss the next season, didn’t call it a retirement, they doesn’t want to close the door


- Vera Bazarova and Andrey Deputat are officially teamed up, their coach is Oleg Vasiliev.

- Yuri Larionov and Natalia Zabijako will train in Nina Mozer’s group.

- Paige Lawrence/Rudi Swiegers are considering retirement

- Mervin Tran and Natasha Purich are done, both now have tryouts with other partners

- The worst news - according to some very strong rumours Moore-Towers/Moscovich are done. She is now training with Michael Marinaro (he and Margaret Purdy have split up) and he is… retiring, I suppose? I still hope it’s not true:(

- German newspapers say French Federation doesn’t want to lose a medal opportunity and will not release Bruno Massot, so he and Aliona Savchenko may skate for France.


- Daisuke Takahashi said he’s taking a hiatus, didn’t call it a retirement.

- Mao Asada said she might reconsider her retirement plans.

- Akiko Suzuki, Miki Ando and Nobunari Oda have retired.

- In the interview after the OG Carolina Kostner said she wants to take some time to pass exams at university, would see how it goes, didn’t call it a retirement.

- Jeremy Abbott said he might stick around for one more season

- Tomas Verner has retired (no official statement from him, but he was talking about it before the OG and Michal Brezina has recently posted a picture of them on Twitter saying he’s gonna miss that guy)

- Brian Joubert… er, has retired, but with him you never know))