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Colin Callender’s Playground and Sonia Friedman Productions are teaming for a contemporary TV movie version of King Lear, with a starry ensemble led by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson. The duo is reuniting after seminal early 90s collaborations Howards End and The Remains Of The Day. Richard Eyre will helm the Shakespeare adaptation with principal photography starting this month.

King Lear will premiere on BBC Two in the UK in 2018 with Amazon Studios co-producing and taking U.S. and German rights. Amazon Prime Video will also air the drama in the UK, following the BBC’s run.

Set in the fictional present, King Lear sets Hopkins as the eponymous ruler, presiding over a totalitarian military dictatorship in England. Thompson stars as his eldest daughter Goneril. Also in starring is Emily Watson as middle daughter Regan, and Florence Pugh will play Cordelia, the youngest of Lear’s children.

Jim Broadbent is the Earl of Gloucester, Andrew Scott his loyal son Edgar and John Macmillan his illegitimate offspring Edmund. Further completing the cast are Downton Abbey‘s Jim Carter, The Leftovers‘ Christopher Eccleston, Outlander‘s Tobias Menzies, Anthony Calf (Riviera) and Karl Johnson (Rome).

Shakespeare’s tragedy follows Lear’s gradual descent into madness after he disposes of his kingdom giving bequests to two of his three daughters based on their flattery of him and with terrible consequences for all.

“It is a tribute to the great Richard Eyre that we have brought together such a remarkable cast. The film is a testament to the BBC’s on-going commitment to the single drama, and we are very appreciative of their continued support,” say exec producers Callender and Friedman.

Eyre directed Playground and Sonia Friedman Productions’ BBC drama The Dresser in which Hopkins starred along with Watson.

King Lear will be produced by Playground and Sonia Friedman Productions in association with Lemaise Pictures Limited for BBC Two. Producer is Noëlette Buckley (The Dresser, Wolf Hall). Executive producers also include Scott Huff for Playground and Lucy Richer for the BBC. Great Point Media will represent international rights.

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Star Filled Cast Set for “King Lear”

BBC 2 and Amazon Studios have put together a star-studded cast for their contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s King Lear, the story of a king’s decent into madness after giving away his kingdom to his two flattering daughters and leaving nothing to his loving and honest youngest. Richard Eyre is directing.

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40 Best Science Fiction TV Shows of All Time

By Scott Tobias, Noel Murray, Jenna Scherer,Sam Adams, David Fear,Sean T. Collins May 26, 2016

6. ‘The X-Files

Like its shape-shifting alien bounty hunters, Chris Carter’s pop-paranoia series could be a different show every week. David Duchovny’s true-believing Mulder and Gillian Anderson’s skeptical Scully might be hot on the trail of a government conspiracy, then track down a supernatural mystery or stumble straight into a horror movie. Its mutability gave writers and directors a chance to develop their own distinctive styles — you knew that if Kim Manners showed up in the credits you were in for a treat — and its visual sophistication paved the way for bringing cinematic values to the small screen. But the consistent way it treated paranormal phenomenon gave The X-Files some serious sci-fi bona fides regardless of the route it took. It made you want to believe.

Jill Scott Joins Cast of DC’s “Black Lightning”

Grammy winner Jill Scott will portray Lady Eve. In the comics Lady Eve was a member of the Kobra Cult. In the CW’s Black Lightning she runs a funeral parlor and is the bridge between Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) and a secret group of corrupt leaders.

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Your amout of battery = your husband!

MINE IS WILL HERONDALE! Coincidence? I think not!

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When people say that Carol isn’t a great movie...

Fannibals, it’s time to get twitter! I say it regularly but I thought I would make a masterpost of reasons why it’s great for fannibals and awesome members of the cast and crew to follow. I hope it’s helpful!

  • Live tweeting is endless amounts of fun. Not only are there the usual amount of puns, but there are some amazing fannibals already there tweeting away and lots of bts information from the people linked below. 
  • As we worry about viewing figures, it’s important to remember that tweets the hour before, during and after the airing of an episode count towards ratings if they include #Hannibal, getting things trending also doesn’t hurt!
  • And, DLC are on their way to 10k followers and they’d like to get there before season 3 and we’d all love to try and make that happen!

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