tobias quotes

ezreal: guys, i have been waiting for the right moment to tell you that I’m gay.

lux: that’s okay, we still love you.

taric: i’m gay, too.

twisted fate: me too.

graves: same.

ezreal: jesus christ, does nobody here like girls?

vi: i do.

Percy: i love you

Percy: you complete me

Annabeth: *blushes* awwwwww

Percy: I was talking to my blue cake…


Tobias Eaton: *claps quietly from the shadows*

Peeta Mellark: we taught him well

Miss Simian has assigned excessive homework
  • Carmen: There's only one solution. Someone has to go to Miss Simian and talk to her.
  • Darwin: I vote we all look at Gumball at the same time.
  • [They do.]
  • Gumball: [Not paying attention] In a way, all of you are right... OK, what was I tuning out?
  • Darwin: You have to get Miss Simian to call off some of this homework! You're the one with the silver tongue.
  • Sarah: Yeah, go tongue Miss Simian.
  • Gumball: Guys, what makes you think I can convince Miss Simian of anything if I can't convince you not to make me do it?
  • Leslie: Well, I guess it sounds crazy...
  • Tobias: Gumball does raise a good point.
  • [The others murmur in agreement]
  • Tobias: Wait! You are convincing!
  • [The others gasp and exclaim their realization]