tobias i love you so much


“Head and Hands want to join together, but they don’t have the Heart to do it. Oh Mediator, show them the way to each other!”

P.S. I love you. All of you. So much.
Trans People Share Messages Of Love And Support For Trans Day Of Visibility
"You are beautiful, you are brilliant, and you are worthy of love."
By Shannon Keating

“I think an important component of kindness within the queer/trans community is just acknowledging that the pain folks feel is real. So much of what I do for my friends is affirm that they are justified in how they feel, that they aren’t being too sensitive or too dramatic, that how they feel is legitimate.” Jacob Tobia 💜  

If you or someone you know needs support, we’re here for you, 24/7, at: 866.488.7386 🌈 TrevorChat is available at from 3-9pm ET daily. You can find a safe, international online community and more resources at 🌈

Random Jim/Toby headcanons
  • their first kiss was when jim kissed him goodnight after a rough day at school
  • he tried avoiding toby after that but no one can just avoid toby
  • the first week or so after was a bit awkward but after that it became kind of natural
  • jim does that Tall Person think where he rests his head on toby’s whenever they’re standing
  • he fell asleep in that position while waiting with toby for the midnight release of the next sushi video game
  • they borrow video games, movies, magazines, and other stuff so much from each other that they’ve just forgotten who owns what
  • toby is a very comfortable person to fall asleep on, jim is an expert on this
  • they won’t say they have A Song because they both think it’s cheesy but Their Song is totally everybody wants to rule the world
  • “Hey jim, you up?” “What do you want?” “Do you think pigeons have feelings?” “I’m gonna give you one more chance to shut up.” 
  • jim makes toby’s favorite lunch on fridays
  • he’s glad toby is there with him fighting monsters but at the same time he’s so worried and it constantly eats at him
  • however he also trust toby to make the right decisions in situations
  • he wants to fight every person who makes fun of toby’s weight because fuck you he’s perfect? yeah
  • toby is always the one who stays up super late at sleepovers so he has to make sure jim is tucked in and all that
  • random and obscure inside jokes that no one else gets and honestly they don’t even really remember how they came about either but it’s still funny as hell to them
  • they love each other very much thank you that will be all

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I LOVE your YGO cat!au SOOOO much!! I'm so glad I came across it! I have a question for you though. What order does your Marik and Yami Bakura, um, 'shorts' go? Like Marik gives Yami Bakura a bird and then what comes next? lol

Thank you!!

There is one comic that was posted out of order, but the series is in chronological order in accordance to the publication date. The current posted Cat Drama [that’s not the official title, that’s just what I call it] comics are the following:

  1. Maybe He’s Not Hungry.
  2. Nailed it.
  3. Bakura Doesn’t Share His Toys with Just Anyone.
  4. [Filler]
  5. He’s Still Trying.
  6. A Cat Thief.
  7. Maybe He’s Just Shy. Maybe He’s Just Afraid.
  8. Playing Dirty.

[there are more chapters coming]


For: Anon

Imagine: Being Eric’s sister and your boyfriend, Four, proposes to you.

You tiptoe through the living room and grab your jacket; you quietly pull on your shoes and slowly open the door, “Y/N? Where are you going?”

Shit. You mentally curse yourself, you were a little too loud and your brother had overheard, “Oh, I-I was just going for a walk, I couldn’t sleep!”

“Really,” Eric walks up to you, yes, your brother was the badass, feared Dauntless leader, “I know you’re going to see Four.”

You sigh, you had transferred to Dauntless a year after Eric, you love Eric but much to his disapproval, you had started dating Four soon after transferring, and you two have been together for almost five years now. It’s definitely not easy dating your brother’s arch enemy, but the two of them have tried settling their differences for you, but have always failed. In fact, Eric only allowed you to continue dating Four as long as you promised to live with your brother rather than your boyfriend, “Eric, please, just let me go, Four has been planning some sort of surprise for me for ages.”

“What kind of surprise requires you to sneak out in the middle of the night?”

“Eric if I was old enough to pick my own faction and my own fate five years ago, I’m old enough to meet my boyfriend whenever I want.”

“Y/N, you’re my baby sister, I just want you to be safe.”

“For starters, I’m not a baby Eric, I’m only a year younger than you. And also, I am safe, Four loves me Eric, you can’t even deny that. You know I’m in good hands. Please let me go,” You give him you best puppy-dog eyes and he groans.

“Fine, you can go, just be safe.”

“Always!” You swing the door open and say goodbye over your shoulder.

You make your way to the roof and see Four. He has a little table set up with plates and candles, there is a single rose sitting in the middle. You look around and everything is perfect, “Aww Tobias! This is so cute!”

He pulls you in for a hug and kisses your forehead, “Just like you.”

The two of you sit and enjoy your meal, talking and laughing the whole time. After you have finished eating Four walks up to you and turns on a radio, he then sticks out his hand to you, “May I have this dance?”

You giggle and take his hand, he pulls you in close and the two of you start swaying to the music. You shut your eyes and allow Tobias to lead you. Suddenly you feel his hands leave your hips and you open your eyes, you find him stand in front of you biting his lip, “What?”

“Y/N, I have to ask you something.”

“What is it Toby?” You were the only one who was allowed to call him that.

“As an ex-Abnegation, I’m not really good at all this romantic stuff, and honestly there aren’t enough words in the world to describe how much I love you. So I’m just going to say it,” He steps back slightly and gets down on one knee, no way, and he pulls out a little box, “Y/N Y/L/N will you do me honour of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?”

You let a single tear slip from your eye and you squeal, “Yes!”

He slips the small, simple ring onto your finger, and gets up to kiss you. You spend the rest of the night dancing, until you finally get tired and lie on a blanket staring up at the stars, eventually you turn to Four, “Hey Toby?”


“How am I supposed to tell Eric that you’re my fiancé now?” He chuckles.

“Let’s not worry about that until the morning.”

The next morning you wake up on the roof in Four’s arms, you pull your hand up and smile, remembering that you are now his soon-to-be wife.

“You sure look happy,” You look down at Four who is sleepily smiling at you.

“Well I’m about to marry the man of dreams, of course I’m happy!” He shifts into a sitting position and kisses you. You are startled by the sound of your phone; you quickly pick it up and see 35 new messages from Eric and 6 missed calls. Shit.

“Fuck, Toby I have to go, Eric’s gonna kill me!” You quickly get up and kiss him goodbye.

You run into the apartment and smack right into Eric, his eyes narrow as he sees you, “Y/N!”

“Eric listen I can explain!” You stop as you realize that you no longer have to explain yourself to him, “Actually, no, I don’t have to explain, because I can do whatever the hell I want to do with Four. From now on I can hang out with him as much as I want to, no one, not even you can stop me from being with my future husband!”

“Husband?!” He grabs you hand and looks at the ring, his eyes instantly soften and he pull you in for a hug, “I can’t believe this, my baby girl is getting married!”

“What’s with the sudden change of heart?” You ask surprised at his reaction.

“The reason why I was always so cautious of your relationship with him was because I was scared that he was just using you. Now that the fucker finally put a ring on it, I can trust his commitment. I’m happy for you Y/N, I’m so fucking happy for you!”

The next few months are spent planning the wedding, three months after the proposal, your brother Eric walked you down the aisle and you finally became Mrs. Eaton.

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Tobias is a fucking dreamboat. I'm so glad you found an artist to perfectly capture him! Those curls, those eyes, those cheekbones. I could die! <3


I LOVE it. It’s literally perfect! If you’re curious, the artist I worked with is Kiwii aka @pocket-size-super-villain - omg I cannot recommend Kiwii higher. SO talented. SO easy to work with. 

– For anyone who’s confused, I shared the character portrait of Tobias Kaya from The Savior’s Champion with my Cyborg Army on Patreon. Will be sharing with the rest of the world in the near future! But if you want to be the first to see/read all Cyborg-related news, Patreon is the place to be. So far everyone is loving @pocket-size-super-villain‘s work. I couldn’t be more thrilled <3 

Theo James one shot - fire

(Requested by anon. Warnings none. Fluffy Drabble.
Imagine you burn yourself and don’t tell Theo, he finds out and gets all angry and protective over you.

You hiss as you knock the boiling pan off the side, you cry out in pain as the hot water soaks your arm. You stagger over to the sink and switch on the cold water, instant relief washes over you as the pain lessens.
A stinging sensation still there even after a while of keeping it cool, you hear the front door open and you turn off the tap rushing to dry your arm.
“Hey, babe.” Theo strolls over to you and kisses your cheek, you smile at him and steer him away from the kitchen.
“Work?” You ask casually, Theo groans and collapses on the closest couch.
“Long. I’m just glad I’m home that’s all.” Theo flashes one of his adorable smiles which reveals his dimples.
“Okay, well, I was just cooking dinner so I’ll be back in a minute” you brush your lips against Theo’s with a small smile on your lips, you to to walk away when Theo grasps onto your hand.
“What’s that? Why is your arm so red?” Theo asks furrowing his eyebrows bringing you closer to him.
“I don’t know, it’s just warm in here.” You blatantly lie, Theo sighs and stares up at you. He lightly touches the red soreness, you wince and pull away instantly.
Theo rises to his feet and jumps towards you with concern,
“What happened, (Y/N)?” Theo asks more seriousness now, his stern look causes you to give in.
“I burnt myself on accident.” You mutter as you avoid eye contact with him. Theo grunts and rushes into the bathroom where he returns with a damp cloth. He places it on your arm then stares back at you.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Theo asks more angry than anything.
“Because I didn’t think it mattered, it’s not a big deal, Theo.” You admit, Theo groans and searches you eyes almost to see if you were kidding.
“Well, it does, if you get hurt and don’t want to tell me that’s a big deal! Why didn’t you think it mattered? Why didn’t you tell me?!” Theo questioned, you sigh miserably and stare down at your arm.
“Because I knew you were busy, you don’t have to worry about me.” You try to force him into dropping the conversation but it fails. Theo cups your face his eyes softening,
“Well, I do worry, you’re my girl. I love you and I worry so much.” Theo pulls you into his chest and holds you securely.
You wrap you arm around Theo and chuckle quietly. “What?” Theo mumbles.
“You’re so protective.”
“No I’m not.”


For: Anon

Imagine: Coming in first ranking, and tricking your boyfriend/trainer, Four, into thinking that you’ve been cut.

The moment you jumped from the roof and into the Dauntless compound, you were instantly infatuated by Four. He was your trainer, and a month into training, you and Four finally confessed your liking towards each other. Your relationship advanced quite a bit since then. Four gave you private training sessions, which lead you to come in third place for the training portion.

When it came to fear training, you did extremely well considering the fact that you only had five fears, only one more than your boyfriend, whom you know knew as Tobias, but of course, you were only allowed to call him that when the two of you were alone.

Today was the day that you would find out your final result. You meet Four on the roof right after fear landscapes, “Hey Toby!”

“Hey beautiful, how was the landscape?” He asks, he wasn’t able to stay back and watch how your landscape went.

“It was horrific, but I think it turned out pretty decent,” You answer.

He chuckles and pulls you into his arms, “I’m so proud of how far you’ve come Y/N.”

“What if I don’t make it Tobias? What if I get cut?”

“Not possible, you can’t get cut Y/N, you’ll do fine!” He reassures you.

“Ya but I said my landscape was decent, not great,” You say worried.

“You’re going to make it Y/N, now quite worrying.”

“I really hope so Toby, I would never want to leave you,” You lean up and kiss him.

“You’re not leaving, I won’t let you,” He says before kissing you again.

“We should go, they’ll be posting the ranks soon,” You finally say.

“I feel really bad, but I have to go to my shift in the control room,” You pout, “I’m sorry Y/N, but I’ll meet you back here at 10:30 tonight.”

“Fine,” You say, he kisses your forehead one last time before you leave.

You stare up at the rank board in awe:

1. Y/N

2. Max

3. Ruby

First?! What I got first?! Everyone congratulates you and Max comes to talk to you about an open leadership position, and you instantly accept.

You get on the roof at exactly 10:29 pm, and you decide that it would be a wonderful time to prank your lovely boyfriend; you stare off into the distance, trying not to blink until your eyes fill with tears. You were actually pretty good at fake crying, you begin to feel your face heat up and the tears finally start streaming down your face.

You here the door behind you open and you don’t look back, you continue staring off into the night sky. You finally hear Tobias’ voice, “Y/N? Baby are you alright?”

You sniffle, and he’s instantly by your side, he forces you to face him, “Shit Y/N, what happened? Why are you crying Y/N?!”

“I-I’ve been cut,” You say looking down, “I have to leave by tomorrow morning.”

“What?! What the fuck are you talking about?! How is that even possible Y/N?!” He cries shaking your shoulders.

“Well that’s what the score board said! There’s nothing I can do now Tobias!” You yell back, “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you, I really don’t want to leave you Toby, but I have to, I failed Toby.”

He falls to the ground and holds his head in his hands, “I-I can’t lose you Y/N, you’re all I have.”

You start feeling bad about your little prank; you decide to tell him the truth, “Tobias I-”

“No Y/N, it’s not your fault, I’ve made up my mind, if you leave, I’m leaving with you!” The thought that Tobias loved you so much made your heart melt.

“Shit, Toby I’m so sorry,” You laugh, “I can’t do this anymore. You are so perfect!”

“W-what? Why are you laughing?”

“I’m joking Tobias! I didn’t get cut,” His face is stuck by confusion, “I actually got first ranking, and I was offered a leadership position!”

“So that was supposed to be a joke?! That was not funny Y/N!” He sighs in exhaustion.

“I’m sorry Toby, I thought I would just get revenge for you not being here during my landscape and not being there for ranks,” He rolls his eyes.

“You know you’re a-”

“A bitch?” You laugh, “Yeah, I know.”

“Fuck you,” He says jokingly before pulling you up against himself, “I’m so proud of you Y/N.”

“Thank you Toby,” He kisses you passionately, and you’ve never been happier.

A/N: If any of you picked up on it, the names were the courtesy of my younger sister. LMAO!

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JENNA!! U ARE AWESOME AND AMAZING AND I LOVE U AND ALL YOUR VIDEOS!! AND TOBIAS IS SOOO HANDSOME!! *swoons* P.S- do u think it's bad if you continue to develop your world and characters as you write your novel? Not big stuff but like little random details. P.S.S- what's Wednesday's vlog gonna be about? to not info dump or something? Just sayin' YOU ARE AMAZING AND I WILL FOREVER BE THANKFUL, U ARE THE REASON I AM WRITING THE BOOK AND I AM LOVING IT!!

1. Thank you so so so much! <3

2. No, I don’t think so, provided you have a handle on what’s important. I develop the little things as I go all the time - like favorite colors, stuff like that.

3. I’ve been trying to nail down a Cliff vlog, but it’s been difficult given his recovery. If he’s feeling up to it, Wednesday should be a silly vlog with him. 


rule #1: don’t get too attached.
i tell this to myself too much, but of course I end up falling for someone too easily
rule #2: if attached, don’t overthink everything they say.
i couldn’t fall asleep because i was so happy when i thought we had a chance
rule #3: if overthinking, don’t fall in love.
i remember the first night i realized you were really someone special to me
rule #4: if in love, don’t overdo it.
did i say too much? I’m sorry I think I scared you away
rule #5: if overdid, don’t fuck up the rest.
I fucked up the rest

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Your blog & art was what inspired me to join tumblr years ago, and you were one of the first people I followed! I've met you maybe once or twice in person...? Seeing your art grow and change is so inspiring, and I love seeing your YGO! posts because I love YGO! so much! I can't wait to see what amazing stuff you make next! Have a lovely week : )

!! so sorry you had to encounter my nerdy ass in real life my god

but thank you so much!! 


“You can’t love someone, unless you love yourself first.”
I have never loved myself.
But you.
Oh God, I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. [insp.]


   Birthday gift for @lady–cupcake , sorry it took so long to finish, I want to suprise you hehe
   Thank you so so much deary for the wonderful chat that we had with each other and also your support for my works. Without you, my Fate works won’t be reckonize by the LoL community :). I wish that you will have all the wonderful things that bring joy to your life. Love you my dear <3 !!   

“I’m so happy I met you! I didn’t know I could love someone as much as you! Let’s do our best to live happily for the rest of our lives,alright my love?”

The Fatesona Discord joked about brides and bringing back the class for Fates and so I jokingly sketched Tobias as one. Except I loved the sketch. And now I love it more o)-( Even if it took me like a few weeks to finish

Also big shoutout to everyone in the Discord for cheering me on when I didn’t feel like continuing it ;v; I love yall!

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my fave top lyric right now is "The sand will slow me down and the water will drainI'm just being dramatic, in fact, I'm only at it again"!!

I love that song so much <3

Tobias, you are Titan. You are a living, breathing piece of artwork. Your existence brings endless happiness to others. You are the epitome of kindness and creativity. 

|Put your favorite twenty one pilots lyric in my ask box and I’ll tell you which celestial object you remind me of.| 

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Tobi, I honestly admire you so much. I dont think youve ever seen me as anything but an acquaintance? And Im sure Ive over stepped some bounds trying befriend you and I wouldnt be surprised if you actually found me to be a bit of an annoyance. But that tends to happen when you admire someone and also want to befriend them. But I just wanted you to know that even if you dont like me very much I still look up to you a lot and I just want the best for you. Youre so strong and courageous I love you

!! thank you your words are so kind!

It’s incredibly likely that I do like you but I’m unfortunately a bit stand-offish with most people, even friends. one could actually compare me to a stereotypical house cat. I’m okay with socializing but most of the time I just want to hide by myself in a dark corner.