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Adoption is a White privilege.

In 1904, a group of forty New York orphans were sent to live with Catholic families in Arizona. However, the Catholics turned out to be Mexicans and the local Anglos were so outraged at this race boundary transgression that they instigated a mass abduction of the children.

Through this direct action, trans-racial adoption as a white privilege was resolutely reinforced.This privilege continues in the contemporary era. One can only imagine the reactions if white European children were to be sent to Latin American or African countries for international adoption.

In the pre-Civil Rights United States, a handful of states even went so far as to legislate against interracial adoption or even fostering of white children by non-whites, and in the late 1990s a widely publicized controversy erupted, when a black woman in Detroit wanted to adopt a white girl.

- Tobias Hübinette, Between European Colonial Trafficking, American Empire-Building and Nordic Social Engineering: Rethinking International Adoption From a Postcolonial and Feminist Perspective

[Translated from Swedish]

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Up to the mid 1990s, Korea acted as the uncontested leading supplier of children for international adoption until China took its place, and Asian countries have also altogether provided more than two thirds of all children adopted by Westerners even if several Latin American and a few African countries also have been involved in the practice… The fact that Asia is dominating as a supplying continent further underscores the continuous orientalist imagery at work where Asian children in many Western countries are widely perceived as being docile and submissive, clever and hardworking, and kind, quiet and undemanding.

To continue, it is no coincidence that of the leading countries supplying children for international adoption to the West, almost all fall under the American sphere of influence and have been exposed to American military intervention, presence or occupation, even if civil wars, ethnic cleansing of minorities, and corrupt dictatorships must also be added to explain why these countries became involved with the practice in the first place: Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka in Asia, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala in South America, and Ethiopia in Africa. In other words, the state of international adoption brutally reflects current geopolitical transformations and conditions as evidenced by the fact that Iran stopped sending children for adoption after the Islamic revolution in 1979, and China and Vietnam started sending out children and getting involved with international adoption as part of their respective reform politics and globalization policies from the beginning of the 1990s…

This involuntary transferral of tens of thousands of non-Western children on a worldwide scale after formal decolonization is a clear reflection of a still existing global colonial reality and racial hierarchy, and a grim reminder of the astronomical power imbalance between the West and its former colonies.


Tobias HÜBINETTE - The orphaned nation: Korea imagined as an overseas adopted child in Clon’s Abandoned Child and Park Kwang-su’s Berlin Report

Let me reiterate : “it is no coincidence that of the leading countries supplying children for international adoption to the West, almost all fall under the American sphere of influence and have been exposed to American military intervention, presence or occupation…This involuntary transferral of tens of thousands of non-Western children on a worldwide scale after formal decolonization is a clear reflection of a still existing global colonial reality and racial hierarchy, and a grim reminder of the astronomical power imbalance between the West and its former colonies.”

exhibit A of why i clearly should not be taken out in public. jinwoo and i went to dinner last night with jane and tobias (jane’s taking the photo because she thought tobias eating budaejjigae would be “ironic”) and i apparently don’t know how to behave like an adult. here’s tobias and jinwoo both looking rather calm and composed. and me looking like a crazed hummingbird of some sort.

The message of intercountry adoption ideology is clearly that life in the West is the best, and that the West has the right to adopt children from non-Western countries in the name of paternalistic humanism and materialistic superiority…

The adoptive parents want the adopted children to feel ‘chosen,’ but in reality adoption is nothing else but a grim lottery. Behind this is the demand from the adoptive parents to feel eternally grateful, loyal, satisfied and happy. The truth is that we would never have been here in the West without a colonial history of 500 years, without today’s unequal world order, and without the dominating ideal of the middle-class nuclear family.

—  Tobias Hubinette (Lee Sam-dol)
Tributes to the White Gods of Earth

Swedes are imagined as and imagine themselves as the most white - therefore the most aesthetically perfect and genetically valuable - of all Western nations on earth (and ultimately, of all humankind). At the same time, Swedes have proportionally adopted the most non-white children in the world, and numerous Swedes have entered into intimate relationships with non-whites and accordingly proportionally “produced” the most multiracial children in Europe.

Still, urban racial segregation coefficients and poverty rates among non-whites are extreme, while at the same time Swedish antiracism is officially institutionalized within the nation state structure.

So how can all these paradoxes exist together in contemporary Sweden: the radical and progressive antiracism on an official level, with the self-image of white Swedish bodies in popular culture, with the extreme differences in racial segregation and socioeconomic inequality?

Last year, Sweden showed the biggest difference in the industrialized world between native Swedes and first-generation immigrants in terms of employment/unemployment respectively. One out of three of all first-generation immigrants were unemployed (with up to 50-55% among non-white migrants). Among non-white Swedes who are second-generation immigrants, the unemployment statistics are staggering as well - 45-50% are unemployed.

Predictably, the unemployment rate among white Swedes within the same age cohorts is much lower.

Sweden is rapidly heading towards a socioeconomic catastrophe in terms of race. The psychic state of Sweden dictates that Swedes are whites and will always be white, even if a recent report on all Swedes below the age of 18 showed that 1/3 have a foreign background, 1/5 are non-white (including adopted and multiracial Swedes). Among the “preteen” age groups below 10-12, the proportion of non-white Swedes is even higher: around ¼.

To put it simply: Swedes are, according to the global racial fantasy, the (white) Gods of the earth, and non-white adoptees can symbolically be seen as tributes to the Gods. And Gods, as we all know, are always good and moral and perfect and beautiful.

Sweden, in its antiracist, feminist incarnation is the white Goddess of the postcolonial Third World caring for its children, and by extent, all people of color, as non-whites are seen as eternal children regardless of age according to the colonial mindset.

And who doesn’t want to be cared by Gods, who doesn’t want to marry and have children with Gods, who doesn’t want to live among Gods, who doesn’t want to be friends and allies with the Gods? And so on and so forth.

This explains why so many people of color across the world want to enter into intimate relationships with white Swedes, who are projected as the most globally desired bodies. This also explains why the vast majority of all individual non-white Swedes who have “made it” and entered the upper echelons of Swedish society in terms of education, income and wealth have a white partner and multiracial children. Contrary to the English speaking world, there is no self-replicating, non-white bourgeoisie in Sweden (although such communities may not be large or prevalent, they do exist elsewhere in the world).

This explains why 95-98% of all non-white adopted Swedes have white partners, and why so many non-white second-generation immigrants actively search for white partners.

This image of Swedish whiteness is rendered sacrosanct in its divine goodness (antiracism, feminism, left-liberalism etc.) and the fantasy of genetically and aesthetically perfect bodies explains the paradox between rhetorically antiracist Sweden and statistically racist Sweden, which is so extreme that it is almost surreal.

And sure, adoptees of color in Sweden and in Europe are constructed as nothing more but replicated whites in terms of identifications, desires, and orientations - apart from their inconvenient, non-normative bodies, of course, and as such are less “worthy” than other whites.

-Tobias Hubinette

“Whiteness is a passing privilege in Sweden,” hey?

In other news, Dr. Tobias Hübinette is now following this tumblr.

Yep, THAT Tobias Hübinette.

the adoptee-cum-activist Class Bastard scholar par excellence and bona fide Nazi hunter (srsly f’ing google it), who  —despite astronomical intellectual cred & insanely prolific academic publication in nigh exclusively Ivory Tower contexts— seems incapable of composing a boring/fatuous sentence ever (if you know svenska you’ll know how holy peas that is)


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i'm not surprised there are people who wants him dead. resistance isn't supposed to be polite but you can't expect these white mofos to grasp this. the glorification of sweden will only benefit the svensson ego which will further dismiss our struggles. because you know, racism and the failure that is västerländsk feminism aren't exactly fika topics. hah.

“anti-“racism & white feminist third world solidarity don’t make for good fika fodder??? welp shiiiiit no wonder all white folks in my life have been relegated to mere acquaintances XD

xxxo luv your blogs! i’ll be sure to check in reg soon as i eviscerate aforementioned child-torture & ableism propagation to some satisfaction

p.s. to everyone else: fuckwadroy is talking about tobias hubinette, the adoptee activist, scholar, and bona fide nazi hunter literally arrested in sweden for the crime of “reverse racism.”

missveryvery  asked:

Thanks for the clarification. I did read the Hubinette article but I was severely confused because you referred to him as a "class bastard" and I couldn't discern if that meant you were disagreeing with him and then completely lost the tone of the argument. You have no idea how many long things I've read that seem progressive but are somehow supposed to be sarcastic so I was a bit alarmed. I think you make an exceptional that the Roma wouldn't be in bad conditions in the first place.

I getcha — but the fact that my own header? “Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard” just might’ve been the first clue that it’s not exactly pejorative (does no one else make the cursory click-through & glance at someone’s blog before addressing them these days???)

No worries tho. I don’t feel like explaining what Class Bastard means, and given white bio spawn’s rampant hijacking and appropriation of our ish [adoptionandtransracial/transethnic especially], we’re a lot better off the LESSER known its meaning is.

All I’ll say is that Tobias Hubinette is a true class bastard, no sarcasm — transracial/national adoptee and Nazi life-ruiner (still more of those in positions of power in Northern Europe than anyone cares to admit) who’s actually been arrested for “reverse racism.”