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Losing Your Memory - a Jacob/Queenie sneak-peek!

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This isn’t part of my fanfic-verse – it’s an AU to that, just exploring the idea. Beware, it’s gonna be angsty!

The Kowalski Children: 

Tobias “Toby” – 15th October 1929 – 11
Daisy – 7th April 1931 – 9 (going on 10)
Abel and Ruth (twins) – 20th November 1933 – 6/7
Elijah “Eli” – 28th January 1939 – 1 (nearly 2)

Okay, guys, so it’s a work-in-progress; things may change, but other than that…enjoy!

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The Deadly Seven - Chapter 7 - Kateera - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 7/?
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Alana Bloom/Margot Verger, Matthew Brown/Randall Tier
Characters: Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Jack Crawford, Alana Bloom, Margot Verger, Tobias Budge, Abel Gideon, Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Matthew Brown (Hannibal), Randall Tier, Mason Verger, Abigail Hobbs, Dr. Frederick Chilton, Freddie Lounds, Franklyn Froideveaux, Francis Dolarhyde
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Magnificent Seven AU: Killers, BAMF Will Graham, Hannibal is a Cannibal, Western, Awesome Alana Bloom

Chapter 7 Summary:  Hannibal’s back, Will’s distracted, and Gideon makes a mistake. Tensions run high and change is in the air.

“Will Graham was not a suitable substitute for therapy.”

The fact that Hannibal, unprompted, compares his relationship with Will to his therapy sessions with Bedelia is very revealing imo. It makes sense when you consider that until Will showed up, Bedelia was the most important person in Hannibal’s life.

She was the closest thing Hannibal had to a perceived equal and confidant he could be something adjacent to truthful with (he had leverage over her after she killed Zachary Quinto & she had the power of a psychiatrist over a patient, hence a relatively safe balance where Hannibal could reveal glimpses through his person suit to a trustworthy guide), and he was emotionally dependent on her because of that relationship. We see this in the blatant Franklyn parallels (”I am a source of stability and clarity, Franklyn, I’m not your friend.” // “You are my patient and my colleague, not my friend.”), we see it when she mentions his refusal to accept her referral to another psychiatrist, and we really, really see it when she walks out the door in Sakizuke.

Right after Bedelia says “please don’t come to my home again,” he says, unprompted, “I’m resuming Will Graham’s therapy.” Like, his desperation for someone to talk to is so tangible it’s almost comedic. When Bedelia walks out, she leaves a huge hole in his life that he needs to fill.

When Will returns to Hannibal’s life he doesn’t just replace Bedelia, he obliterates her. He sees and knows Hannibal far better than she ever has, he encourages Hannibal to talk freely with him in a way he’s never done with anyone (at least, no one who hasn’t been subsequently killed like Abel and Tobias), and he offers a much, much greater emotional connection.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that the moment that really doomed Hannibal and made it clear that he was not going to be able to extricate himself from Will was Su-Zakana’s “Don’t lie to me.” It strips Hannibal of his person suit defense. Being seen and known makes him incredibly vulnerable because it’s what he craves, and Will uses that to gain his absolute trust and manipulate him.

In season 2, Will may technically be a patient, but he is a patient who is fully aware of Hannibal and Hannibal’s intentions, and, as the show likes to remind us, persuasion works best when the subject is unaware. Now Will is the manipulator and persuador with hidden intentions and Hannibal is the unaware subject, caught in a scheme. The show even offers a nice ice fishing metaphor to explain it and show that this is all intentional on Will’s part.

Will is deliberately coaxing Hannibal into emotional dependency because he is very aware of how desperate Hannibal is to have a friend who genuinely sees and understands him. “You’re as alone as I am, and we’re both alone without each other.” Hannibal has tried to alienate Will, but Will has successfully alienated Hannibal from Jack and, by Tome-Wan, Alana as well, while regaining their trust himself. And their patient/therapist conversations are now charged with truth on Hannibal’s side too - the lure of being able to reveal more of himself than he had even to Bedelia is irresistable to him.

Like, by the end of Tome-Wan, Will’s plan has devolved from manipulating Hannibal into doing something nefarious to Mason so he can arrest him, to letting that fall by the wayside in favour of straight up just telling Hannibal to confess to Jack, and it’s poised to work before Freddie’s hairspray ruins everything. Hannibal’s trust in Will is absolute.

Hannibal’s feeling of betrayal in Mizumono is very similar to Will’s in Savoureux imo - both manipulated and used by someone they truly trusted, believed in, and relied upon. Will is obviously justified because he’s trying to stop a cannibal serial killer while Hannibal was doing villain shit, but yk, the general circumstances are pretty similar, encephalitis and degrees of villainy vs noble intent notwithstanding.

So in Antipasto when Hannibal tells Bedelia that Will “was not a suitable substitute for therapy,“ what he’s saying is that Will usurped Bedelia’s role in his life of confidant and emotional support, of seer and knower, and he was incredibly unsuitable because he did it with devastating effectiveness, leaving Hannibal no other support to fall back on or defense from the emotional onslaught of being known and seen.

In a way, by taking Bedelia’s place, Will was granted some of the power Bedelia was granted as Hannibal’s therapist, despite not having the credentials. Will is the one with the upper hand in season 2, with secrets and hidden motives and the intent and power to manipulate as he allows and encourages Hannibal to bare his soul - which Hannibal bitterly acknowledges after the bloodbath.

(s/o to this post for also saying awesome things about a similar topic and making me say screw it i’ll just post this thing that’s been sititng in my drafts now too and make it a will + bedelia day in the meta tag)

anonymous asked:

So you told us about the future of the Scamander children...but I'm interested in the Kowalski children. Especially in Daisy:))

Ooh, good question! I’m still working out their futures, such as spouses/children, but here is what I’ve got so far!

Toby - he goes on to become a Quidditch player (Chaser) for the Wimborne Wasps (Wimborne is in Dorset, where the Kowalskis moved). 

Daisy - she became an Auror like her Auntie Tina; at first she worked in Britain but later transferred to work under MACUSA after Rappaport’s Law was repealed.

Ruth - she started off by working as a shopgirl in Madam Malkin’s but then went on to study medicines to become a Healer - she’s a loving/caring person, and she wants to help people. She married

Abel - with his intelligence and Legilimency, he worked his way up in the Ministry of Magic and became Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic. He never married but he was a great uncle to his nieces and nephews, and he was happy.

Elijah - he moved back to America and started working for the Department for Magical Security - and he campaigned for a repeal of Rappaport’s Law up until it WAS repealed in 1965. He was a key player in the campaign. He later married a woman called Emily, and they eventually had a son - Quentin Kowalski.

Lucy - she’s adventurous, a bit of a tomboy, which puts some off because it kinda contrasts her blonde hair and beauty (you know, stereotypes and all that). She travelled and wrote for the Daily Prophet. She married an Aurologist called George and they had a daughter called Lisa and a son called Peter.

Penny - she’s the child that Jacob and Queenie adopted, just one year younger than Lucy; she's a muggle and loved just as dearly as the other children. She went on to become a ballet dancer until an accident left her unable to dance again; she then settled into teaching dance.

chaptersonetoinfinity  asked:

Number 18 for all the Kowalski kids, if you're still doing headcanons? Thank you :) Hope you have a great week!

18. Things they’ll never admit (I’m going to do all of the Kowalski children I’ve come up with so far!)

Toby - he doesn’t like to admit that he can be rash and wrong sometimes, that he overreacts sometimes. Also when he was a kid and just before he started his first year at Hogwarts, he would pretend to have nightmares just so that Queenie would sing him to sleep again, like she did when he was a baby (she knew what he was doing but never said a word)

Daisy - Once she had a fleeting thought: she was in a dark place and felt that she couldn’t talk to her parents, and she found herself wishing for just a fraction of an second that Tina was her mother instead. She didn’t mean it, it was just a fleeting thought and she felt so guilty afterwards. She also wishes that she was Ruth - blonde and pretty.

Ruth - she hates being compared to Queenie: because she’s blonde and pretty, people compare the two. She doesn’t think that she’s as pretty as Queenie, and she feels self-conscious when they’re compared.

Abel - as much as he loves his family, he enjoys being away from them sometimes; there’s a lot of them and so getting away is a relief sometimes because he’s a legilimens and hearing that many thoughts every day is disconcerting.

Elijah - he loves his siblings but sometimes he wishes there weren’t so many of them because it feels like he doesn’t get heard by his parents sometimes.

Lucy - hates strudel but lies about it so that no feelings are hurt and because pretty much everyone in her family loves it. She once tried to change her hair from blonde to red so that she and Penny (who are barely a year apart) could be “like twins” (it didn’t go well - Tina had to fix it for her before Jacob and Queenie found out)

Penny - Penny is the first child that Jacob and Queenie adopted and she’s non-magical. Although her parents assure her that they love her just the same, she can’t help it wish that she was magical too - she feels left out. She doesn’t want to admit it though because she doesn’t want to upset them. She also wishes she didn’t have red hair.