Riot Grrrl songs for the signs

Aries: L7 - Fast and Frightening 
Taurus: Heaves To Betsy - My Red Self
Gemini:   Lunachicks - Don’t Want You 
Cancer: Bikini Kill - Daddy’s Little Girl
Leo: Sleater-Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Virgo: Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
Libra: The Frumpies - Whathisname Hearts The Frumpies
Scorpio: Bratmobile - Brat Girl
Sagittarius:  Excuse 17 - Decatur H.S
Capricorn: Team Dresch - Fagetarian and Dyke 
Aquarius:  Fifth Column - All Women Are Bitches
Pisces: Heavens To Betsy - Complicated

anonymous asked:

Sorry, I know you've probably been asked this question a thousand times, but who is the girl with kurt in that pic where it looks like he's wearing a santa hat and looking at the girl who has her eyes shut as if he's deeply in love with her?

Carrie Montgomery.   she was the former girlfriend of mark arm of mudhoney.

sister of craig montgomery, NIRVANA’s sound guy.

she and kurt were great friends, that’s all.     many people think it’s Tobi Vail, but it’s Carrie.

this is tobi

“Your the reason I feel pain                                                                                   IT feels so good to feel again”

Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse

This is simply one of the best lines Kurt have ever written. It’s beautiful, emotional and deep and I personally think that it has something to do with his break up with Tobi Vail. I think this is one of the moments when Kurt looks so vulnerable and so fragile and that makes me admire him actually because he managed to turn his sadness into such beautiful work.

Well, as he said before :                                                                                       “Thanks for the tragedy, I need it for my art”