Riot Grrrl songs for the signs

Aries: L7 - Fast and Frightening 
Taurus: Heaves To Betsy - My Red Self
Gemini:   Lunachicks - Don’t Want You 
Cancer: Bikini Kill - Daddy’s Little Girl
Leo: Sleater-Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Virgo: Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
Libra: The Frumpies - Whathisname Hearts The Frumpies
Scorpio: Bratmobile - Brat Girl
Sagittarius:  Excuse 17 - Decatur H.S
Capricorn: Team Dresch - Fagetarian and Dyke 
Aquarius:  Fifth Column - All Women Are Bitches
Pisces: Heavens To Betsy - Complicated


New: The story of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

“Your the reason I feel pain                                                                                   IT feels so good to feel again”

Nirvana-Verse Chorus Verse

This is simply one of the best lines Kurt have ever written. It’s beautiful, emotional and deep and I personally think that it has something to do with his break up with Tobi Vail. I think this is one of the moments when Kurt looks so vulnerable and so fragile and that makes me admire him actually because he managed to turn his sadness into such beautiful work.

Well, as he said before :                                                                                       “Thanks for the tragedy, I need it for my art”

anonymous asked:

if everything courtney does is staged does that include punching kathleen hanna cause idk maybe its wishful thinking on my part but i dont think kathleen would go along with that considering her ethics

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Was Kathleen Hanna in on it? + Who else maybe?

* in ref to our collection of our [[old]] kathleen posts ironing out what happened during the ‘punch’ at lollapalooza (x)

L and I were going back and forth about this for a bit and we’ve come to the conclusion (for now), that we’ve NEVER seen Kathleen use Courtney to promote herself, therefore she’s in the clear. She only mentioned her twice in interviews - once during her punk documentary from a few years ago and once in relation to the incident from the doc for The Daily Beast and that’s it ([x] - ctrl/cmd + f - “courtney” ref #2]. She’s never…ever..mentioned her other than those times. And mind you this only happened during the doc or talking about the doc and that was it. No old interviews from the 90s, no Le Tigre shit from the 2000′s, no sidebar riot grrrl interviews uploaded to youtube in 2010. Just that. But if I find anything contradicting this, I’ll retract it and will update the blog accordingly. 

Because this is the thing - you can 100% tell when someone’s just signing off and letting Courtney and her team work a narrative when that person keeps using Courtney references over and over again to promote themselves or when they’re enabling a part of her image somehow. And those references are always things that help her image. Always. Whether its conspiracy related, mental illness related (meaning its ableist to say this abuser is ‘crazy’ anyway), or its Courtney-canon related. It always follows a part of the circle we mentioned (x).

✔ Kim Gordon did it
✔ Mary Lou Lord did it
✔ Tracy Marander did it
✔ Jennifer Finch did it
✔ Kat Bjelland did it / Lori Barbero did it (yes this is new info)
✔ Melissa Auf Der Maur did it
✔ Eric Erlandson did it
✔ Patty Schemel did it
✔ Danny Golberg / Rosemary Carroll did it 
✔ Dave Grohl did it
✔ Krist Novoselic did it
✔ Marilyn Manson did it
✔ Trent Reznor did it 
✔ Roz Rezebak did it (see kurt and courtney post via kurt_and_courtney tag for the context b/c we’re basically saying that everything he’s said about her is image-enabling)

And Kathleen broke this cycle because she only said that Courtney just hit her out of nowhere and it was disorienting because she had been supporting Courtney until then and that her and Kathi Wilcox had been friends so she thought it was weird. But she didn’t say anything about her being ‘violent and abrasive’ or anything image-check-y. She just reported what happened. While Kim, Thurston, Melissa, Eric, and Courtney (x)/(xx) [note - thurston’s account is courtney’s account (both are lies), therefore that outs thurston and kim as liars all together - courtney’s account was in link #3 at the bottom (its broken now) but it used to have her saying that ‘kathleen challenged me to a college feminist debate but i punched her’ and was thurston’s exact lie ((x))] told bullshit versions of what happened to help Courtney’s image and to get a slice of the drama that they could reuse and recycle for years to come.

Another person who hasn’t used Courtney’s image that we know of (so far) is Tobi. Tobi only defended herself against the accusations in HTH that she had ‘broken Kurt’s heart’ but that was it (see original ref at start of post in the tag linked). She didn’t dwell on anything or do what Kim did for a Courtney-sanctioned publication via The Guardian where she used every Courtney-image check in the book to sell herself because it was mutually beneficial to do so (x), including doing it in her own book (saying she’s mentally ill) (x) and in other interviews where she’s cosigned the conspiracy being a legit real thing [(x) - read full interview at the bottom where kim’s mentioned for gus van sant film). 

Because what we’ve learned is that we’re ultimately dealing with a bunch of privileged rich kids with family connections that bought and signed off on fake little narratives to plant themselves in this niche when it took off during the late 80s to the mid 90s. When we learned that Cali and his friends were actually just a bunch of little rich white boys (via heavy digging and research) who’ve had amazing career trajectories and noticed how a lot of people from this niche who marketed themselves as ‘middle class white scenesters’ have magically had a lot more opportunities than most artists and fringe-sters are supposed to, we saw that its really just nepotism at work again, like how it is with Courtney. These aren’t people that were just in the right place at the right time who witnessed the rise of Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and the heyday of the pacific northwest. These are bonafide rich kids that were around at the time but who used their families and connections (that you have if you have money) to give them narratives when the journalists came asking about it.

That’s how the broader entertainment industry works. If you’ve got money, that means that you’re going to have a consultant and a publicist and whoever else telling you how you can make this work for you and how you can make $$$ out of it if you say the right thing and credit the right people–in many cases being Courtney and others. We’ve just been noticing a lot of patterns over the past few months. What we’ve learned is that these ‘niche experts’ from that list lie out their asses and everyone who’s connected to them enables those lies, and those lies just so happen to make $$$ through interview exclusives and projects. We were talking about this before with musicians and celebrities making up phoney Courtney anecdotes to sell their shit or whatever. This is the same thing. We don’t know specifically how everyone was able to do this. But what we can post about is as much info on the patterns we’re seeing with who’s connected to who and who’s been lying about what. 

The people in this niche are garbage. And it’s no wonder that Kurt killed himself. You see how MANY of these people just sold Kurt up the river? Tracy and Krist grew up with him and saw him at his worst points financially or emotionally and make up bs and validate Courtney’s image to sell product. Dave’s entire career was based on that and we’ve covered this via our dave_grohl tag via his fake feuds with her and so on. Marilyn did the same thing. And we were able to confirm recently that Mary Lou Lord’s been recycling the same version of the same story about how she’s been ‘holding it in about Courtney’ during points in Courtney’s promotion cycles since 2010 - Once during 2010, another during 2013, and 2016 (which we fell for before we knew better). And that Kat and Lori from BIT have been lying out their asses and that their ‘feud’ with Courtney was actually just constructed to sell them both. Or that something’s at least super fishy with them because of how they threw Maureen under the bus and their image-enabling relationship with Courtney all together. I’m going to do individual posts on most of this with more links. This is just so you can catch the general idea. 

We’ve explored how Courtney’s image ‘evolved’ and adapted to changes in was was popular in music at the time so her team could market her off (x). And it finally solidified in the image of all girl bands lead by ‘angsty self destructive conventionally attractive white girls’ via Kat, Courtney, [including L7], and others leading the fray with the same image. And those caught in that that became ‘niche experts’ who sell material that relies on lies to sell product like everyone else. My point is is that nothing about this niche..rock..grunge..alternative..really fucking legitimate. And most of these folks in here are garbage.