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The Riot Grrrl Manifesto!

(Published in 1991 in the second Bikini kill zine)

*Watch Kathleen Hanna reading the RG Manifesto here! 

*Riot Grrrl day proclamation


 Reviving Riot Grrrl Press.

Ok. So I am doing this..RIOT GRRRL PRESS WAS A ZINE DISTRO IN THE 1990S.This is a catalog from 1998. & This is also how I want to run RGP BUT i don’t want it to be women only. I, of course, want to include people who identify as trans & male feminists as well. (I do know a few people from the zine scene back then that this applies to)

So I am going to start building a distro, I’ll work on getting a site made & of course, I need people to send me stuff. I want to do the flat/unstapled master copy thing but i will pay you for postage to send it  to me & for printing your zine for me OR  I will trade stuff with you for copies your zines! (i have plenty of zines,art, pins, stickers to trade…just check out my etsy store: TheEscapistArtist.Etsy.Com) And if you do want to just donate anything that would be great too! I plan to sell zines individually but may also sell them in zine packs (however many issues of a zine that i have will be in a zine pack. My old zine “Veronica Lodge"for example could be in a 6 pack because there were 6 issues!) And there will be zine grab bags as well. I’m also thinking that i could include newer zines in the grab bags just get some of those out there. But the distro will focus on zines from 1990- 2000.
  Right now I’m still in the process of getting organized & i will try to contact the people that said they were interested in submitting zines sometime this week! Any opinions & advice about this will be greatly appreciated!!!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks!!! CONTACT ME HERE: MrsNoggle@Yahoo.Com    xoxoxo Jolie Ruin

That’s what we mean by girl culture. There’s a whole girl culture that exists when you’re little. There girls have their own scene. And it always gets totally fucked up when girls start dating boys. Like two of them like the same guy. Or they just start dating guys and that becomes their life. Then they get married and that’s traditionally how women get into these situations where they are totally separated from each other in these domestic spheres. What we want to say is, ‘no, that’s not happening to us. This is girl culture and these are our rituals’.
—  Tobi Vail