Day 9 of the OTP Challenge: Hanging Out with Friends

errr… right, “friends”

drawing toby in tim’s jacket with a beanie on was probably the best idea i’ve had since kindergarten. what a cutie patootie

also here’s the text in the 3rd panel if you cant read it:

What the fuck did you just fucking say, you little bitch? Listen up, white ass motherfucker, you ever talk to my boy like that again I will choke you with your own nasty ass weave. I will stomp you into the goddamn dirt and set your ass on fire, mark my fucking words you pile of horse shit. You are so dead I SWEAR TO GOD you best keep your triflin self away from my CINNAMON BUN or you gonna get DECKED IN THE FACE.

if the rest of the bed buddies were there you know caleb probably could’ve hacked into the chips and turned them off without having to slice the girls’ necks up and ezra would’ve seen the weed snacks slyly stuffed into spencer’s bookbag, which would culminate in him throwing them away and giving her a stern yet concerned speech about the dangers of drug use…

but nah toby’s a part of the police force he’s got it under control lol