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Happy Birthday!

Here’s my thing for TAU’s second birthday ficathon!

“Hey, Toby?” Maddie asked, sprawled out on the couch, her crown that declared her the eight-year-old princess disheveled on her head.

“Yeah, Madds?” Toby said from the kitchen, scrubbing sparkly pink aftermath of a little girl birthday party off the counter.

“Does Daddy have a birthday?”

Toby hesitated for just a moment. “Of course he does. Everyone has a birthday.”

“Then why don’t we ever celebrate it?” she sat up and looked over the couch at her brother. Toby was cleaning up an apparent color bomb that had gone off during Maddie’s birthday, and their dad had to leave on a ‘work related emergency’ just a few minutes earlier.

“Well,” Toby put down his towel. “I’ve never thought of that, actually.” he rested his chin in his hand.”We’ve just never really celebrated it I guess.” he shrugged and went back to cleaning off the counter.

“Well that’s not nice!” Maddie stood up on the couch, her pink and gold Princess Mizar dress fluttering around her knees. “Daddy always celebrates our birthdays, so we need to celebrate his too! It’s not nice to ignore his birthday!”

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Macaroni pt. 11 // Luke Hemmings

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Requested; Yes

Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

(pt. 1-10)

“And for some bright reason Luke though it was a good idea to bring in a stray rabbit he found at the park for Toby’s 3rd birthday! Don’t even get me started.” Liz rolled her eyes at the memory and you could only picture Luke trying to catch a rabbit and the look on Toby’s adorable face when his amazing dad a wild ball of fur into the house.

To your surprise, earlier today Liz invited you to go shopping with her and it had been by far the best day ever. The two of you got a lot closer, she was first to break ice apologizing for coming off a bit harsh the first time you met her and explaining why she was so hard on you. It was understandable, Luke is still in a place where he’s building himself up and the slightest things could tear him down, and all Liz, as his mother, was doing was protecting him or test you more like it. Shock hit you hard when she admitted that she actually loved you from the start, Luke would blab on about you freely to his mum so she already knew how genuine your feelings were for Luke and Toby and what a sincere personality you have (she was the one who suggested Luke to bring you over).

“Liz?” You hesitated, building up the courage to ask her for some motherly advice for something that’s been racking your brain. The seat belt of the car suddenly felt tighter as you both were heading back to the house, where Luke was waiting for you. Before you left he said he needed to talk to you as soon as you came back and it was a surprise so you had no clue what the hell he was going on about.

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The Naked Man.

This is pretty much the result of two writers chatting late at night on Skype. So if you wanna blame anyone for this, direct your complaints to conchepcion. Even though I was the one who came up with this premise, but hush.

Lestrade guffawed, and almost spat out his beer.

“Oh my god! You can’t possibly think that actually worked!”

“I don’t think it worked – I know it worked!” John protested, gulping back his drink. “If the numbers I got are anything to go by at least. He looked to Sherlock. “Now c’mon – I’ve shared my tricks – how about you? Any tricks to speak of? If you ever had sex, that is.”

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