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i have an eternal appreciation for Toby’s face in that last gif bc u can see the “oh god i was not prepared to have this revelation today i must go rethink my life because a lot of things are starting to make way more sense

“we’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about”//tbjzl

request:  Hiya babes! Could I get the #48 for the drabble writing with Tobi?? Thank you!! 💜💜💛💛

someone else also requested number 48 but with SImon and since ive already written a lot of simon drabbles, i thought i’d just do this once since i’ve never written about my bby tobi before

another one for the drabble challenge and i still have a lot more to get through so sorry if i haven’t posted the one you requested yet! xo

It is guaranteed that at least once a week you find yourself sat surrounded by your boyfriend and his friends as you all have a movie night. You loved them nights, mostly because you could spend time with your boyfriend.

You were cuddled up to each other on the couch, occasionally whispering things into each others ears and giggling amongst yourselves, not even noticing Callum and Harry looking at you with disgust and confusion.

Finally, Harry spoke up with a question that was clearly on his and Callum’s mind, “do you two ever get sick of each other?”

Tobi sighed and sat up a little, “why would we get sick of each other?”

“Because you’re always together,” Callum answered with a shrug, “like all the time.”

“And if you’re not together, you’re texting,” Harry quickly added.

Their statements caused you and Tobi to share a look, you had never realised how much time you spent with him until then. The two of you seemed to be in the ‘honeymoon phase’. Harry and Callum were right, if you weren’t together, you were texting each other and if you weren’t texting each other, you were facetiming.

You had never thought you would ever become so attached to someone to the point where you couldn’t bear being apart from them, but something about Tobi was different and the two of you seemed addicted to each other.

As the information sunk in, suddenly you and Tobi widened your eyes at the same time and instantly jumped apart.

“We’ve become-”

“Don’t say it,” you interrupted Tobi as you covered your ears.

“(Y/N), we need to accept it!” He exclaimed, “we’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

The M Club

Okay, so I’m building off this fic where Maritza and Michael are friends and this headcanon  that Maritza and Maddie and Michael all meet at one point and turn into a supernatural-loving-all-our-names-start-with-M club and making Dipper go “why me?” and I was just thinking of how that first meeting would go.

Like, imagine…Maritza convinced Michael to go to Maddie’s house after school and they’re all playing in the front yard with Toby supervising and Michael’s really opening up and Dipper is just about dying at how cute and perfect it all is look look look at his babies! Sister-kid is already half in love with husband-kid, and they’re both being friends with previously-lonely little Michael oh my gods look at his little smile!!

And Dipper’s just about vibrating in joy over there on the porch when Michael looks over, stops dead, and goes, “…Alcor? What-what are you doing here?!”

And Maddie stops and goes, “Why are you calling my dad Alcor? His name is Tyrone!”

And Michael goes, “ALCOR IS YOUR DAD?!

And Maritza is lost and Toby is standing over there looking slowly from Michael to Dipper to Michael and his face is stuck somewhere halfway between curious and about to burst out laughing.

And that is when Dipper puts his head in his hands and goes, “Why me?”

So I have been thinking about that Quintis snuggle in Ticker (obviously) and here’s what really tears me up about it.

During the profiling scene, Toby draws on his own experience while analyzing the pharma guy’s juvenile record. He says something like “I know kids like this because I was a kid like this.” And then during the press conference he says something like “People like this want to not only be comforted, but want to know that they can provide comfort themselves.” That whole scene felt very intense and personal to me, from a Toby perspective. He’s seeing himself in the person he’s profiling.

And then in the hospital when Happy leans into him, Toby does this little glance down at her, and it got me right in the heart because it almost felt like disbelief on his part? I could see his mind going “Okay my tiny warrior princess needs me, and I can make her feel better instead of worse.” And then the snuggle :)

He wants comfort. And he wants to know he can provide it himself. Just that half second of interaction spoke volumes to me, which is one of the reasons I love this show.