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I didn’t even realize that Garrett was even being considered. I thought that was a dream that would never happen. I had resigned myself to the fact that it wouldn’t be Garrett.

I know I didn’t think it would happen either. I was excited to see so many dreamcasts of him as Finnick, but I never thought he would actually be considered. I honestly thought his schedule wouldn’t allow him to even be a candidate, but now that he is, I REALLLLLLLLY hope he’s cast.

I need this to happen. I seriously NEED it.

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I really want this to happen. Cause Finnick was the ONLY character in the books that I actually pictured and actor while I was reading, and it was Garrett Hedlund.


Josh for Peeta was close to what I imagined. I think Cato was close to what I imagined, Rue was perfect. Those 3 I think were closest to what I had pictured, but AS SOON AS Finnick made his appearance and said “Sugarcube?” Idk why but I immediately thought of Garrett. It just NEEDS to happen okay. It needs to.

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I’m going to die if Garrett is not Finnick