tobeo333 how original

Does this mean I've made it as a Youtuber now?

I finally finished the third part to my Ross winning trials video.
Ross’ GFY/Go Suck A Big Fat One Trials Count

I, naturally, wanted to put links into the description to the first two part. I went onto google and search ‘hat films gfy count’ knowing that they would come up. 

When I notice that there are four Ross GFY video and I have only made three.

Upon clicking on this, what do I find? 
My video. On another channel. With almost the exact username. Mine is Toboe333

I click the name to investigate and not just this one video. Not just a few other videos.But all of my videos from my channel (with the exception of ten and some others that I have on private) are on this persons channel as well. 

Some are the exact same.
Some have a different thumbnail with a slightly altered title but have the same length and are pretty obviously mine.

I said above that some are pretty obviously mine. Well, when you click on them it becomes very obviously they are mine. Whoever or whatever this is didn’t even change the description. It all says the same thing. 

Even on videos that have nothing to do with Hat Films. This video below is from when I went to AnimeNext in 2009. I met Kyle Hebert and asked him to do a birthday shout out. (If you can’t read the description it starts with “Hello and Good Day!” You know, from my Hat Films video. Wtf?)

Now I am not without a brain. I know that this is the internet. I know that once you put something on the internet keeping it at yours is pretty much impossible. And I suppose that imitation is suppose to be flattering but HOLY HELL JUST ASK!! I know there is a handful of people on Youtube that have my videos up on their channels because they ASKED for permission. I said yes. I have no problem letting people do that. I wouldn’t have even minded if they had just given me props in the description. But this copying and pasting like this is sad. 

I have reported them to Youtube for impersonation. I can only hope that Youtube sees this as impersonation and supports me. 

I apologize for such a long post and for it being a personal post instead of a Yogscast or Hat Films post. I just never expected this to happen to me. I tend to keep a low profile on the internet. Or so I thought.