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Before and after sim tag

Rules: Pretty much you need to find the oldest sim in your gallery and give them a makeover.

I chose Niya. My last female character in Sims games :D (her TS3 verison is on my avatar by the way).

What can I say? GOD BLESS creators who make genetic CC, seriously!

As always, I tag everyone who wants to do this ^__^


My husband dressed up my aliens when I was out of the computer T_T :D Hey! They are not sweet bunnies, they are BRUTAL aliens! But ok.. As a result i decided to create this photoset :)

Мой муж приодел моих брутальных инопланетян в зайчиков, пока я отходила от компьютера! Честное слово, меня чуть удар не хватил, когда я увидела ЭТО! :D Однако фантазия сразу включилась на полную мощь и я решила создать этот фотосет :))