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re: Trini Tumblr Meet Up

On Saturday August 2nd, I will be in the Botanical Gardens in Port-of-Spain (probably in the afternoon; don’t worry splitsun, we will work out someting).

if you’re following me feel free to pass through with food and/or libations.

definitely reblog this and tell your friends.
i want to meet you guys and see your beautiful faces.

if possible, bring flower crowns.

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re:re: trini tumblr meetup

so you saw this post and thought to yourself, “shit! i can’t make that day! or that time!”

well never fear! amy–li is here!and also offering her lovely home in san juan for an evening lime (from 6.30 pm until whenever) on Thursday July 31.

if you’re interested, send me a message and i will give you directions.

bring snacks and libations as you see fit.

tell your friends!

plantperson  asked:

I've yet to link up with my other trini girls. It's like I have to get a carnival bikini and a flag and wave to them saying "Trinis! Wey yuh?" That'd be quite the site

you should :D

I do actually have a post asking for trini massive!

i have also list on my blog of all the trinbago tumblogs i was following. (i have to update it soon, but i’m lazy).

Trini Massive/Tobago Posse

I feel like there’s an infinite number of bishops girls on here, closely followed by an neverending set of qrc boys, but there are quite a few trinis, (girls included). we in everyting like salt ;)

There are also some older trinis with quite a bit of quality original content, artists, bloggers and photographers who use their tumblogs to share their work.

You might also want to track tags like trinidad, trinidad and tobago, port of spain and trini, and you’ll see us lurking there.

This reply ended up being really long. >.<
good luck!