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Just what everyone needs, a T&T Dictionary! Here are 20 Words That Have A Different Meaning In Trinidad and Tobago:

1. Lime

To Hang Out. (Noun/Verb)

A social gathering, a congregation of friends and family. It can be prearranged or spontaneous…in that case we say…”We Go Buss A Lime.” The numbers of people don’t matter either, it can be two or a hundred..or on your own.

Tonight, I Liming with Netflix.

2. Harden

Stubborn or Disobedient. (Adjective)

“Yuh too damn harden!”

3. Pan

The Steelpan Instrument (Noun)

It originated in Trinidad and has become the sound most associated with island life worldwide.

4. Wine

A Dance. (Verb)

The primary way Trinidadians and Tobagonians dance to reggae, soca and calypso. A dance involving the skillful rolling and swinging of the waist and hip region. It looks like air humping. As a Trini/Tobagonian, you’re generally encouraged to dance this way from like…two years old.

5. Licks

To Beat Up (Noun/Verb)

To slap someone, the act of slapping.

6. Bumper

Your Butt (Noun)

A woman or man’s backside, involving wining at some point. Bumper to Fender!

7. Fete

A Party, To Party (Noun/Verb)

An organized massive party, usually in a car-park or stadium with live music. The most fetes occur during the carnival season. It can also be applied to any party anywhere.

8. Horne

To Cheat On Someone/A Cheater. (Verb/Noun)

To cheat on your lover/partner is to horn them. A horner man/woman is someone you cheat on your partner with.

9. Duck

Two meanings:

Noun - In the sport of cricket, a duck is a batsman’s dismissal for a score of zero.

Verb- It also means to skip an occasion or leave somewhere.

“Ah ducking work today.”
“Ah duck out dat fete.”

10. Foreign

Anywhere outside Trinidad & Tobago or the Caribbean Region. (Noun)

“He gone foreign.”

11. Breads

A Friend (Noun)

12. Horse

A Really Good Friend (Noun)

13. Rude

Cute. (Adjective)

To describe anything that’s so cute you can’t stand it.

14. Soot

A cat call from men. (Verb/Noun)

The kissing noise gross men make when they cat call women on the street.

15. Truck

A Big Truck is one of many giant, speaker trucks used during carnival that follow thousands of people through Port of Spain on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. (Noun)

16. Carnival

A massive costumed celebration. (Noun)

The greatest show on earth and a months long occasion. The life-blood of Trinidad + Tobago.

17. Chip

A Dance. (Verb/Noun)

To step or walk in time with calypso and soca music, a dance-like shuffling march.

18. Mas

Another word for Carnival, a shortened version of Masquerade. (Verb/Noun)

To play mas is to participate in the Carnival celebrations.

19. Savannah

The largest open space in Port of Spain, a park and roundabout. (Noun)

Known colloquially as the savannah.

20. Wares

Dishes, pots and pans. (Noun)

“Wash de wares!”


The first time anyone sees this view of Castara, they simply gasp and may have a funny look on their face. It’s that beautiful.

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