PSA: Geddy Lee teaching you how to safely tobaggan. Remember, you’re never too punk rock for sledding safety.
(ok, so, the punk rock thing is a joke. I’m sorry not everyone understands that. We’re all aware that they’re not punk, alright people? I never thought anyone would think that. I am sorry for the confusion that this has caused some of you).


Celebrity Winter Advice with Geddy Lee (by RareRushReview)

From the lead singer of my favorite band, EVER!

Hilariously Comical Tobagganing Safety Public Service Announcement by Rush’s Geddy Lee

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘While we were out jogging at the park, Ellenya didn’t see the low hanging branch and she cracked her noggin. The Doc gave her a few stitches and told her that, for a few days, she should stay off her tobaggan. She’s supposed to get plenty of rest and fluids, so when she opens her mouth a little, I pour a glass of egg nogg in. She’ll be back on her feet in no time.’

I remember, we were passing the cattle ranch and had just met Blanche when we heard a scranch, like the crunch, of a branch assaulting my head. I’m sure I did blanch, and when we had stanched the blood, there was an avalanche of egg nog, which far exceeded my tranch. Not to worry about the toboggan, I’ve always preferred snowboarding anyway!